QT Cannon Fodder’s Record Chapter 0041

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Chapter 41: When Facing a Bomb…

They followed Ling Xue all the way to a remote villa. The school doctor turned around to look at Ning Shu and asked, “Girl, why were you looking at me with such a strange expression?”

Ning Shu retrieved her gaze but she had already labeled the school doctor as a pervert. He didn’t want to woo the female lead and wanted to just directly kidnap her. He seriously didn’t take normal routes.

The car in front of them stopped. The man lifted Ling Xue out of the car and carried her into the building.

Ning Shu undid her seat belt and sneakily followed after them. When she looked to the side, she saw that the school doctor was standing perfectly straight. He didn’t even bother to stoop over a little in any attempt to hide.

The school doctor looked at Ning Shu weirdly and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m hiding, hiding, you know? Hurry up and crouch down,” said Ning Shu.

The school doctor gave a cold laugh and swaggered into the villa as he said, “There are no surveillance cameras here. Even if there were, the way you hide is useless.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu followed the school doctor into the villa. It didn’t look inhabited. At this time, sounds of people talking suddenly came from the second floor. The school doctor took out his gun, then went up the stairs, keeping close to the wall. Ning Shu tiptoed after him.

The sound of people speaking became louder, and another baffling sound was mixed in as well. The school doctor opened the door a crack. Inside, two people were entangled and tumbling together.

Ning Shu moved over to look and her mouth immediately formed an ‘o.’ What the fuck? Wasn’t the female lead injured? Why did they suddenly start tumbling on the bed? Being off guard, she accidently ended up seeing a live scene of the Crown Prince’s chambers.

Ling Xue had been forced by circumstances. She didn’t have any spiritual energy left in her body and her injury hurt like hell. The fastest way to recover was to pluck yang to supplement ying. In the cultivation world, this was something only women who practiced devilish cultivation methods did.

However, the man on top of her was not bad. It wasn’t a loss to sleep with him once, and it could even help replenish spiritual energy.

Ning Shu already felt extreme admiration towards Ling Xue for being able to do this. In ordinary circumstances, shouldn’t you bandage your wound first?

The school doctor put his hand on Ning Shu’s head and pushed her behind him.

Right at this time, the gaze of the man on the bed sharpened and he looked towards the door. The school doctor hid. By the time they looked towards the room again, there was no longer anyone there.

The school doctor kicked opened the door. Ning Shu entered after him.

How did they suddenly disappear? Ning Shu looked towards the school doctor. “Where did they go?”

The school doctor started feeling about in the room. When he saw that Ning Shu was standing there dumbly, he became speechless. Giving a brief explanation, he said, “There’s definitely some sort of mechanism in this room. Look for it.”

Ning Shu said ‘oh,’ then started feeling about in the room inch by inch. Fuck! How come other main characters could do everything so awesomely but she had to grope about in such an undignified way?

The school doctor rotated a flower vase, then a passageway appeared from the wall. He took the initiative to walk in first, and Ning Shu hastily followed after him.

The secret room was just a simple passageway. It was dim and felt ominous because there were only a few oil lamps lit.

Ning Shu looked at the school doctor who was stooped over in front. A ticking sound came from ahead of them.

What was that sound?

The school doctor who was walking in front increased his speed. Ning Shu walked closer and found that it was actually a bomb. The numbers on its surface was changing rapidly.

Why would there be a bomb here? Could it be that Ling Xue had left it?

“Uncle, do you know how to defuse a bomb?”

“I know a little.” The school doctor first examined it. By that it meant he picked it up and glanced at it before starting to take it apart.

Ning Shu couldn’t help but ask upon seeing his casual manner, “Do you really know how to do it?”

“If you’re worried, then you do it.” The school doctor uncle threw the bomb into Ning Shu’s arms.

Ning Shu almost peed her pants from alarm and hastily shoved the bomb back into his arms. “I won’t talk anymore, hurry and defuse the bomb.”

#comment: “The school doctor put his hand on Ning Shu’s head and pushed her behind him.” When I saw this, for a moment I was like, the school doctor was preventing Ning Shu from seeing an R18 scene!? But no, nah…

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