QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0053

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Chapter 53: 3p Ah

Ling Xue’s skin was white as snow. She had curves in all the right places and her legs were straight and well-shaped. Yi Fei and Fei Yang who were facing her immediately got excited; their symbols of manhood stood straight up.

Ning Shu: So the female lead was about to tumble with people in broad daylight?

3p, it was 3p ah! How was Ling Xue so energetic?

Ning Shu watched the live playing out of the Crown Prince’s chambers. This was already the second time she saw Ling Xue tumble with someone. As the bodies inside entangled together, charming sounds of rapture drifted out.

Ning Shu watched fixatedly. A hardcore scene like this was hard to come by.

Ling Xue’s eyes were glazed as the two men touched her body worshippingly. The aloof Ling Xue, the inviolable Ling Xue, how could she be like this?

Ning Shu remembered that in the storyline, Mo Lengxuan was Ling Xue’s only man, yet right now she was actually playing with something this hardcore.

Ning Shu blinked, sensing that the breathing of the person behind her was becoming increasingly rushed. She turned around and saw that Leng Ao’s body was reacting. However, his eyes were filled with fury as countless emotions flashed across his face.

It was just that this scene was too stimulating. Leng Ao’s body was involuntarily becoming excited. Embarrassment, excitement, disappointment – these numerous emotions were almost about to make Leng Ao’s heart explode.

Ning Shu suddenly saw hope for completing the task of saving this Prince Leng and making it so that he would no longer be deceived by Ling Xue.

Now that Leng Ao had seen Ling Xue like this, and saw that she was even doing it with more than one man, it should be enough to crush his illusions, right?

Then she saw how Leng Ao was practically on the brink of erupting like a volcano and backtracked. Wait no, this guy couldn’t handle any more stimulation.

Ning Shu hastily grabbed Leng Ao and made to run. However, Leng Ao acted as if his feet were nailed to the ground and refused to move. He stared at the scene inside the room, the sounds still lingering in his ears.

If it weren’t for the fact that this wasn’t a good time, Ning Shu would have cuffed him a couple times to wake him up. She had to exert a huge amount of effort in order to drag him away.

Ning Shu only released him once they reached the lawn of the flower garden. Leng Ao’s face was deathly pale.

He turned and made to head back to the storage room but Ning Shu blocked his way. “What use is there for you to go back like this?”

“I have to know why she betrayed me. Why, why…” Leng Ao howled softly, looking like he was both going mad and suffering intensely. He looked as desolate and resentful as if the entire world had betrayed him.

Ning Shu’s mouth twitched. Wasn’t he a little too much of a narcissist? Ling Xue doesn’t have a single thing to do with you, everything was just your own subjective beliefs.

However, it was also Ling Xue’s ambiguous words that gave Leng Ao this misperception.

Leng Ao felt as if the world was crashing down on him. He was extremely furious and embarrassed. Even when he looked at Ning Shu, his gaze contained resentment.

However, with the reality right in front of him, no matter how he explained things for Ling Xue, he couldn’t change what happened just now.

“You should calm down first.” Since Ning Shu felt like there was hope for completing the task, her attitude towards Leng Ao improved by a tad bit. Of course, it was just a tad bit. It still couldn’t change the fact that Ning Shu disliked Leng Ao.

When Ning Shu saw Leng Ao this miserable, her heart… filled with delight at seeing his suffering. You f-ing deserve it! Hit thirty-two likes!

#comment: In regards to volcanic eruption, at first I read it as like anger. But now, I think it’s more of he was about to come lmao.

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