Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’ Chapter 3

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 Chapter 3 – Deal with the High Ranking Village Women, Educate the Buns

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The bowl of dark black paste, they say that it’s flour paste, but it was almost as thick as water. As soon as his chopsticks entered, it couldn’t pick up anything. This was the dinner for these three father and sons. No, it should be breakfast right? Poor families in ancient times only ate two meals. Seeing the little bun, he reckoned they had not eaten yet today. Otherwise they would not be eating in the afternoon.

Flour Paste with Sweet Potatoes

Lowering his head to see the pieces of sweet potato in his own bowl, then looking at the little buns eating with gusto, Ling Jingxuan’s heart was slightly moved. Picking up a sweet potato he put it in Xiao Wu’s bowl. 

“Thank you Daddy! Eat well!” 

Ling Wu’s pair of eyes turned into happy crescent moons. It was only one piece of sweet potato. 

“Xiao Wen also…”

“I don’t want it. I already have enough. You eat it Daddy. Grandma said we have no money to buy meat to supplement our bodies. At the very least, you must eat your fill.”

Just as Ling Jingxuan’s chopsticks were extended towards Ling Wen, the little bun used his hands to cover his bowl and moved further away. His little sharp eyebrows creased. 

Is this what it was like to feel both moved and distressed? 

Big steamed bun was becoming more mature and sensible, and his heart felt even more unhappy. He wished he could immediately take them to the plentiful ocean to eat various foods. But it could only be a wish… this family was really not an ordinary kind of poor. Even if he didn’t carefully examine everything, he could still guess. He reckoned that this watery and tasteless black flour paste was their everyday staple. He was afraid that even this was difficult to maintain.

“Then Daddy will eat it himself. Xiao Wen, do we have a well?”

Enduring his quickly approaching tears, Ling Jingxuan also did not continue to worry. Picking up the bowl to eat, he also asked this question.

“How would it be possible to have? It is very expensive to get someone to dig a well.” 

Big steamed bun automatically responded. Immediately afterwards, he looked oddly at Ling Jingxuan. “Daddy, how could you forget that we don’t have a well.” 

“Hehe, wasn’t Dad muddle headed these past few years. There are many things I forgot. Then what do we do for drinking water?” 

If he couldn’t even deal with the little buns, Ling Jingxuan would really be useless.

“Oh, our drinking water is carried from the river by Grandma or Grandpa.”

In the end, they were still 4 year old children. Even if they were smart and mature, they would not be able to sense the loopholes in Ling Jingxuan’s words. Ling Wen who felt that he got a logical answer did not pursue the matter.


It seems that this family was not just limited to being poor. Even drinking water was difficult. No wonder he and the two buns were filthy. Originally, he thought that he would have some energy after eating to give them a bath and clean up the house. Now it seemed that wouldn’t work. This body was too weak. In addition he was unconscious for a few days. Don’t even talk about bringing water back, not falling into the river was already pretty good. After they made some money, the first thing they were going to do was solve the water problem. A secret doctor was still a doctor. Even if he did not have an obsession with hygiene, he also did not like being completely dirty. 

“Eat quickly. After we’re done eating, take me to the river.” 

Since they didn’t have water at home to clean, then why not just go to the river? It’s a small world, he still did not believe that taking a bath would be so hard. 


Bang bang!

“Ling Jingxuan! You shameless monster! Come out for this woman! You dare to hit my family’s child, this woman will fight with you,  Ling Jingxuan…”

The two little buns did not have time to say anything when there was noise of the door being kicked outside followed closely by a vulgar woman’s yelling. The smiling expression on the little buns suddenly disappeared. Ling Wu’s little body began to tremble and he instinctively leaned in closer to Ling Jingxuan. Ling Wen awkwardly looked at his daddy then his little brother. In 2-3 gulps, Ling Jingxuan finished the contents of the bowl, got up and walked over to the door. 

“Don’t be afraid, come with Daddy to see.” 

Eyes full of warmth suddenly turned cold, Ling Jingxuan led the little buns out. 

“Come out! You little bastard..”


At the entrance, Ling Wen opened the crumbling wooden door and was slapped by a woman wearing coarse clothing. The weak and thin body fell backwards a few paces and Ling Wen landed on his butt. The woman did not even see the little bun she made fly. Bringing a half grown youth with her, she barged inside. 

