Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Say… What’s the limit of Humans? 

Regardless whether if it’s the normal [Humans], [Demi-Human] from the north, [White Magic Race] of the west or the eastern [Elf Race], we are all categorized under the main category of [Human], how strong can one be?

What exactly does it mean as the so-called [Strongest]?

To break large boulders with bare hands? Using killing intent to split the sea? Or is it with a snap of the fingers, to shoot down a dragon in the sky? 

It can’t be, right?

These should not be the limits of humans right? Of course the same could be said for the demon race. 

Compared to the concept of these [Limits], the three examples are too weak. You can’t be the [Strongest], if [Limits] cannot be achieved; but if there’s no [Strongest], then there should not be the existence of [Limits]. 

So, to discuss [Strongest]… is a rather meaningless thing. 

What’s powerful about humans, are really just their [Faith]. 

As long as the faith is strong enough, anything could be achieved, as long as you work hard, persevere and struggle, completing what you wish to do is but a matter of time. 

But, Humans aren’t like the Demon race, we have the [Physical Limit] of what we call [Life Span]. 

If so, how do we break the [Physical Limitation] to become the [Strongest]? 

By drawing upon the unlimited faith, we can achieve the seemingly impossible [Limits]. 

That’s right, in summary, the conclusion is!

When the conviction that absolutely cannot be shaken was shattered, in that moment, even the weakest human, will evolve into the [Strongest] organism. 

Even if it lasts for only a few seconds. 

At this thought, unlimited strength filled up in every inch of my body instantaneously, and as a result, my originally weak body looked a bit healthier. 

“Hey, you… stay there for me…” My face darkened, and with a chilling voice, I bellowed at the armored man that dared to have stepped foot on the Garden of God. 

“Eh? Me? Yes?” The armored man questioned ignorantly, not knowing what he had done wrong even when death was knocking at the door. 

I am going to slaughter you… I am going to teach you the principle of how to conduct yourself. 

To mercilessly trample on the promised land where young gods rest, your existence cannot be tolerated anymore, accept your punishment for your desecration of the gods…

“I will help your head move house now… You wait for me…”

“Eh? Me? Why?” The armored man was taken aback, unknown that his hour of doom had already been declared by me. 

I silently grabbed one of my wives from the pile of potatoes near me. I gave a gentle kiss to her and seek her blessings and strength from her.

Since you have tarnished the sacred potatoes, then you can die under the power of the sacred sphere…

[Villager (Level 1) has equipped a potato!]

[Villager (Level 1) initiated an attack!]


In an instant, I gathered all my might to both of my legs, as if they became a spring, I dashed out transforming into an arc of lightning.

What speed! As expected, the power of faith is extremely potent. But actually, this [Faith] is called [Release Magic].

“What….!!!” However, that person certainly deserves to be called an S rank adventurer. He promptly captured the lightspeed movement of me into his sight and drew out his blue lightning sword in the span of microseconds, attempting to parry my fierce attack.

“Die… Blasphemer…” I held the potato right in my palm and thrust into the armored man with an absolute speed similar to the attack of  ra〇 gan. (Reference to Naruto)

With the potato that has become as hard as steel with my power of faith, I shattered the fragile blade of the armored man. While his dark blue long sword got shattered into pieces, that person has also been struck by my terrifying assault and went flying, finally landed on the pavement near a field ten plus meters away.

“Vill… Villager is killing people! What did I do?!” The armored man wailed.

But this is not over yet, I leaped forward and without giving any chance for a breather to that man, I used the potato on my hand as if it was a pile driver, violently smashed the already defenseless armormed man.

Go to hell and regret your own ignorance…

The first blow!

The helmet chipped, revealing the actual face of that person, and long black hair stained in blood scattered.

The second blow!

Brown potato in, red potato out. The man’s handsome face got distorted from my beating, blood gushing out, he lost his consciousness.

The third blow!

Numerous cracks appeared on the ground beside the man’s head, and his chest plate received some minor damage affected by the aftershocks of the blast.

The fourth…

“Wait… Wait a second! Fo La!” At this moment, Lei Yi finally caught up to me and pounced on my back, attempts to stop me from my one-sided slaughter.

Counting from the moment I started my attack, it has not even been a second.

Grabbing my arm that is holding the potato with the soft arms of hers, her cheeks attached beside my ear, her flat body hugging my back, similar to a sticker with no gaps in between, both her legs clamping my waist to hold me in place.

“Let go… Lei Yi… I am going to slaughter this guy…” I said coldly with emptied eyes.

The intense killing intent from me has scared the magician girl badly, making her sobbed on the ground.

However, why is the golden hair gunslinger having an envious face, as if wishing the one that did this was him, aren’t they companions?

“Wait a second ah! What use is there for killing this guy? Even if he is an idiot, it still isn’t enough reason to kill him right?”

“But… He stepped on my potato farm… unforgivable.”

“That’s… just a trivial stuff right?”

“Lei Yi… a potato sapling could have been killed by the step of his. And what does this mean? This means that the potato’s future generation of its abundant descendants will forever disappear. Perhaps, there’s one day may come that the human race will be starved to death because of this reason, extinct in this world.  

“Human are not that weak… How about I compensate you with money… from the pocket of my idiot leader?”

“In this world, there are some things that can’t be measured with money, money will not be able to buy revival potion vial for the gods, and it cannot bring back the dead.”

“But… You can buy even more potato saplings… correct?” Lei Yi hit the nail on the head.

I thought for a while and accepted the proposition.

Finally letting go the potato in my hand and spared this person life.

[Villager (Level 1) has obtained victory!]

[Villager (Level 1) has received 233 copper coins!]

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