QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0062

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Chapter 62: Fascination with the Chest

Ning Shu looked at her soul again. If she entered the world when her soul was this dim, she would definitely be influenced by the original host’s strong emotions again. It was best not to try to run until one could walk. Ning Shu decided to first meditate for a while.

She sat down and started absorbing the things in the system space in order to strengthen her soul. This was undoubtedly a very slow process, but it was the only option she had.

What she wanted the most right now was to obtain a cultivation manual that could strengthen the soul. How long did she have to wait until she could become an official player?

There was no concept of time in the system space. Ning Shu sat on the ground without moving. After an unknown period passed, Ning Shu opened her eyes and looked down at her body. She felt that her soul had solidified a little more. When she touched it, it felt like touching milk. It was a satiny sensation.

“System, are you there? I want to start the task.” Ning Shu lifted her head and asked while looking at the wall in front of her. She had no idea where the system was.

Right after she spoke, she felt suffocated. Frick, couldn’t they give her time to prepare first? At the very least she should have been given a quick notification.

Ning Shu fell unconscious.

In the heavy darkness, she could sense that there was someone beside her and talking to her. With great difficulty, she opened her eyes. Her head felt very heavy and she couldn’t move at all as she looked at the bed canopy above her. Her mind was blank.

When the servant girl next to the bed saw that she had woken up, she seemed extremely moved and immediately knelt next to the bed and cried, “Princess, you’re awake!” Then she hastily sent someone to get the imperial physician.

Ning Shu turned her head and looked at the maid that was kneeling next to the bed. Her hair was combed up into an elegant hairstyle with a bead flower as an ornament. She was wearing lily magnolia double embroidered satin garments that had a layer of gauze fabric draped over it. The soft swell of her breasts could faintly be seen.

>There are set names for styles of ancient Chinese apparels, but unfortunately though the names are passed down, the styles are not documented well. Google images don’t turn up what the style looks like. But I did find an artist that draws cute chibis with ancient Chinese clothing so check out his/her work if you want something pretty to look at~ The Chinese words below each image is just a list of garment set names.<

Ning Shu’s body felt very heavy and her stomach was completely empty. She didn’t even have the strength to lift her hand.

“Princess, you can’t abuse yourself this way ah.” That servant girl cried and laughed at the same time from relief. Ning Shu had to use a lot of effort in order to speak. “Get me some food.”

That maid wiped off her tears. When she heard that Ning Shu wanted to eat, tears of joy spilled down her face again. She lifted the hems of her garments and ran out of the palace.

Ning Shu lay on the bed, starved to the point she felt dizzy. How long had this body been starved? Was this the path of starving to death?

Her brain felt both chaotic and blank. She decided to wait until after eating to receive the storyline. The girl earlier had called her princess. From the looks of it, this body had a very high status. She had never imagined that there would be a day she could experience the fantasy of being a little princess.

Not long later, that girl returned with a bowl of congee. It was simmered with meat stock and vegetables until they turned soft. The moment Ning Shu smelled this fragrance, her stomach started growling.

The maid helped Ning Shu up and said, “Princess, this servant will feed you.”

Ning Shu nodded and joy immediately lit up the maid’s face. She spooned a small mouthful and blew on it before feeding it to Ning Shu.

It was unknown how long this body had been starving, as even this mild congee caused the stomach a bit of pain. Luckily, her body slowly adjusted. Ning Shu only ate one bowl before stopping.

The maid helped Ning Shu lay back down. Ning Shu looked at the maid. She seemed only about fifteen and was quite delicate and pretty. However, Ning Shu’s gaze was focused on this girl’s chest. This era’s clothing was still rather open and sensual. It was like the clothing of the Tang dynasty. It covered the chest from the front but if one looked down from above, the cleavage within was in full view.

>Tang Dynasty clothing example<

Ning Shu saw that this girl treated this body rather well. Not only was she respectful, she also seemed very concerned. Ning Shu hadn’t received the storyline yet so she still didn’t know what this girl’s character was truly like. However, based on this girl’s earlier behavior, she probably had a pretty good personality.

Right after Ning Shu lay down, another maid ran into the palace. Probably due to the fact that she had rushed here, her face was bright red and there was a bit of sweat visible on her delicate nose.

#comment: Ning Shu’s pretty dirty-minded… Her innocence only lasted like 1 chapter. Must have been exploring a lot of media while she was in the hospital.

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