Ling Jingxuan who was leading his little son saw this scene. He coldy glanced at the married woman and tugged along Ling Wu, taking big strides towards Ling Wen who was struggling to stand up and resisting his tears.

“Ling Jingxuan you shameless son of a bitch. You even dare to hit my son, this old woman will fight you!” 

Seeing Ling Jingxuan, the married woman rolled up her sleeves and charged over. Raising her hand she wanted to give him a slap, but Ling Jingxuan was not the Ling Jingxuan of the past. Would he allow her to beat and scold him? He lifted his left hand and accurately caught her little arm. His cold and terrifying gaze landed on her. “Beat it!” 

The unreasonable woman clearly did not think that Ling Jingxuan would dare to strike back. She couldn’t help but be dumbfounded and froze. Ling Jingxuan used the opportunity to lightly push her and she tumbled over like a leaf.

“Ahhhh oh my god…”

Disregarding the married woman’s uttered cries of anguish, Ling Jingxuan walked over and squatted in front of the big bun. He held his wrist and felt his pulse, carefully inspecting his body. When he noticed his red and swollen cheeks, an aura of death suddenly pressed down on the surrounding people. Damn it, she actually dared to use such a heavy hand against a 4-5 year old child. 

“Brother, does it hurt?” 

On the side, the little bun with a faltering tear stretched out his hand to touch his brother’s red and swollen face. His fingers pressed down gently and left behind a gold pearl that slowly faded from his brother’s cheek. 

“It doesn’t hurt, Daddy. I’m fine. She is the big bully’s mother. The person you pulled last time. These past few days she comes everyday to yell. Fortunately Grandma managed to find time to come over everyday..”

Two little cheeks had swelled up like a steamed bun, it wasn’t possible that it didn’t hurt. The big bun that was trying to resist his tears rubbed his younger brother’s head, turned around and inarticulately reported the identity of the woman. Not waiting for him to finish talking, Ling Jingxuan, feeling distressed, pulled him into his embrace. “If it hurts, just cry. Daddy will protect you.” 

“Wu wu… Dad….Daddy…”

The little body became stiff. Soon after, two long and thin arms wrapped around his neck. The big bun couldn’t help but bawl into his neck.


The little bun who saw this also leaned over. Ling Jingxuan lifted his arm to embrace him and let both children cry into his chest. From the bottom of his heart, he couldn’t help but vow to himself. This would be the last time. From now on he wouldn’t let anyone touch a hair on their bodies. 

In less than an hour, Ling Jingxuan did not accept his present status. From the bottom of his heart he would treat these two little buns as his own biological sons. 

“Lousy bastard, shameless monster, you actually dare…”

The woman who had previously barged through the door finally managed to recover her spirit. With a hand on her hip, she pointed at the father and son trio and shouted abuse. It was extremely vulgar and vicious. On the side, the half grown youth arrogantly laughed with a snobbish appearance. The little bun hidden in Ling Jingxuan’s embrace stiffened. Ling Wu buried himself deeper into his chest. Ling Wen rubbed his tears, and prepared to help his father say words, but was pulled back by Ling Jingxuan. 

“This kind of problem, just let Daddy handle it.”

Ignoring the vulgar woman attempting to make a scene, Ling Jingxuan met Big Bun’s confused expression. He extended his hand and flicked his forehead. When his line of vision shifted to the woman, the tender and pamper feeling instantly disappeared thoroughly. It was replaced by a dark bone-chilly aura.

The swearing women couldn’t help but be terrified. Her body reflected the mood and shivered. Isn’t Ling Jingxuan stupid? How come the idiot’s expression is this frightening? 

“Don’t make me say it a third time, beat it!” 

Each word was like a piece of hail that froze people. His many years of assassinations was accumulated in this deathly aura. Could an average person be able to resist it? 

The woman was frightened and stepped back a few paces. She stepped back until she bumped into her son then squared her shoulders and continued to curse, “What, you shameless monster, still dare to raise a hand and hit me?  Don’t think this old lady won’t drown you? An adult man doesn’t even know which wild man gave him a big belly, and gave birth to two little bastards. You still want to keep your face? You don’t mind losing face, but this old lady is embarrassed for you. At that time I wanted you to find a sturdy tree trunk and hang yourself. You fucking simply threw away our Ling family village’s face. Fucking die you monster…”

Pa pa pa …

The more the course clothing wearing woman cursed, the more she blurted out without thinking and picked even more ugly words. Ling Jingxuan pulled the two children behind him and patted Ling Wen’s shoulder to signal him to watch his brother. Then his thin and frail body suddenly charged at the woman. With one hand he grabbed her collar, and with the other he continuously gave her a few big slaps. He hit the woman so abruptly that she didn’t even think of fighting back and her black cheeks turned puffy. 

