Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

A few months ago, at the borders of the [Demon Continent], a tremendous dragon hovered in the sky. 

The colossal creature thought highly of itself and looked down on everything in the continent. As it should be, with their noble descent that ranks in the highest tier among [Magical beasts], the [Dragon Race] are truly prideful.

Under their steady wings, no one can withstand the formidable might with strength their, similar to a typhoon; Under their razor sharp teeth flew flames which could melt ancient glaciers. Under their sharp talons, even land itself will be shredded.

Possessing intelligence higher than the average [Human] or [Magical Creature], it is said that if the Demon King is the lord of the [Demon Continent], then they are the lord of the skies above the [Demon Continent]. 

That’s right, they are such a frightening and powerful existence, no person would dare say they don’t fear them, in this world, as long as they were sane, nobody would dare to oppose them!


However, the dragon suddenly shrieked miserably. 

And the reason being that, while it was flying, it was struck by a large bolt of lightning. It’s whole body, completely covered by scales, was dominated by pain and numbness. 

Although it didn’t receive any fatal damage, the numb body of the colossal creature made it crashed into the ground. However, as it values it’s pride more than its life, at the instant before it crash, it shifted the balance of its limbs and landed like a falling cat, creating a dust storm. 

“Phew…” It let out a long breath which carried flickering flames, it used it’s keen eyes to find the source of the lightning. 

And finally, what came into his sight, are 4 tiny sesame seeds – Ah, no, it’s 4 human adventurers.

“You have a hole in your brain right? Lambert?”

“That’s right! You can go ahead and die by yourself but don’t drag us along with you ah!”

A human with golden hair and a slim girl of the [White Magic Race] are reprimanding severely a swordsman wearing black armor that was standing in the middle of the team, the two faces full of despair and puzzled of the situation at hand.   

“Hic. Hic… Dragon… That’s a dragon!” A girl that was last in their group fell to the ground and trembled, strength has left both of her legs supporting her. 

“Bugs… Why do you disturb my peace.” The dragon spoke with a low tone. However, to the humans hearing the dragon words that was from its huge throat, it was loud and clear. 

Rather than anger, the huge dragon was more curious and full of anticipation, after all, those who dare to challenge him had stopped appearing a few hundreds of years ago. Also, the lightning strike just now is not something achievable from any mediocre magician. 

The dragon adores the strong. 

His blood had been boiling, having past hundreds of years without anyone challenging him, excitement is filling him now. 

The armored man that crossed his arm is emitting an intense killing intent. His 3 other team members are also killing intent capable of making one shiver —— however, their killing intent was directed to the armored man. 

Ignoring their resentment, the man that carried the aura of a leader very confidently raised his helmet and look up at the huge dragon towering hundreds of meters high. 

“I’m called Lambert! The man that will end your life. Come! Let me see the extent of your power!”The armored man roared confidently, paying no attention to the huge dragon which was bigger than him by few tens of thousands of times. 

“Hurry up and shut your mouth! Lambert, I’m going to kill you ok? I will cut you to shreds yo?” The human with golden hair kicked the head of the armored man, but as a gunslinger, this blow did not bring any impact to Lambert. 

The dragon hesitated, he does not know whether are these people really came to challenge him, but he still can’t resist himself from saying a part, a part that he always desire say in the few hundreds year: “Humph… Human, I applaud you for your courage. However…”

Following a loud impact, the huge dragon curled its wings and flew up into the sky at an instant, from within the small openings of its mouth, there are sights of flame. With a voice that are mixed with anger and satisfaction, he howled: “But as a mere mortal, you are too arrogant!” 

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Like a plasma cannon, from the depths of the dragon’s huge mouth, a pillar of golden colored dragon breath with radius of few tens of meters was spurt out. 

Ah… It’s been so long since I used dragon breath like this…

The huge dragon is contented, even if he only uses 10% of his power, he was satisfied already. 

However, even though the helmet has blocked the man’s face, but from the unhurried actions of his, his overflowing confidence can be felt. 

He draws out his black saber unleashing blue lightning flashes and calmly rushed forth into the ferocious onslaught of the dragon breathe.

A flash!

A lightning flash!

Golden dragon breath dispersed into the surrounding as if it was the aftermath of a meteor crashing into the continents. 

“Humph…” Pleased with himself, the armored man smiled and return his saber back to the scabbard. 

“… Looks like, you are not just some nobody.” The dragon thought for a while after seeing the scene, the corner of it’s mouth revealed a slight smile. “Not bad, it has been so long since that there was someone that could receive this attack of mine. Mortal, tell me your name!”

When met with the strong, the most basic respect is to know the full name of the opponent, this is a tradition of the [Dragon Race] and is their pride of considering their own self as powerful. 

This sentence is also one of the dragon the to-do-list [things to be said before death] and ranks quite high. 

