QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0066

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Chapter 66: Lin Jiajia’s After Story (2)

The moment she walked out of the classroom, she saw a man wearing a white coat leaning against the balcony. He was tall and looked very taciturn with gold-rimmed glasses that looked elegant and also a little cold.

When Lin Jiajia saw this person, her heart suddenly leapt. Her intuition told her that this man was very dangerous, so she wound around him to head to the restroom.

A hand reached out and grabbed her. She turned back and instinctively called out, “School Doctor.”

This was the school’s doctor.

EzoicThe school doctor squinted as he looked at Lin Jiajia with a very deep and probing gaze. He scrutinized her face inch by inch as if searching for something.


“What is it?” asked Lin Jiajia.

The school doctor uncle looked at Lin Jiajia and found that her expression was cold and indifferent. The casual smiles from before, the boot-licking smiles, were no longer there.

He released her arm and asked indifferently, “You’re not her?”

“What?” Lin Jiajia was completely bewildered.

The school doctor uncle’s eyes turned extremely cold, but immediately afterwards he smiled again. “I mistook you for someone.”

After saying that, he left, the ends of his coat lifting from his strides.

Lin Jiajia stared at his leaving figure, then shook her head. She needed some time to calm down.

Then, the following events caused her to become even more speechless.

Her father had heard that Leng Ao wanted her to be his girlfriend and so wanted to bring her back into the Lin family. What the heck was that? They had kicked her out, and now they want her back again?

Lin Jiajia never thought about wanting to return to the Lin family. Although she was currently alone, she felt very free with this self-sufficient life.


When they tried to use the affection card with her and talk about how they had no other choice back then, Lin Jiajia simply gave a knowing smile. When they didn’t need her, they used her as a shield. She still had the newspaper in which they announced that they were severing ties with her.

Lin Jiajia didn’t know who exactly it was that had occupied her body, but she was sincerely grateful to that person from the bottom of her heart. She had never imagined that one day her life could be so unfettered and free. She didn’t need to listen to her father talk everyday about acting for the sake of the family and basically be pushed to sacrifice everything for this family.

She wasn’t their biological child at all. It was just that the Lin family couple didn’t have a child even after being married for a long time and there was a superstitious saying that if you first adopt a child, karma will bless you and grant you an actual child.

Lin Jiajia was this adopted child. Since she had now been chased out of that house, she naturally refused to return again.

In addition, since Ace Academy didn’t expel her, she continued to go to school. Lin Jiajia smiled. When had her skin become so tough? She was clearly just an powerless orphan now, yet she still attended an aristocratic school.

Ever since she rejected Leng Ao, he had started stubbornly trying to woo her. Sometimes she would get too annoyed and just throw him over her shoulder.

Unexpectedly, Leng Ao seemed very used to this way of interacting. No displeasure showed on his face at all and Lin Jiajia immediately went 囧. Could it be that Leng Ao liked this treatment? When everyone treated him respectfully, he always acted tsundere. She was cold and arrogant towards him and hit him at the slightest pretext, yet he actually seemed to like it?

>囧 is used as an emoticon and usually mean along the lines of embarrassment, sadness, depressed, or frustration. In this case it’s probably speechlessness. Like, what the heck??<

Wasn’t this masochism? Lin Jiajia’s expression became very strange. It couldn’t be because too many people respected him so he grew to like people hitting him? His illness was seriously quite severe ah.

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