“Ah ah…”

When the woman’s mouth began to leak out blood, Ling Jingxuan coldy cast her aside. The woman’s cheeks were very swollen. Finger shaking she pointed at him. No words could be said. She could only make an “ah ah ah” sound, eyes wide with fear.

Evil people must be worn down by evil people. These village women seem to be rude and unreasonable. In fact, every one of them were bullies. One only need to be more ruthless than her, then she won’t dare to come provoke you again.

“Beat it! Don’t let me see you anymore, otherwise if I see you once I’ll hit you once. Also you, take your mother out of my house. If I find out you’re still bullying my family’s little buns, I will take your damned life!”

Returning the little buns to the front, Ling Jingxuan coldly said this. Having come from the 21st century, he had no problems hitting women. Dare to move against his sons, just a few slaps was still counted as going easy on her.

“Yes yes yes..”

“Wu wu..”

The half grown youth looked to be around 10 years old at max. Seeing Ling Jingxuan was unexpectedly this ruthless, he no longer dared to throw around his weight. He pulled his swollen like a pig mother and ran out. Just now, he had suddenly realized, that monster seemed like he really was going to kill him. Too frightening!

“Wa.. Daddy you’re so great. You drove out the bad woman and the big bully!”

The little bun swept away his previous eyes brimming with tears, rushed in front of Ling Jingxuan and held onto his leg, excitedly jumping and bouncing, helping his family’s father put on a tall paper hat(1). Ling Wen who was by his side with a half swollen face was more introverted, but seeing Ling Jingxuan’s eyes, he still exaggeratedly worshipped him. Everyone says a father is a mountain in a child’s heart. Although they had never experienced it before, but at this moment, from the bottom of their hearts they trusted and worshipped their Daddy.

“Little Buns remember, people are good at being bullied. You guys before would be bullied by others because you were too weak and gave people a reason to bully you. From now on, Daddy will teach you guys some simple self defence techniques. I’d rather us bully the world, than allow people under the heavens to cheat us.”

Squatting down he pulled both children to him. Ling Jingxuan lovingly touched the big bun’s face as he strictly enforced his words. It didn’t matter if the children didn’t understand, he still needed to tell them. If you don’t attack me, I won’t attack you. If you come to attack us, I will definitely kill you! This was the principle that he kept from his past experiences. In this life, it was not going to change. 


Two little buns nodded their heads together. Even though they didn’t fully understand his meaning, but they knew, whatever Daddy says is correct.

“Hehe… ok, I’m going to find some clothes to change into. You guys go find a wooden pail. We will all go to the river to clean ourselves.” 

Dotingly flicked both their foreheads, Ling Jingxuan stood up and looked at the low mud walls surrounding the little yard. It was a large area but there was nothing. One word: Poor! Two words: Very poor! Three words: Very very poor! Four words: Only four bare walls (2)


Two little buns ran towards a thatched shed beside the thatched hut. It was probably the kitchen. Ling Jingxuan shook his head and decided that for the moment he did not care about the inside of the house. First clean their bodies then talk. He also was thinking about looking to see if there were any inflammation herbs along the way. Big bun’s face was swollen to that degree and right now it was one of the three hottest periods of the year. If they didn’t carefully take care of it, he was afraid that it would inflame and discharge pus. 

The first day he passed through he was beaten into a coma for a few days. It was very difficult to regain consciousness. Ling Jingxuan, a 21st century international secret doctor and assassin, had enough miserable pits. The only joy was that he had two little adorable buns. Even if later both the little buns abused him, at least right now, he was satisfied. 


  1. Tall paper hat: It’s not a Chinese idiom or anything. But if anyone was confused, its not a real hat. It’s a figure of speech for overpraising someone.
  2. Four bare walls: the idiom used is 4 words but the actual English meaning is longer than four words so I just used ‘four bare walls’. The actual idioms means ‘to have nothing but bare walls’. It just means that you’re super poor. 


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Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’ Chapter 3
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