Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

After Yang Yue’s confession that night, she never appeared in front of Zi Moyan again. Even if they happened to encounter each other, Yang Yue would hurriedly walk away and hide.

Actually, he didn’t mind this behavior very much. After all, it is impossible for them to be together, so it is better for her to let go of her feelings.

“Master.” A black shadow flashed by. Black Eagle appeared in Zi Moyan’s room, interrupting his train of thoughts.

Zi Moyan exited his pondering state, his face once again becoming cold and ruthless. He knew that if Black Eagle was able to appear here now, then the assigned task must be close to completion, or already completed With Black Eagle’s proud personality, he would only come if it was so.

“The arranged tasks have all been completed?”

“Yes.” Black Eagle said in a low voice. “I have already found the place you wanted to find.”

In his heart, he was secretly glad. Although he had found the place, he had almost lost his life. However, the emperor had employed new people, allowing him to find the place, thankfully not causing him to let down the expectations of his master!

“Take me there right now.”

“Yes!” Black Eagle was very excited, since he didn’t miss the hint of approval that flashed through his master’s eyes. To be able to receive his master’s appreciation, even if it was just a glance, was good enough!

With Black Eagle leading the way, Zi Moyan arrived at the designated place. Plum blossoms lined the pathway, with petals dancing in the wind. It was like a painting, its beauty unlike the human world. Clearly, it was part of the rest of the terrain, yet it was completely unaffected by the flood, as if it was isolated from the world.

Zi Moyan looked upon the incredible beauty of nature before him, and even his icy heart couldn’t help but warm up a little,  his mood improving by quite a bit. He sighed, it seems like the source of the plum blossoms was this.

The two people walked to the end, and a cave appeared in their sights. Fog was billowing out of the cave, rolling along the surface of the ground. It looked like a fairyland.

“Master, is this the place you wanted to find?”

“En, correct.” Zi Moyan nodded his head. It seemed like the place in the painting really did exist. The painting was copied off of Wo Buren’s. When he was in the capital city, he discovered that Wo Buren had been sending people to go find the place that the painting was modeled after. After he sent his own subordinates to investigate, he found that there was a mystical artifact located in Yanyang City. There were quite a few forces seeking the artifact. It is said that there was an artifact located in the Long Lin Empire too, allowing them to directly claim and use it.

He, as a modern twenty first century man, didn’t believe in ghosts and the supernatural; however, he also won’t let Wo Buren reach his intended goals!

He had to find the place first, to learn what exactly Wo Buren was trying to achieve!

“Go in then.”


The two people neared the cave. In an instant, a white light flashed by, and countless arrows were shot at the two from inside the cave.

Black Eagle was shocked, and hurriedly, moved Zi Moyan behind him: “Master, be careful!”

Black Eagle pulled out his sword and did his best to block the incoming feather arrows. However, since there was just too many arrows, and the speed at which they were being shot was also increasing, he ended up getting hit by one and blacked out.

“Black Eagle!” He lowered his body and performed a check up. It turned out that each of the feathers was coated with a strong anesthetic. It looks like Black Eagle had only fainted, and that there was no danger to his life. After learning about the situation, Zi Moyan let out a sigh of relief.

He looked coldly at the huge cave. There were numerous entrances, too many to be counted. Each entrance was blocked by locked doors, with small holes peppered throughout. The arrows had been shot through those holes!

Zi Moyan never thought that there would be such an impressive mechanism in the cave. Looking at it, it seems like the mechanism had been laid out for a long time already. He and Black Eagle had trespassed these grounds, causing the mechanism to activate.


Some little details and plot points in this chapter were mentioned earlier on in the novel, so you might have to flip through a bit if you forgot. Hope you enjoyed!

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