QT Cannon Fodder’s Record Chapter 0049

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Chapter 49: Stand the Desk Up for Me

Ning Shu seriously felt speechless as she took in Leng Ao’s chuuni manner. She looked at her desk which had been kicked to the ground and felt that it really looked pitiful.

Leng Ao looked at Ning Shu coldly. “Apologize to Ling Xue or I’ll make it so you die tragically. Do you still want to stay in this school? I can get you kicked out of this school with a single sentence.”

Ning Shu silently looked up and said mildly, “Stand the desk up for me.”

“What did you say?” An incredulous expression appeared on Leng Ao’s face. “You… you ordered me to stand the desk up for you? Have you gone crazy? You must be crazy.”

“Stand the desk up for me,” repeated Ning Shu indifferently.

“You’ve probably gone insane from heartbreak?” Leng Ao looked at Ning Shu incredulously as if he was looking at an nutjob. “Do you know who I am?”

Ning Shu had heard this sentence so much she practically had blisters in her eardrums from hearing it. He spoke of himself like he was a god that couldn’t tolerate a single insult.

“Stand the desk up for me.”

The people around who were watching the liveliness all felt that there was something wrong with Ning Shu’s brain. She actually dared to treat Prince Leng like this? The surrounding girls glared at Ning Shu.

All of them were condemning her for being impolite towards Prince Leng.

Leng Ao took a deep breath and cracked his knuckles. He stretched his neck a little, then said in an arrogant manner, “I’ve said before that I don’t hit woman, but you’re currently an exception. You should feel honored that I’m breaking my vow for you.”

Ning Shu: What was with that narcissism? And how much longer are you planning to keep talking by yourself?

Ning Shu got up and reached Leng Ao with a few steps. As Leng Ao watched with confusion, she swiftly grabbed him and did a shoulder throw.




The people around cried out in alarm as they stared blankly at Leng Ao who was lying on the ground. Leng Ao pressed his hand against his lower back as he stared at Ning Shu disbelievingly.

He still couldn’t snap out of it even now. Since childhood, he had always been supported by everyone around. This was the first time he had ever been treated this way.

Ling Xue also looked at Ning Shu with an incredulous expression. Then she looked at Leng Ao who was lying on the ground and hastily helped him up.

Leng Ao now hated Ning Shu to the bone since she had caused him to embarrass himself in front of the person he liked. He had actually been thrown over the shoulder by a girl in front of everyone! This was practically an act of throwing his dignity on the ground and stomping on it.

Everyone’s shocked expressions stabbed Leng Ao like knives. The embarrassment, fury, and hatred made Leng Ao itch to rip Ning Shu apart.

Ning Shu’s expression was unperturbed, but inwardly she was very depressed. Fudge, she almost sprained her waist. As expected, throwing a man over her shoulder was much harder than throwing a woman.

“You’re seeking death.” Leng Ao sent a punch towards Ning Shu’s face. That punch was thrown with all his strength.

There was no way Ning Shu would obediently stand still and allow someone to hit her. She dodged, then kicked Leng Ao’s knee hard. Leng Ao, in front of everyone, fell to a kneel on the ground.

Ning Shu was seriously fed up with Leng Ao, so she took advantage of this opportunity while he was on the ground to send a kick towards his butt, causing him to fall forward in a dog-eat-shit posture.

Leng Ao: …


Thanks for taking the time to consider my question and reply! I think we need to discuss it some more though, it was silly of me to have not defined ‘gongzi.’

‘Gongzi’ is a term used for the sons and also daughters of feudal princes. In case of daughters, the character for female is added in front of ‘gongzi.’ However, it’s also used for the sons and daughters of senior officials and in general, is used for a child of nobility/wealth (aka educated) to show respect.

There are specific terms already for master(laoye) and young master(shaoye), so currently I’m leaning most towards gentleman since the modern ‘Mr.’ will definitely be coming up and I might need sir for something else.

Also, I’m trying to avoid pinyin as much as possible, so @Phour, there are upcoming long honorifics, but not daren. People don’t refer to themselves as daren, they only call others daren since it’s a suffix used for an official or a person in authority. (This is the traditional definition.) Actually I might be using ‘sir’ for daren. In this arc though, Ning Shu calls Ling Xue ‘Female Lead daren’ which I’ve chosen to translate as Female Lead-sama.

So with this additional info, any new takes? I probably won’t come to a final decision until I actually come across the term with context, but the feedback will help me make a tentative decision, so thanks in advance~ [resolved~] Tentative Decision: nobleman

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