“I am Lambert Stevecia Lancelot, the son of [Stevecia] the hero that killed the Demon King. I am also the leader of the [S rank] adventurer squad——[Demonic sword of Fallen Abyss. Dangerous Thunder Warrior. Impact that shattered Heaven and Earth!]. Occupation is [Warrior], also known to some as [Berserker of dark blue lightning blade], and also…”


A ringing noise sounded from the man’s metal helmet—— The moment the teammate that got buried under the earth dug his way out, he used his full strength to throw a stone at the man’s helmet. 

“Are you trying to kill us?” The golden hair gunslinger angrily shouted while digging out a petite girl with light purple hair. 

The girl started a teleportation magic circle while crying: “Hic…Hic…Hic… Dragon is so scary, let’s go quickly…”

“Puah… Our leader is really an idiot~” Another [White Magic Race] girl broke free from the soil and spat out a few mouthfuls of earth. 

“Hey… Can you guys don’t disturb me while I am in the middle of my introduction? Now I forgot where I stopped!” The armored man complained, seemingly angry. 

“Who can remember your chunnibyo name that is so long! Don’t joke around anymore! If we don’t interrupt you, you could easily talk for 10 minutes, ok? That dragon already looks troubled thanks to you!” The gunslinger took out the rifle attached to his belt and shot 2 shots at the armored man. Although the bullet did not penetrate the armor, his anger has finally made it to Lambert’s brain. 

At this point, the dragon that was hovering in the sky is also relieved. Indeed, he also could not remember the title of this man, this is actually a blow to their pride, but finally there’s an excuse for this. 

But, the dragon has heard a very familiar name. 

Stevecia’s… son? 


“Are you so bored that you provoked the [Dragon Race]? Even though I already knew that you were an idiot, but it have never cross my mind that you are such a crazy person.” The gunslinger continues to howl while he rushed to Lambert’s side.

“Eh… But… isn’t it consider normal to challenger the dragon when you see them?” The armored man said depressingly, his head was pressed down by the gunslinger, resulting in him kneeling on the ground. 

“Normal, my ass! I don’t even want to say anything to you anymore… Hurry! Apologize with me!”

“I’m not going to! I didn’t do anything wrong…” Lambert acted like a three year old child, an [S rank] warrior rolling on the ground, refusing to apologize. 

“So sorry! Our leader is an idiot! We have no animosity towards you, please let us off. If it can’t be help… we will tie up this idiot and give him to you as compensation!” The golden hair gunslinger respectfully shouted to the dragon in the sky.

“Eh? Are you guys going to sell me away?” The armored man asked, with a sobbing tone. 

“Damn right! We are very sorry to interrupting your rest! Please quell your anger after killing our leader!” The girl of [White Magic Clan] added in, and from her black leather sleeves, she pull out a hidden blade. 

“Not only were you guys going to give me to the dragon, now you guys still wanted me dead?” 

“You don’t say?!” The two shouted, making Lambert choke with sobs./speechless 

“… The teleportation circle is done!” Finally, the one that saved Lambert from his fate of becoming a tribute to the dragon was the light purple haired girl who was silently casting magic on the sideline. 

“All right! Let’s escape!” The gunslinger dragged the armored man, and with the girl of [White Magic Race] charged into the teleportation circle that was emitting a faint glow.  

“No! Don’t! I still want to play with the dragon! Dragon is a man’s romance!!” With a whimper sound, the squad leader was dragged into the teleportation circle without any dignity left by his team member. 

The four of them, successfully escaped. 

Left… The dragon that was alone, chaos in the sky. 


“In general… Our leader is this kind of human~” Lei Yi sat at a big rock near my house, one of her hands rubbing Di Yana’s perfect oppai, while telling stories to me when I am working in the farm. “Well? Xiao ge, isn’t it interesting?” 

Totally… there’s nothing interesting about it…

And also, are you some kind of lecherous noble? Stop it with your hand!

What you are doing now is the dreams of all men in the village, and yet you completed the goal of what all the men in this village had set as their life goals so simply, how can you ask them to accept such a devastating blow?!

“Wu…” The red cheeked Di Yana finally could not tolerate anymore, and with irregular breathing, she moaned a little.

Are you actually enjoying it? Why didn’t you stop her even until now? Hurry up and use the demonic fist that you unleashed on me to stop this chikan uncle ah?

“Oaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooo!!!!” Steam and nose bleed shot out from the nostril of the very excited chikan. Lei Yi quickened her hand movement using her the assassin skills she had learned up to this point. 

I said, stop it now!

“Ah… Forget it… Do whatever you guys like… I don’t want anything to do with you guys forever…

“Ah… I see…” However, out of courtesy, I still replied halfheartedly while I pulled out 2 weeds and shot dead an aphid that was crawling on a potato sapling. 

Anyway, I have absolutely no intention to listen to these kinds of stories… Don’t tell it to me…

“Sigh~ A pity there’s only 4 people in our squad~ There’s still a empty slot left~” With a tone that has double meaning in the sentence, Lei Yi seems like she wants to convince me and started on the second story. “Ah Ah~ Fo La xiao ge, there’s only 1 time…”

Let me repeat myself… Laozi name is Fa Mu!

Also… Stop telling me, ahh!!!

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