QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0056

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Chapter 56: Main Profession

Ning Shu jogged behind the school doctor. When they got to the nurse office, the school doctor uncle quickly pressed something on the wall and a secret passageway immediately appeared.

Ning Shu: Why was there a secret passage? Was walking in a secret passageway faster than a car? It wasn’t logical at all.

Ning Shu thought for a moment, then followed the school doctor in. The nurse office immediately returned to its earlier stillness, as if the secret passageway that had appeared earlier was just a trick of the eyes.

The school doctor uncle walked very fast while carrying Ling Xue, it was as if he was simply carrying a weightless feather. Meanwhile, behind him, Ning Shu was panting as she ran.

After an unknown amount of time, when Ning Shu felt like her legs were about to break, they finally reached their destination.

The school doctor uncle pushed open a door in front of them and light immediately lit up the passageway. Ning Shu shielded her eyes with her hand reflexively, then looked past the door.

She stared blankly at the interior of the room. It was an extremely clean laboratory with all kinds of equipment refracting very cold light.

There was not a single person in this large laboratory. It was so quiet that every footstep made an echo.

Ning Shu suddenly realized that she might have come to some seriously dangerous place. She looked around and saw that there were all sorts of specimens around such as immersed organs in jars. The color of a certain kidney was already yellow. It had probably already been preserved for a long time.

Ning Shu was starting to become queasy. She didn’t dare to look at the specimens on the shelves anymore and followed after the school doctor.

Then, she saw the school doctor uncle place Ling Xue on an operating table and secure her limbs to the table with iron cuffs.

“U… uncle, what are you planning to do?” Ning Shu’s teeth were chattering.

The school doctor uncle smiled towards Ning Shu, revealing his white teeth as white light reflected off his glasses. He looked like the definition of a pervert ah.

“Nothing much, I just shot her with anesthesia. That’s why she’s asleep,” said the school doctor uncle. “You’re welcomed to casually stroll around this lab. Oh, that’s right, I forgot to tell you, my main profession is actually studying genes. En, I prefer dissecting people.”

Fuck! He was actually a dissection expert. Ning Shu pointed at Ling Xue. “You want to dissect her?”

“I said so before that I needed her. The reason I need her is because I want to figure out why she can cultivate. Could it be because she had activated an advanced gene in the human body?” The school doctor looking at Ling Xue who was on the operating table and reached out to stroke her face.

“There are too many genes in the human body that haven’t been activated. A lot of advanced genes, due to the environment’s influence, ended up concealing the presence of the unneeded and unactivated genes. This woman has such great powers, it’s probably due to some advanced genes.”

“Uncle, don’t you read novels? Only people with spiritual roots can cultivate.” Ning Shu couldn’t help but throw out this comment.

“Spiritual root. In my opinion, everything in the body can be explained by genes.” The school doctor’s eyes glowed as he looked at Ling Xue.

“Can’t spiritual roots be transplanted? Perhaps a spiritual root is simply a fragment of an advanced gene and the point of cultivation is to activate the other advanced genes in the body and increase the body’s essential fundamental quality…”

Ning Shu listened as the school doctor uncle rambled on a great deal about things she couldn’t understand at all. No wonder all those intimidating people in the shooting range feared him and gave him the nickname of ‘Psycho.’ He really was a psycho.

“Uncle, I want to go back now. How do I get back?” asked Ning Shu. “Do I use the same path?”

Ning Shu now regretted provoking this person a little. This uncle had probably set his sights on Ling Xue a long time ago and had been trying to get his hands on her in order to dissect her this whole time. Lord, it was too scary.

“Uncle, it couldn’t be that you want to dissect me as well?” Ning Shu looked at the school doctor uncle warily.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Well, that is one development I didn’t expect, lol. One thing this novel can definitely not be accused of, is being boring or uninspired! Actually, this theory is awesome! If it could give everyone powers, then slice away Dr. Psycho. She is really irritating lol. & our poor silly MC. I’m pretty sure you’re not interesting enough for the doc, buhahaha

  2. I knew he didn’t have any lovey dovey feelings when he said he needed her but I really didn’t anticipate the mad science angle, I just assumed he was a transmigrtor like our MC except taking care of someone elses issue.
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  3. Whoa, I totally didn’t expect that… But somehow it just makes sense lol. Here’s to hoping our Ning Shu isn’t next on Psycho’s operating table! Thanks for the chapters even when you’re busy, good luck on your exams. Fighting!

  4. Wow I never thought of cultivation being something related to genetics! This makes me think of how people get stronger of faster when their loved ones face life threatening danger. wonder if that;s also related to genetics

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