Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Deep in the darkness, there was a small boy crouched in a small corner of a gloomy room, his legs chained with shackles, the only place he could reach are the hard iron bars and the sturdy stone walls.

The small boy who was white from head to toe wore only a thin piece of linen shirt and was living in this one meter long, one meter wide and one meter tall square.

His tears have stopped flowing anymore, his heart has stopped being in pain a long time ago, his brain has long…stopped thinking about any more things.

The boy is just breathing, this and nothing more.

Being locked up…. in this [room] that will shrink after certain intervals of time, ever since the first day that the boy was kidnapped, he has regarded the god that he believes in before as dead.

What is the purpose of the existence of [God] if he could not be saved?

Outside of this square is a much spacious basement. With a table in the middle of the basement, there is 2 strong and ferocious looking man gnawing at large chunks of meat, drinking wine and chatting.

“Da ge, only you are capable~ This imp of [White Magic Race] has no temper anymore now.” (Da ge means Big bro)

“That is certain, this is not the first time anymore, like I said, we kidnap the children of [White Magic Race]” and turn them into [White Luminous Lantern], after we do this a few more times, we will have enough riches not to worry about clothes and food for our entire life.”

“Hehehehe…When da ge is rich, please remember to look after xiao di, me a little~” (xiao di means little bro)

Chugging down the hard liquor, the man that was called da ge by his xiao di heaves a sigh of pleasure and patted on the shoulder of his xiao di with his hand that is full of alcoholic stench and said.

“As long as you listen to my commands and kidnap one more brat from the [White Magic Clan], the money we get from this transaction will also be counted as yours. “

“Wow! Da ge is indeed da ge! What generosity, xiao di will follow you my entire life!”

Even if the brain is empty, but due to the instinct as a living thing, the little boy lifted his head and looked at the direction of the source of the noise.

“Pah…What? Shitty kid… What are you looking at?”

With a disgusted expression, xiao di spat out a mouthful of phlegm from his throat directly on the little boy forehead.

“Eh, don’t do that, if he falls sick because of this, the price will decrease.” The da ge said while giving a knock on the head of the xiao di, stopping him from ravaging the boy.


“I’ll ignore it this time, don’t do it anymore.” The man forgave his xiao di and picked up a piece of potato randomly from the sumptuous feast on the table. Showing a cruel smile of ridicule, he walks slowly to the front of the small cage with virtually no space left and squatted down, facing the little boy.

The man squeezed out a grin and from the gaps of his razor sharp and ugly teeth, he friendly said. “Please forgive him, little friend, uncles livelihood depends on you~”

After that, the man squeezed the potato through the square cage between the iron bars. Paint fragments and the carcasses of dead bugs stuck onto the mashed potato, it landed on the floor made of dry grass that was stained with mud and pitifully fights against the boy for the last remaining space of the cage.

The boy picked up the mashed potato with his dirty and trembling hands and stuffed it into his mouth.

In order to survive, he can only do this.

But what is the purpose of living life like this?

Might as well be dead.

Even so, after contemplating a hundred times over, the boy still could not… he do not have the guts to end his life.


“Hey~ xiao ge~ xiao ge~ take a look at me~” Lei Yi squatted down in front of me, her voice carrying a tone of apology, pulled me from recalling my past memories back to reality.

However, even if Lei Yi spoke to me with this cute tone of voice, I could not stop my body from trembling and cowering against the wall.

“Fo Mu, what’s wrong…” Di Yana asked worryingly with her hands covering her mouth, not expecting that I would be like this.

Prior before this, when you attacked me there was not even a sense of guilt… You also called my name wrongly.

But all this doesn’t matter anyway, I have no mood to retort anymore. Eventhough I knew that Lei Yi has no ill intention, but my body still could not regain my mobility.

It’s like the [Soul] was pulled apart and became powerless by the [past].

“Miss, have you not heard of the [White Magic Race] before?” Lei Yi gently sighed, her canine tooth exposed from her【ヘ】shape mouth all along.

“I have not…” Di Yana shook her head and glanced at Wu De… and got a similar reply.

