Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Wedding Banquet

When the arrogantly willful Eldest Miss saw her father, the Prime Minister, she immediately became an obedient little girl. She then gently curtsied towards Zi Haotian. “Father.”

Zi Haotian gave a cold hmph. “I can hear your voice even from afar. Are you harassing another servant again? Since you’re going to be Huangfei soon, you must learn to be virtuous!”

Zi Xihan twitched her mouth, sending a harsh glare at Zhou Jiahan before saying, “I understand, Father. It won’t happen again next time!”

It was only now that Zi Haotian took notice of Zhou Jiahan. He didn’t know why, but he felt this child was especially familiar. “What’s your name?”

Zhou Jiahan glanced at him somewhat mockingly before she answered lightly, “Zi Moyan.”

Three characters, no more no less, carried a trace of indistinct detachment.

ZI Haotian was somewhat surprised when he heard this name. “You’re Zi Moyan?” He looked Zhou Jiahan up and down. “Nichang’s son?”

So many years have passed, he had almost forgotten about this child’s existence.

Yu Nichang, who was as clear as ice and clean as jade, was his late wife.

Zi Xihan was also very surprised when she heard the name, but then a trace disdain flitted through her eyes. “Father, did Mother really give birth to him? Just look at how shabbily he is dressed!” Her tone was filled with contempt towards Zi Moyan when she questioned Zi Haotian.

Zo Haotian stared at Zhou Jiahan tightly and couldn’t help but think that she was really similar to Yu Nichang in appearance.

“He is indeed Madam Yu’s son.” He confirmed afterwards in a serious voice.

After Nichang died, he never had cared for this child. Looking at how pitiful he appeared, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of unbearable guilt in his heart.

Madam Yu? The deceased wife of the Prime Minister?

Zi Xihan looked Zhou Jiahan up and down with incredulity. She didn’t think that this shabby-looking youth was actually her younger brother she had yet to meet.

“Is there anything else? If not, then I’ll leave first.” Zhou Jiahan wanted to leave, she didn’t have time to play with them when she was anxiously trying to find an escape out right now.

Zi Haotian promptly blocked her and said with a face filled with endearment, “Yan’er, since you already came, then come have lunch with us.”

“No need.” Zhou Jiahan straightforwardly refused, not giving the Prime Minister the slightest bit of face as she left without looking back.

Instead of getting angry at Zhou Jiahan, Zi Haotian stared other’s retreating back thoughtfully. The aura that this child displayed was comparable to those lofty nobles’ icy arrogance. They were the ones who stood high above everyone else, grasping people’s life and death in the palm of their hands.

This kind of temperament wasn’t something ordinary children could possess. This son of his was definitely not among this category!

On the day of Zi Xihan’s wedding, Zi Moyan, being the Second Young Master of the Zi residence, was also called to main lobby to receive guests.

Early in the morning, a servant girl sent over a set of luxurious clothes. It was light purple in color, and when it was worn by Zhou Jiahan, her cold temperament even added a trace of nobility about her.

She looked at the elegant youth in the mirror and decided that since she been reborn this time, she will cherish this new life of hers.

From now on, there won’t be a Zhou Jiahan, only a Zi Moyan. And her past life will be no more than clouds of smoke disappearing in the sky.

Zi Moyan, I will continue to live on in your place. I’ll let all those who looked down on you and bullied you, pay the price for what they’ve done!

When Zi Moyan arrived at the main hall, it was already filled with people sitting down. Once Zi Haotian saw Zi Moyan from where he sat in the main seat, he immediately beckoned her over with a gesture of his hand.

In response to this, Zi Moyan unhurriedly headed towards the center of banquet. Those who sat here were all influential court officials, each and every one of them held significant authority in their hands.

Although Zi Moyan was young, she did not show any fear in front of people. Instead, with her calm and lofty demeanor, it made people feel as if they were in the presence of a king.

At this time, the people in the main hall all quieted down with all their attention being drawn to the stunning youth that had sudden made an appearance.

They all gasped in surprised, there was actually such a good-looking youth in this world.

Of course, they were not only surprised by the appearance of this youth, but more at the fact that they had sudden impulse of wanting to submit when they saw him. This kind of feeling was something that they only perceive on current emperor, Emperor Chen’s person!

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  1. Kind of surprised Zhou Jiahan didn’t have any last thoughts for her little sister. I mean, her transmigration is a done deal, but her past feelings that led to her death evaporated just like that?

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