Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 

Rubbing my nose that is bleeding without end after being trampled by Di Yana, I looked at the form in my hands with a face full of resignation.

How troublesome… Do I need to write this again? What is the use for this? Wasn’t the demon king defeated a few years ago? Killed by a hero named something….something….Xi Ya? As matters stand now, is there even a need for me to become an adventurer? Isn’t it good enough for me to be a potato farmer?


But I’ve got no choice. In order to protect myself from getting attacked by that woman anymore, I can only obey the shrew’s demands without any better option.

Seriously, Di Yana…isn’t it good enough just being the village idol? If she didn’t move, didn’t speak, didn’t breathe, just dug a hole in the ground and turned into a potato while staying in the hole, then she would be the world’s cutest girl, right?

What an absolute waste.

If you don’t want to be a potato, there’s always someone in the world that is willing to.

Anyway, for my personal safety, and to prevent myself from getting attacked a second time, I returned to my house and started searching for the charcoal pencil that I conveniently threw somewhere into my house yesterday.

Strange…Why can’t I find the charcoal pencil that I used yesterday in such an empty house.

Thinking that, I sweep the room with my eyes casually at the front door rather than searching for it genuinely.

My house was built randomly using some stones and wooden boards as materials for shelter. It can’t really be called a house. After all, the original design came from a smaller house that I built six years ago by myself when I was thirteen.

The original small house got abandoned when I got taller, and I could not fit inside it anymore. Thus, I built this bigger house beside the original house and use the smaller house as a shed to store the potatoes and my tools.

First, you nail the wooden boards together for a rough structure, then you lay the stones as the exterior wall and finally leave two to three holes to serve as windows. And that’s how I created this small house with two bedrooms and a living room situated at the borders of SaiLouSuo Village.

Continuing the search, I walked around my living room that is stagnant with a slight fishy smell lingering in the air. I checked under the table, laid on the dusty ground and swept my eyes across the living room floor.

Still no sign of the charcoal pencil… Although the dirt on my hands can now be rolled into the shape of a pencil. I tried using it to write, but it disintegrated in my hands.

After having no luck with my search, I pushed open the wooden door of my bedroom. Under the creaking sound when opening the door, I entered the room with only a bed inside.

“Ah, it’s here. Lucky~” I gave a small grin and bent down to pick up the charcoal pencil that is now broken in two. Almost immediately, I escaped the room as the room’s fishy smell started to have an effect on me, making it difficult to breathe.

Indeed, maybe it’s time to clean up the house a bit.

Returning to the pile of potatoes outdoors, I sat at a small, umbrella covered table beside the heap of potatoes and commenced my second time filling in this form.

Let’s be serious this time, otherwise, Di Yana will start to find trouble with me again.

I don’t like to trouble someone else and certainly, don’t like to be troubled myself. I’m what you call a celibatarian (a person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations.), the proud and aloof potato farmer, I only need potatoes at my side.

I have no hard feelings against the villagers, just that I don’t really like to communicate with people.


But there’s always someone trying to disrupt my tranquility.

A sharp pain came from the back of my head and I shifted my gaze to the unidentified object that fell to the ground. It’s a small stone.

Maintaining my posture, I put the charcoal pencil down on the table. Recalling the course of events regarding the stone that was thrown just now, I start to analyze the situation rapidly with my brain.

The place that was hit is situated 1 cm above my right ear. From the appearance of the small stone, one can identify that the object is not made up entirely of stone, it is made up of smaller pieces of stone that got wrapped in dry soil together. The color of the stone is similar to the color of the soil making it difficult to identify where it had landed. Judging by today’s wind direction…a strong north-eastern wind? Those without enough experience have no way to accurately aim at my head, at least a newbie cannot do so, that’s why it can be deduced that the one that threw the stone should be an experienced one. In other words, combining the two elements above, plus this perfect amount of pain that is inflicted on me and the timing of the incident.

I’ve got a verdict.


