QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0065

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Chapter 65: Lin Jiajia’s After Story (1)

Lin Jiajia lifted her head from the school desk, her eyes a bit glazed. She looked towards the front and saw that the teacher’s mouth was moving. Her head felt very heavy and dizzy.

Lin Jiajia reflexively looked towards the seat in front of her. The woman she hated most was really no longer there. Could it be that she was dreaming? Or did all the things in the dream actually happen?

Ling Xue had truly disappeared from her life.

The person in the dream was her, yet it also wasn’t her. She had watched as everything occured.

The bell that signaled the end of class rang. Lin Jiajia stood up from her seat and the three-legged desk immediately fell to the ground. This would originally be a very embarrassing moment, yet for some reason, Lin Jiajia’s heart was very calm as she unhurriedly lifted the desk back up.

Everyone around only glanced at her before shifting their eyes away. They didn’t pay much attention to her, unlike before. Their attitudes of hate and ridicule had already changed into disinterest.

When An Rong, who used to bully her, met her gaze, she simply turned away with a humph. Lin Jiajia became even more bewildered. Could it be that everything she had seen in the dream had been real?

Right at this moment, two men suddenly carried a desk into the classroom. This desk was brand new. They walked to Lin Jiajia and placed the desk in front of her seat.

“What are you guys doing?” asked Lin Jiajia. Her desk had broken a long time ago. It had been messed around with, slashed with a knife, and even had a leg removed.

“This is the school’s arrangement. Your desk is broken so of course it must be replaced,” replied one of the school staff.

Lin Jiajia’s lips twitched. Why hadn’t they thought of it earlier if that was the case? However, Lin Jiajia knew her current situation and could only say, “Thanks.”

“I was the one that had them replace your desk.” Leng Ao had his hands in his pockets as he walked to Lin Jiajia. Then he proceeded to look down on her from above.

When Lin Jiajia saw Leng Ao, she reflexively started to knit her brows. Even she felt a bit puzzled by her reaction. Logically speaking, she should have been very excited and happy to see Leng Ao, why was her heart filled with such dislike? It wasn’t possible.

“What do you mean by this?” Lin Jiajia didn’t know why, but her hands itched. She really wanted to fight with Leng Ao and use a shoulder throw on him.

Leng Ao frowned. “You’re not happy? I prepared a new desk for you.”

“Thanks,” said Lin Jiajia indifferently as she tilted her head back to look at Leng Ao. He was tall with very handsome looks and bright eyes that seemed like stars.

It was the first time she had ever been so close to Leng Ao, yet she didn’t feel excited at all.

“Are you satisfied with this desk?” Leng Ao saw that Lin Jiajia was examining him. For some reason, he suddenly felt a little nervous. As he spoke, he touched the bridge of his nose.

“Oh, thanks,” said Lin Jiajia.

Leng Ao lifted his chin and asked, “Last time, I said that you could be my girlfriend. Have you finished considering it?”

Girlfriend? When had that happened? Lin Jiajia scoffed. She didn’t remember that at all. So many things have gone off the rails. Ling Xue had disappeared, and now Leng Ao actually wanted her to be his girlfriend.

These were all things that she hadn’t even dared to fantasize about in the past. To become Leng Ao’s girlfriend? Lin Jiajia hesitated and didn’t speak.

The hope in Leng Ao’s eyes dimmed a little, but he said, “Since you’re not replying, I’m going to take that as you agreed. From now on, you’re one of my people.”

“I haven’t agreed. Leng Ao, please don’t decide on your own initiative,” said Lin Jiajia coldly. Eh? When had she been able to speak with such indifference and force?

Leng Ao’s facial color changed. His expression was a little angry and also a little hurt.

Lin Jiajia walked around him and left the classroom. She felt a bit confused. How did the world change so much after she took a nap?

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