Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Though I felt an ominous vibe of mana awhile ago, it doesn’t matter anymore now.

After all, now that Rei has gone to investigate the matter, as an S rank assassin, she will definitely find out about the truth behind that abnormal mana. Moreover, my mood has improved, as I have finally regain the freedom of my shoulders.

Compared to the abnormal mana, the most important thing right now is the [examination].

Doing something like inserting one’s nostrils into a strange machine, and blowing air into it… isn’t that too disgusting? It makes people feel repulse on a fundamental physiological level.

Just like humans’ lack of respect for potatoes, it makes me unable to accept it as well.

“What’s wrong? Why is every single one of you looking like this? Is there anything inappropriate somewhere?” Lambert turned his head and asked, a questioning voice sounded from his bucket.

What exactly is your IQ, is it zero or in the negative? Don’t you find this strange? Look carefully one more time, you damn hermit crab.

Look at the black faces on us, the participants; count the number of black lines drawn on our faces, then try saying sentences like [Is there anything inappropriate somewhere?] again.

Be careful of getting roasted by me… hermit crab.

Fucking retard…

Fucking hermit crab.

Fucking Lambert!

“As expected, this is not suitable…” Dairo who was beside the machine, sighed and gave a wry smile. “Indeed, if it was me, I can’t accept this method of testing as well. I’ll modify this slightly.”

Ooh! Good job, Dario! As per usual, you can still be relied upon on. My respect for you is already at the extent of only being behind my respect for the Potato Goddess.

“Don’t, they are just shy, there’s no need to be so troublesome.” Lambert that has absolutely no idea the meaning of [observing one’s surrounding], said as he used his hand to blocked Dairo.

Lambert, you goddam… retards like you, should be met with my Potato assault!


However, a sound of gunshot stopped me and my impulse of returning home to grab my potato instead.

Dairo was even ruthless than me. He drew his flintlock that was covered by his cape from his waist, and fired a shot straight away after aiming at Lambert’s bucket helmet while he snarled. “Shut your mouth… retarded leader!”

A sense of respect arises spontaneously from within me!

As expected, Dairo is simply the best! What a vent of anger this is!

“Wu… But…” Lambert who is stroking his helmet (iron bucket), seems to be full of grievances. However, under the pressure of Dairo, he did not dare to say anything.

Serves you right. Hermit crab.

Thus, ignoring Lambert who is squatting at a corner after receiving a huge blow, Dairo bought out some tools from his pouch, and did a slight modification to the device which I had never seen before.

Dairo is really awesome.

I didn’t expect Dairo who is a gunslinger to be capable of modifying machinery. Is it possible that he comes from the Southern Industrial Empire?

[Southern] and [Northern]… The relationship of the two countries is disastrous… how admirable of him to be willing to come to the [Northern Magic Federation] and conduct the examination here?

He sure is tolerant.

I will never forgive anyone that says anything bad about the Potato Goddess, let alone conducting a [adventurer examination] out of kindness.

In other words, to hell with the people who conduct blasphemy.

After a short while, the modification of [examination machine Ver. 2] finished. Dairo replaced Lambert as well and started to explain to us: “Although this will be less accurate than using noses to measure, the new installation however, can measure mana reserves through a direct touch of a hand instead. Afterwards, I will give a score rating according to the measurement depicted on the display screen. It will be the same as previously, the highest will be given a [S rank], the lowest will be rated a [C rank].”

Alright, if the host is Dairo, it made me a little more acceptable towards this detestable examination.

However, the result of the examination carries no meaning to me, so let’s finish this quickly.

In any case, I am just a mere potato farmer with no plans to leave the village. I will never change my mind even if you guys give me a hundred [S rank] ratings.

It is enough for me as along as I’m able experience the suffocating feeling of [compactness] as I lock myself up in a tiny cube-space within a small house in the village, and I’ m able to plant some potatoes.

“Now then, number one.” Under the gaze of the squirrel Kaiser, Dairo read out the number after seizing the result recording clipboard from the depressed Lambert.

“Jie…” It was still Wu De who was the first to take the test. He cheered himself up, and walked towards the machine after having recovered from the paralysis with great difficulty.

Even if he was beaten down a while ago from receiving a mental blow of having [zero magic resistance], at this point in time, Wu De still carried a confident smile on his face.

Where exactly is your source of confidence originating from…

Is it possible that, you, Wu De really knows how to use magic? As I expected, was the reason for making the [Jie Jie] sounds whenever you laugh at me all these years because you are training the ultimate spell of the Demon King, [Demonic Flame Tornado]?

No way… Are you really able to use that spell?

He placed his right hand on top of the measuring device. The machine produced waves of rumbling sounds as well, an indication of the birth of a measurement that will scare people out of their wits!

Finally… it’s time to unveil the mystery! There is always only one measurement!

“Zero… huh? How unfortunate.” Dairo laughed bitterly as he looked at the measurement number.

Thus, another young man crouched beside the depressed Lambert. If the gloomy aura that they emitted were added together, an area of mushrooms could be nurtured from the overcast of their gloominess.

After a short while, another companion joined their sides, and elevated the aura of gloominess to another level.

Number 2, Di Yana got a zero as well.

A beautiful zero.

An absolute zero.

Say… is this place really the [Magic Federation]?

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