Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

“Here…You no longer have any business with me right?” I said, showing my lack of patience with an annoyed face as I hand in the form to Di Yana.

Like a teacher checking the assignment of her students, Di Yana cautiously read the written answers word for word while taking a few glances at me with a face of doubtfulness.

…Do you really have to be so serious? It’s just a meaningless form. What are you trying to covet after, reading it so seriously? Have you fallen in love with me? You are in love with me right? But I’m sorry, I…

“I guess it’s fine now.” Di Yana snorted, breaking my line of thought. Her face fully shows her bad mood, like a child that have received a toy that she hates.

Don’t come and find trouble with me if you are so unhappy about it. You could have just let me scribble some things and hand the form in right?

“Humph…This is such a waste of my time. But don’t you misunderstand this, it isn’t for the sake of you that I spent so much time on you.” Di Yana said proudly the standard tsundere slogan coupled with the standard crossing of arms at her breasts, the standard raising of her head, the standard pursing of lips and turning away from me with the standard swing of her ponytail.

Hey! Your ponytail hit me! Ow! I’m should be thankful that the settings for your character isn’t a tsundere twin ponytails girl or otherwise, I will be feeling double the pain.

Besides, I got beaten by you at least 10 times, got thrown stones at in the past, gotten some signs that my hair is going bald and the muscle of my nape almost getting carved out. After all this, how could I ever possibly develop feelings towards you? It’s fortunate, that I haven’t misunderstood all this as your attempts to murder me.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going back…” I sighed, declaring myself going back to my loner mode.

However, without realizing the aura of a loner that I’ve been putting out, Di Yana grasped firmly at my shirt collar while I was thinking about escaping. “Come to think of it Fo Mu, 6 years has already passed since you came to this village right?”

Spare me already! Just let me go! I beg of you! The potatoes are awaiting the return of their master! They should be feeling lonely!

Furthermore, this shrew has read my name wrongly, I’m called Fa Mu.

You clearly remembered me coming to this village 6 years ago, but you don’t even know my name? In the course of these agonizing years, you have thrown stones at me yet you don’t even remember the target’s name? Where did you come from, you devil? Just because I’m a lowly creature, I’m not even worth to be remembered?

“What do you want from me again?” I said with a weak voice, not mentioning the issue with my name as I no longer want to have any business with her again.

“It has been 6 years already, why haven’t you integrated into this village? Is there something wrong with you? Or do you felt that we are untrustworthy? Di Yana asked, pouting her mouth with an annoyed look like some sort of resident’s committee auntie. Though, as the elder daughter of the village chief, she ought to think about these problems.


Fuck! For the past 6 years, Laozi could not integrate into this village. Why do I interpret that you are saying that it’s my fault? (Laozi is an arrogant way of addressing oneself)

The string governing reasoning snapped in my brain, with endless fury within me, I snarled. “Firstly, ignoring the disrespect from you all towards the god of potatoes, the reason why I could not integrate into this village, isn’t it all because of you guys throwing stones at me every day?”

“When…When did I throw stones at you every day…” Di Yana rebutted. But her voice gradually became smaller while simultaneously turning away her line of sight and muttered. “Besides, ever since I became 18, I have not gone there anymore…”

Hearing this sentence, I became even angrier.

“Don’t you clearly remembered? Also, when was your 18 years old birthday? Last Friday right? Your family opened a feast in the village, launching fireworks all night long and hired entertainers from the cities to perform. How…However!” By now, a few veins have protruded on my face. Clenching my fist hard like a potato, I shouted the last sentence with tears . “However, you never invite me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Di Yana bit her lips and hangs her head low. Her face is now completely red, her fist trembling gripping the corner of her shirt as she can’t find anymore excuse to rebut.

Seeing as she did not resort to violence like always, I got slightly emboldened and push my luck, continue to complain. “Even if you have not come anymore since last Friday, your little brat brother still came…Ow ahhhhhhhhhhh!”


A straight punch that metamorphosed into a strong gale struck me directly in my abdomen, launching me into the air for half a meter high. The powerless me fell down to the ground after being pulled by the force of gravity.

The damn brocon transformed into Asura mode and threaten me, with her mouth that could shoot out fire. “If you dare to say one more ill about Wu De…I will shred you into pieces…”

“Sorry…” I apologized with a coarse voice and closed my tearful and tired eyes.

Ah…God of potatoes…Did you come to receive me?

[Villager (Level 1) has died…]

[It is a common occurrence to win some battles and lose some battles, chivalrous hero please start

from the beginning again.]

[Du Du Du Du Du Du…]

What a blow to the abdomen…I almost got addicted to the pain.

“Wah… Why did I witness a murder scene when I just came in….” A crisp and pleasant voice sounded from the front door. Looking towards that direction, was a girl wearing black leather clothing.  

A tall and slender body without an ounce of extra fats, on her tanned and exposed navel and thighs lies a few scars.  Looking up, is a plain, complete lack of curves…never mind, this region is not important anymore, let’s continue to look up again. Right at the top, a large leather cap covered most of the girl’s face, only showing a canine tooth from her slightly opened mouth.

“Eh? You are…” Di Yana immediately turned back facing the female, regaining back her amiable composure,  

Just like I thought… Were you only playing with me? That body blow… Will I not be able to experience that again? Sniff…

Ah… But I might really die or ruined if I got hit by that again.

Ignoring me, the girl proudly smiled, her canine tooth shined with a dazzling light.

“I am Rei. Xi Ge Li Ya, my occupation is rogue, currently in a S rank adventure squad —— [Demonic sword of Fallen Abyss. Dangerous Thunder something…. What comes after….Impact? And then, what’s next…?]” Oh well, it doesn’t matter.

Wait a second, what was that name for a squad? Let’s not even talk about how chunni byo the name is, what’s your deal not even remembering your own squad name?

“In conclusion, we are the adventure squad that were dispatched by the adventurer guild for the purpose of inspecting this village’s registrant. I’m only here to scout in advance as my speed is the fastest, the others will arrive approximately this afternoon. “

“Oh! That’s great!” Di Yana smiled sweetly, showing her social side, slightly bowed and said. “In that case let me go inform my father now.”

“Right~ Right~ Actually that’s no need to be so anxious, after all, my leader moving speed is really slow. ” The girl waves her hand. Then focused her attention at me and said. “However, isn’t it rare… never would I thought that I could meet [Your kind] in the eastern region~”

Even though I was still lying on the ground and have not yet recovered from that blow, but I could feel it, that stare of the girl…

That stare… so annoying…

Really annoying…annoying…annoying…

She walked to my front and squatted down, exposing her well-trained but slender legs without any care to me.

I covered my head with both hands.

“It’s useless for you to hide anymore by now~ I have already seen your white hairs~ Xiao ge of the [White Magic Race]~ Rei laughed while poking the cold sweats that flowed down my cheeks. (Xiao ge means bro)

“Eh? [White Magic Race]?” Di Yana repeated softly, seemingly not knowing the meaning of the 3 words.

“…Leave me alone!!” I pushed Rei with all my might and backed off away from her with my trembling body trying to avoid her line of sight but soon, I hit the wall.

Nowhere to run.

Nowhere to hide.

My teeth start trembling in the midst of my erratic breathing. My pale white arms covered my pale white hair that is cursed with calamity and my snow white pupils becoming diluted.

Chills invaded my body, slowing eating away my heart.

Don’t look at me… Don’t look… Don’t… No…


Don’t use that kind of eyes to look at me…

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