Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

“Jie Jie Jie Jie…” Wu De’s entire body trembled as he stared at the electricity that was flickering in front of him, the original face of his has been twisted out of shape. Standing right in front of the examination participants, he couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva known as [fear] when he heard the sizzling sound of electricity.

As he was number one in sequence, he could only accept the cruel reality of being the first to receive the [electrotherapy] in silence.

He hesitated. He had definitely hesitated.

Rather let’s see this from another angle, any sane person will definitely hesitate as well when they are under such circumstances…

Even if he was an annoying and naughty kid, he is different from Lambert. He still had some intelligence.

Now then, as the last person standing at the back of the queue, let me briefly describe the situation at the front.

A stout man towered eight feet tall wearing a garbage-like useless armor, was beckoning with his hand to invite the front most person of the queue to come over to his side. Beside the armored man, a cute creature stood there as well, waiting for her next victim to arrive.

This scene literally resembled an imagery of a butcher luring innocent young sheep to be on their way to the depths of hell.

Furthermore, the iron- black bucket-helmet was turning scarier and scarier with red lights seemingly shining through from within the 3 small holes of the bucket-helmet.

The Lambert now… is literally looking like a maniac killer that appeared frequently in drama shows.

However, even though I’m aware that my turn will eventually come soon, why… why am I feeling such happiness from this?

Ah~ so happy~

So happy~

It will be fine Wu De. Perhaps your disrespectful heart towards the Potato God will be cured after getting some shocks. [Electrotherapy] can cure all kinds of ailments, even the defeated Demon King can be revived with this you know~

Don’t be afraid. Come receive the treatment. You need the treatment.

And then get electrocuted to death… Ah, wrong. And then be rebirth from within the electricity, shitty brat.

However, compared to the team of butchers consisting of Lambert and Kaiser, what makes people more fearful was the person standing behind Wu De.

Obviously, that person is number 2 in the queue, that shitty bro-con — Di Yana.

Although what I saw was simply the back view of her long ponytail, but her imposing vibe could be felt even from the back of the queue. It was as if I saw a shadow belonging to that of an ancient evil god surging around her, giving her the power that could destroy the world.

If I had brought along a battle level scouter, I’ll probably be shouting: her power level is over 9000 billion ahhhhh!” while getting caught in a stellar explosion.

Wah… Bro-con are so scary.

“Wu De… don’t take the test anymore if you are afraid. Your sister will help you to kil… resolve them.” Di Yana whispered. Although the volume of her words was very soft, her words felt like cold, sharp blades sounded in my ears.

Nonono?! Miss Di Yana? Who are you going to resolve? How did you manage to reach the decision of obliterating the S rank adventurers in front of us? Even though receiving [electrotherapy] is a bit too much, but that’s not a sufficient reason for you to kill them right?

Although logically speaking, how could an ordinary human like Di Yana defeat S rank adventurers? But I have a hunch that she is someone that seriously meant what she says and will act upon it.

Bro-cons can destroy the world….

“Jie Jie…” With a resolute face, Wu De shook his head and blocked Di Yana who had already stepped forward by a few steps. (TL’s Note: Jie Jie also sounds like sister in chinese.)

“Are you serious? Wu De…” Di Yana said worryingly, her killing intent has completely disappeared the instant Wu De touched her shoulders.

“……!” Wu De nodded his head. Erasing all his hesitation within him, he smiled and patted Di Yana’s head.

After that, he took firm strides forward, towards the dangerous road of no return.

So… so cool! He is really a great man!

At this moment, even I was conquered by Wu De’s nonchalantly coolness. Looking at his undaunted back, it was as if I saw his grandfather’s image.

That resolute and firm figure… is probably the feeling of what all the man in the world are searching for.

It is exactly identical to a [Hero]!

In order to be a role model for the rest of us, that selflessness sacrifice has made our tears flow.

However, I still cannot forgive the things that you had done to me and the potatoes. My God is not that merciful, and he will not pity blasphemer like you.

“Jie!” With a firm growl, Wu De finished his last mental preparation. He reached out his right hand and faces death unflinchingly.

“Then… I’m going to start now kay?” Kaiser-chan, the second cutest in the world asked timidly while she held Wu De’s palm within her hands.

To be honest, the destructive force of this action and voice is probably a few thousand times higher than the magic – [Electric shock]. It has fully satisfied the lolicons, and had reached the point of where they would say: [I’ve no more regrets in my life!].

After a last deep breath, as if he was cheering on himself and us, Wu De’s turned his back towards us and raised his left hand and thumb.


Not even a second has passed, Wu De’s raised thumb slowly drooped down. However, even with the collapse of his body, Wu De’s smile remained the same.

Similar to the instant of a dying and pretty flower, a giant in the history of human had fallen just like that.

“Magic resistance is zero… huh?” What a pity. Next.” Interrupting this emotional and tearful scene was Lambert who had zero ability of observing his surrounding. He wrote something rapidly, and looked at the number 2 person of the queue – Di Yana.

“Wu De! Your sister will revenge you!” With tears in the corner of her eyes, Di Yana turned her head and walked towards the execution stage after stepping over Wu De corpse (numb body).

Di Yana… Who and why are you revenging your brother? Is this a drama show? Get the director out here, I’m going to have a conversation with him.

Identical to Wu De, Di Yana reached out her right fist and the super adorable squirrel enveloped that demonic fist with her small hands.


After the pikachu-like attack, Di Yana fell to the ground as if it was Déjà vu.

What is pikachu? What the hell am I saying?

“Zero… Next.” Lambert cold heartedly said after he recorded the result.

The children of the village head are…… completely annihilated!

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  1. Wow, finally, at least some small form of catharsis. They should’ve held longer or something and let us imagine their distorting faces. Hell, I wish they peed themselves or something. Damn, I wish they suffered more, but at least it was refreshing. I sure wish I could see them, especially that bitch, Di Yana, being electrocuted.

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