A second stone landed in the same place, inflicting the same amount of pain to me.

That’s right, I’m positive!

There’s only a person in this village that has trained the skill of [throwing stones at me] to the point of perfection!

“Wu De Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Instantaneously flipping the table over, I charged at the youth behind me while roaring.

The youth is almost the same height as me, with the same pretty face as her sister and reddish brown layered hair dancing with vitality in the wind. Although the youth has a delicate and pretty outer appearance , his personality is the same as his sister.

One that likes to inflict pain on other’s physical body and mind.

I’m very worried about the future of this village.

“JieJieJieJie!” (TN: Wu De laughs in a weird way) Successfully hitting me again, Wu De is laughing like a demon king and making funny faces mocking at me.

[Villager(Level 1) has accepted the challenge issued by Brat(Level 5)!]

[Brat(Level 5) has run away]

[Villager(Level 1) chose to give chase]

[Go forth, O brave villager, the job of defeating the village devil is up to you now!]

Shit! This brat can sure run fast!

“Jiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejiejie!!!!” Wu De accelerated further away while dealing damage to my ear drums and soul.

Hey! This laugh is a bit disgusting, can you stop it.

However, Wu De has no plans to spare my life and continued on with his laughing. “Jiejiejiejiejiejiejiejie!!”

Unexpectedly, due to the act of laughing and running at the same time, his breathing got erratic momentarily.

All right, with this, the distance has reduced, I’ll definitely catch him this time!

Realizing that the situation is unfavorable to him, Wu De immediately uses his trump card. From his mouth, out came only a single word. “Sister!!!”

Having heard the cries of her brother, Di Yana, who was originally a few hundred meters away sweeping up the fallen leaves in front of her house, snapped the broom that was in her hands in half. And with a nasty look, held up the splintered pointy end of the broom and began to charge straight at me.

[Brat (Level 5) has called for companions!]

[Harbinger of Death. The Iron Fist of The World Destroyer Dragon. The Ambassador of Hell (Level 999999999) has joined the battle.]

[Harbinger of Death. The Iron Fist of The World Destroyer Dragon. The Ambassador of Hell (Level 999999999) has equipped a magic sword]

[Harbinger of Death. The Iron Fist of The World Destroyer Dragon. The Ambassador of Hell (Level 999999999) unleashed the certain kill ultimate onto villager (Level 1) Dark Magic Flame Explosion!]

Fast! No… this has already exceeded the speed fast! Isn’t this teleportation? In a moment, the distance of a few hundred meters has already closed in.

Scary! The power of brocon is terrifying!

In a moment, I stopped my steps forward and instead turned the opposite direction to run away, but alas, there came a feeling of a sharp object lodging in between my two butt cheeks at this precise moment.


My chastity for 19 years…

Have you now unable to control your love for me, choose to violate me?

Why… so violent… beast… at least … be gentle.

Damn it… One day I will make you feel the same pain.

My body dropped instantly onto the floor as my HP depleted all the way to 0, however Di Yana had no intention to let me go.

“You punk, what are you trying to do to my cute brother?” A bloodshot eyed Di Yana questioned me while making loud creaking sounds with the joints of her fingers. With a foot stepped on my back, she starts a fire by drilling and twisting the heel of her shoe against my back.

“Jie Jie Jie…” hiding behind Di Yana is Wu De who is continuing laughing as though it doesn’t concern him.

Shoot. Does this guy only know how to make such disgusting laugh? Hurry and make it stop! Take it as me begging you.

Shit…… Wait till I catch you. I’ll make sure to insert you into the ground, becoming the nutrients for potatoes. Especially those devilish hands of yours, I’m going to cut them off and decorate my house.

Although I don’t think it’s my fault, but the God of Potatoes has once told me. “If there’s an intimating guy attacking you, apologize and be his grandson. (TN: Chinese way of abandoning dignity) A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him.

Therefore, I used my most humbling voice and beg for forgiveness. “I’m sorry, please have mercy.”

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