Potatoes are the only thing that’s needed in this world! Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

“Heh heh heh… It has been so long since I met a strong foe like you…” The black hair armored man snorted. Wearing his chipped helmet and dark blue armor, putting his hand on his cheek that was just healed by the magician girl.

“Xiao ge! I did not expect that you are this strong~ before that when I was rubbing your oppai, I assumed that you are a weakling, but you were only hiding your real strength.” Lei Yi circled around my side, her canine tooth excluding dazzling lights under her hearty smile, a little more and it would be enough to blind my eyes.

“Indeed, I can only say that the experts are hiding among the ordinary folks ah.” The golden hair gunslinger nodded his head as he patted my shoulder. “The next time you are beating Lambert, remember to call me along.”

Who is Lambert… Is it the blasphemer armored guy?

“Wu…” However, only the petite magician wore a frightened expression as she hid behind the gunslinger.

“I got surprised too, Fo Mu, I always thought you were just an ordinary villager, but [White Magic Race] is really powerful.” Even Di Yana was shocked and naively assume that this was due to the power of my race.

Nonono… There’s nothing special about the White Magic Race except the trait of [Consume Magic] and the pale white outer appearance.

“Jie Jie!” Wu De is still making the [Jie] sound, but I have no idea the meaning of this sentence along with his suave expression.

I was bombarded by praises coming from the people surrounding me, My value in their heart was also rising exponentially.


This… What is this situation ah… How did I become a hidden boss character?

Cold sweats were flowing down, my mouth slightly opened, I stared at the blood-stained potato in my hand without any knowledge of what had happened.

All right… Let’s reorganize my thoughts.

In short, I was enraged by the fact that the armored man stepped onto my potato field, sprouted some sort of [If there’s enough faith, I will be invincible]  bullshit, like some subconscious psychological suggestion, unlimited power flowed into me.

Afterward, I defeated the S rank adventurer in microseconds? And I even earned a small fortune?

Am… Am I really that strong? Did I obtain some Overpowered buff and instantly become some Long Ao Tian character? (Long Ao Tian is the male version of Mary Sue character in novels)

I swallowed my saliva, in order to verify my hypothesis, with my trembling mouth, I said the words that I usually would not say courageously: “Wu De, you are an id…”

However, before I could even make out the word fully, I discovered that the world in my point of view had been overturned and spinning at a rapid rate.

A palm struck me from an unknown direction, making me spin like a human windmill. I was spun in the air for 7200 degrees, almost leaving the ozone layer and finally got pulled towards the ground by gravity, my head impaled to the ground.

“What did you say just now…” Di Yana that has now transformed into a demon was now releasing killing intent as if to totally eliminate my existence in this world, to flush me into the sea after cremating me into ashes.

“I was wrong! I read the wrong name, I wanted to say: Fa Mu, you are the idiot.” By now, I have already entered into the base sliding kneeling style, completely abandoning my dignity. (To kneel so fast that he was sliding on the ground as if playing baseball) After all, in order for me to continue my happiness life with the potatoes, this amount of dignity is worth nothing.

If I have the strength to crush a S rank warrior, then isn’t Di Yana that could crush me already the strongest living creature in this world?

No… or was it because of my bullshit theory where the [Faith] of Di Yana’s brocon is too powerful that she could obtain these unlimited strength?

Never mind… The conclusion is, I did not become any stronger.

It’s just because I had used the [Release Magic] of the White Magic Race that I had so much power.

“Tell me your name! O villager!” The armored man that had lost his helmet said proudly, calling me to stand up from my pitiful state. A moment ago, he was getting beaten so terribly, and now he could still maintain this kind of attitude, how worthy of an S rank idiot.

“… I’m called Fa’mu. potato.” I replied coldly with an irritated attitude. “By the way, can you…”

“Oh I see! You are Folande?” The armored man raised the corner of his mouth, he brushed his black long hair and interrupted without any intention in hearing my words.

I had enough!

Are the three of you one cohort, to bully me? Is my name that difficult to remember? I can overlook that it got changed from the initial Fo Mu, after all there’s still some resemblance between the two names. I can also overlook that it got further changed to Fo La, as Lei Yi got misled by Di Yana.

However! I can’t tolerate you, the idiot, what is the meaning that you remembered wrongly after just hearing from me? Do you want to get beaten by me again? Even though I may not win you this time, but I will risk my life to fight you!

“Heh heh… listen carefully now, “I am Lambert Stevecia Lancelot, the son of [Stevecia] the hero that killed the Demon King. I am also the leader of the [S rank] adventurer squad——[Demonic sword of Fallen Abyss. Dangerous Thunder Warrior. Impact that shattered Heaven and Earth!]. Occupation is [Warrior], also known to some as [Berserker of dark blue lightning blade], and also I am the head protector of the [Mountain Kingdom], responsible in training the adventurers and soldiers combat power. I am twenty three years old this year, the things I like are darkness and cramped! If it’s possible, I will like that you can call me [Blue lightning King of the Black Steel], if not you can also call me…”

“It’s too long ah!” I howled and threw the blood-stained potato at him.

“Wuah! Wait… wait a minute! I’m almost done, it will end in 47 more sentences!” The armored man blocked his face, and said tearfully.

“Who would want to hear this kind of crap? Go and tell these to the weeds. But before that… get out from my old house!”

I rushed into my small house that was built 6 years ago. attempting to pull out Lambert that was now the same as a hermit crab, hiding inside my house from before.

“Wait…wait! Are you trying to kill me? If you pull me into the sunlight, I will surely die okay? I am one of those indoor sect that cannot be under direct sunlight and outdoor air okay? This is the real reason I wear armor, and now that my helmet is smashed, wouldn’t I be exposed under the sunlight if I go out now?” Lambert lied flat on the ground, and is determined not coming out from my grave-sized house no matter what.

“Huh? Are you a vampire? What’s so scary about the sunlight?” I asked, tentatively. No matter how I see it, I could not imagine that this man belong to that category of creature.

“No, I am a normal human, but the sun is the enemy, if possible please ask it to go die!”

“Why are you suddenly saying these kind of anti-human things? If you are normal, then come out right now!” I angrily shouted, but even after using all my strength, the armored man did not budge for a bit.

Shit! Is the strength of this guy really this strong? Why couldn’t I sense it just now?!

How frightening, the obsession of a indoor sect neet is really terrifying.

Is this also the power of faith…

“Wait…wait, the outside world is really scary! Don’t force me out! Before my helmet is repaired, I will not take a step away from this place!” With tears flowing from the corner of his eyes, Lambert that has already lost any pride of an S rank warrior has made his declaration of living here permanently.

Shit! Are you guys intentionally gathered into my house to annoy me? When did my house become a popular attraction for parties? Will the village committee also come to my house later? Don’t tell me If I set up a toll, I can live my days with the toll money without worrying about money anymore?

“It’s no use~ Xiao ge, our idiot leader is this kind of pattern. Once he loses his helmet, his combat power instantly becomes zero~ Clearly before, against the dragon breath of the huge dragon, he had no pressure…” Lei Yi smiled bitterly, from the looks of it, she had some hardship because of this.


Clearly an S rank warrior, but why are you so troublesome?

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