QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0052

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Chapter 52: Storage Room Incident

Leng Ao was very stirred up, but Ning Shu’s expression was very indifferent as if she hadn’t heard what he said at all. Upon noticing that, Leng Ao felt slightly depressed.

Ning Shu was too lazy to pay attention to this nutjob. Picking up her books, she headed to look for the school doctor. She had discovered a huge secret, and that was that the school doctor was seriously very educated. He seriously knew everything.

Ning Shu had asked him about a lot of things, and although the school doctor would exhibit annoyance each time, he’d still explain them to her.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Where are you going? Hey, Lin Jiajia…” Leng Ao grabbed Ning Shu’s arm. However, immediately afterwards he flung it away as if it was something disgusting.

Ning Shu: …

Are you sick? If you’re sick, you should go to see a doctor.

Ning Shu started walking towards the nurse office. Leng Ao followed her, prattling on the entire time, making her very irritated.

Ning Shu stopped walking and lifted her head to look at Leng Ao. “What exactly do you want? Why are you following me?”

Leng Ao was made a little uncomfortable by Ning Shu’s gaze and he shouted loudly to mask it, “Who’s following you? Does this path belong to your family? Are you the only one allowed to walk on it? I just happen to be walking this way too, what of it? Lin Jiajia, I’m telling you, don’t you dare think that there’s any other meanings!”

Ning Shu: I didn’t think anything though!?

Leng Ao glanced at her and saw that her expression was still indifferent. It was as if nothing could enter her eyes.

Suddenly, Ning Shu stopped. Leng Ao who was walking behind her bumped into her. He gave a cold scoff and said, “Why’d you stop?”

“Shut up,” said Ning Shu in a low voice as she pulled Leng Ao down to crouch beneath the window. Leng Ao originally wanted to fling off Ning Shu’s hand, but when he saw her serious expression, he lowered his voice as well and asked, “What?”

“Shh, don’t talk.” Ning Shu lifted her head slightly and looked through the window into the room. It was a storage room that contained a lot of sports equipment. There were currently three people inside the room.

It was happening again. Ning Shu observed the situation inside the room. It was Ling Xue and the other two princes. Ling Xue’s clothes were fluttering with invisible wind. The two men on the soft mat had dazed expressions and their faces were pale.

“What happened to Yi Fei and Fei Yang? What are they doing?” Leng Ao’s facial color was very poor. The fact that Ling Xue was alone with his two friends made him feel very uncomfortable.

He knew that his friends had favorable opinions of Ling Xue, but now the two were together with Ling Xue behind his back. In Leng Ao’s heart, Ling Xue was already his woman.

Leng Ao stood up and made to rush into the room but Ning Shu hastily stopped him. Leng Ao said in a low growl, “Let go, I’m going in there.”

Ning Shu really just wanted to rap this guy on the head but was worried that it’d catch the attentions of the people inside. She moved near Leng Ao’s ear and said, “Keep calm, don’t be impatient.”

Leng Ao stiffened when he felt the warmth hit his ear. He felt numb as goosebumps rose all over his body and was too stunned to move.

Ning Shu looked into the room again. She was sure Ling Xue was using some sort of sorcery due to how pale the two princes were.

Inside the room, Ling Xue had already finished. She looked at the two men again, then started touching them sensually. Afterwards, she started taking off her clothes. Surprise and excitement immediately appeared on the two princes’ faces and they quickly pulled off their clothes as well.

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu turned around and glanced at Leng Ao. He looked as if he had been struck by lightning.

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