QTF’s Record: Chapter 0096

5 thoughts on “QTF’s Record: Chapter 0096

  1. I don’t know how these bots work but can’t you remove the ability to copy text from the website? I think it can be done with CSS

      1. I don’t know the details on how bots work either, but “typically, bots do this by crawling a website, accessing the source code of the website and then parsing it to remove the key pieces of data they want. After obtaining content, they typically post it elsewhere on the internet.” So disabling ability to copy text probably wouldn’t stop the bots from copying because mostly it’s just preventing users from using click+select and ctrl+c to copy.
        Then with making the text an image, if the bot users are determined to copy, they modify the bots to copy the images as well. There are plenty of manga scraping bots after all.

        For me, of course I would prefer to prevent the aggregator sites from profiting on my work… but I don’t have the knowledge to fight the battle and win, so I decided not to waste anymore effort and energy on it. It seems isohungry has directly edited the post.php file so when posting, I don’t have to do anything different from usual. It’ll be nice if it works. If it doesn’t, *shrugs*

        I appreciate that most readers, when they find out, choose to read on the sites the translators have chosen to host their works on. It’s a nice show of support, so thank you Johasl.

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