QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0057

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Chapter 57: Genes that Obstruct the Development of the Human Race

“Uncle, you can’t dissect me ah.” Ning Shu looked towards the school doctor with glimmering tears in her eyes.

The school doctor uncle used medical scissors to swiftly cut off Ling Xue’s clothes. Was he about to operate on Ling Xue?

It was very beautiful. Even Ning Shu, this woman, felt tempted by this scene. Could the school doctor uncle really bear to cut open such a beautiful girl?

The school doctor uncle’s hand didn’t even pause when he heard what Ning Shu said. He didn’t seem to have any feelings towards the body on the operation table either.

He simply glanced at Ning Shu with disdain and said, “You? You’re not even worthy to be touched by my scissors. Your genes are genes that obstruct the development of the human race. The most direct way to observe that is by your face. You’re so ugly, your genes definitely aren’t any better.”

Ning Shu: Wasn’t this just a roundabout way to ridicule her for being ugly?

Ling Xue’s long eyelashes fluttered. She seemed about to wake up. The school doctor uncle sat down next to the operating table to wait for her to wake up.

When Ling Xue woke up, she was immediately blinded by the cold, eye-piercing light above her. Her eyes only adjusted after a while.

What was this place? Ling Xue tried to move her hands but found that she couldn’t. She had been shackled to an operating table. She tried to struggle free but found that there was no strength in her body. She tried to revolve the spiritual energy in her dantian in order to struggle free from these inch-thick iron cuffs.

“You’re awake.” The school doctor uncle looked at Ling Xue.

Ling Xue was startled by this sudden sound. She looked towards the school doctor. He was wearing a large white coat that make him look very tall and slender.

“Hurry up and let me go, otherwise I swear I’ll make you die painfully!” shouted Ling Xue. However, her shout didn’t sound imposing at all. On the contrary, it sounded tender and weak, and extremely charming.

Ning Shu watched from the side. As she looked at this scene and took in this voice, she felt that if she was a man, she probably would’ve already let her go. This Ling Xue truly was beautiful. Indeed, in comparison with Ling Xue, this body couldn’t count as pretty.

Ning Shu glanced at the school doctor uncle who was adjusting his glasses and asked cautiously, “Uncle, should I head out first?”

When Ling Xue saw Ning Shu, she became even more stirred up and glared at her with fierce hatred in her eyes. When Ning Shu saw Ling Xue’s gaze, all she could respond with was ‘ha. ha. da.’ It was clearly the school doctor uncle that had kidnapped her, why was she looking at her with such a malicious glare?

>There’s no particular meaning to ha ha da, it’s just a sarcastic way of representing a laugh.<

She was so tolerant towards men but so harsh towards women. Why did Ling Xue hate her so much? There was no point.

The school doctor uncle put down the scissors, then picked up a scalpel. The scalpel flashed coldly beneath the lights of the operating table.

Ling Xue had a bad feeling. She tried her best to struggle free from the cuffs but couldn’t. She couldn’t get out of them even with the help of spiritual energy. All she could do was concentrate the spiritual energy and start cutting away at the cuffs bit by bit.

Ning Shu felt that she shouldn’t stay here any longer. It was probably best if she didn’t stay for the following events.

Ling Xue couldn’t help but feel terrified when she saw the blade approach.

Fear emerged in her eyes and her gaze blurred with tears. From the looks of it, she was trying to implore the school doctor uncle to change his mind.

Ning Shu gulped. The scene was truly so beautiful that even she was tempted to reach over and touch. She shook her head. What was she thinking? Ling Xue’s charm was seriously too strong.

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  1. This chapter really seems like a lot of procrastination. I wonder if he’ll actually be able to do it?
    Thank you for the chapter.

  2. Let’s see if she’ll end up as a display on the lab’s shelves and contributed for the development of humanity or end up as a piece of meat or she somehow escape from the school doctor

  3. If the normal plot would already send the world in chaos, what about this new development?
    I wonder if he won’t use the mc as guinea pig……. though they still have to figure out the process of absorbing energy….. but the world’s energy quality is rather bad so it only have one of two outcomes, that people will cultivate like that and Heros Era begins …… or they will change their habits and the world to become more suitable for cultivation (consciously or unconsciously – by fervently cultivating and forgetting their work) and thus becoming a world more similar to those from novels…..
    Thanks for the chapter!

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