“Ya…that’s about right, after all [White Magic Race] is not very famous among the Eastern region. They typically appear in the [Holy kingdom of Ke Li Xi Ya] in the western region or in [Demon Continent].”

“Are…are they a [demon race]?” Di Yana asked cautiously.

“No, just the opposite, [White Magic Race] is the sacred race that represents pure and holiness. They are a race blessed by the [Creator Goddess. Ke Li Xi Ya]. Miss, have you heard of the toxin in the [Demon Continent]?”

Taking a few steps away from me, Lei Yi continues to speak, her tone has lost her energy from the beginning, as if she was talking about a story of hers.

“You are saying… the incident where the air, land ,food and water source in the [Demon Continent] emitting a kind of toxin where normal people could not withstand?”

“Yes, but the actual truth behind the toxins are just chaotic mana without a master, if too much of it is absorbed, it will lead to an overabundance of mana, presenting a reaction similar to poisoned. That is why in every squad that are traveling to the demon continent, there must be one party member with a job that uses holy magic, which is [Priest] or [Paladin], so as to cleanse these deadly toxins.”

“What does that have any connection with the [White Magic Clan]?”

Unable to comprehend the connection, the village girl from the eastern village asked, full of interest towards my race.

This makes me feel… a bit difficult to bear.

“[White Magic Clan] is a race that are blessed, they have a racial trait called [Consume Magic], it has the ability to absorb the surrounding chaotic mana through breathing. Having the racial advantage, they can replace the need of having a holy occupation party member, this allows a free slot of occupation in a standard 5 man adventurer party, making them extremely popular in the demon continent.”

What Lei Yi said was basically correct, but the truth differs…

“However, things aren’t so simple.” As if she was reading my thoughts, Lei Yi continued.

“There’s one more method which further simplifies things, which is a [White Luminous Lantern] ——  by imprisoning a kid from [White Magic Race] into a small box, restricting them from growing in size and carry them on the shoulder. From the looks of it… I’m afraid… xiao ge was…

After having heard the words, Di Yana gasped, as a chill went up her spine, using a glance of sympathy, she stared at me that was cowered against the wall.

I don’t need it…

This kind of sympathy…

It will only make me feel more in pain.

The atmosphere became quiet, even the undisciplined Wu De shut his mouth in this moment.  

At least I can’t hear the sound “Jie Jie ” , at least this is the fortunate part out of all the misfortunes~


There’s no laughter coming out.

“Eh…Sorry, this is my fault, that really wasn’t a merry topic…” Lei Yi gently sighed, her small shoulder drooped. With light steps, she came to stand beside me and took off her own cap.

A gentle breeze followed after the motion of removing the cap, reflected in my pale white pupils was a small and exquisite tanned face.


A pale white hair of shoulder length and a complementing snow white pupils that looked like glass beads.

“Let me introduce myself again…” The girl cupped both her soft hands onto my cheeks, rested her forehead that emits a sweet fragrance on my forehead and gently whispered.

“I am Lei Yi. Xi Ge Li Ya, a mixed blood of [White Magic Clan]… I one of your companion yo.”

I was stunned, from experiencing this warmth of zero distance between us. In the interweave of our breathing, she uses her sweet voice to melt the cold of anxiety within my heart.

“It’s okay… It’s all okay now… The past is forever gone, it will not happen again.”

Finally, as if she was a goddess that was born from a potato, she left a faint mark on my forehead.

Lei Yi softly jumped away from me with a mischievous smile and blushing cheeks and used her slender finger to wipe her soft lips.  

While watching this girl, my eyes unknowingly became wet.

Unable to hold back the tears, I scolded my cowardliness inwardly, my fossilized body once again regain back its mobility.

Damn it…

Living… Ah…It sure is nice to be alive.


Translator sidenote

The method to make a [White Luminous Lantern] is similar to the method used to bind women feet to be smaller during ancient china, which is to say, extremely cruel. It involves cramping a child of the [White Magic Race] descent into a small cage and reducing the cage size smaller gradually to restrict his or her growth and finally distorting the child shape allowing the adventurers to carry them easier while traveling.

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