Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Probing

Liu De had followed by the Emperor’s side for many years, so when he saw that the latter had calmed down, he hurriedly prostrated and begged for leniency like the cunning old fox that he was. “Your Majesty, perhaps Prime Minister Zi might not have been too clear on what kind of place the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion is, so he was bewitched and lured. It’s a good thing that the His Excellency had only did a bit of an exchange. Your Majesty, considering this was Minister Zi’s first offense, you should forgive His Excellency this one time.”

Seeing that Liu De was giving him a way out of the embarrassing situation, Murong Tianchen would obviously following along. “There are some sense in what Liu De said. Yan’er, considering this was your first offense and not knowing things, zhen will not pursue your crimes. Just don’t go to take Lingering Fragrance Pavilion again, understand? And you’re not to see that Miss Beauty a second time!”

His heart was beating nervously because although nothing happened between Yan’er and the First Miss Beauty, he couldn’t guarantee that Yan’er would not have any feelings towards that Miss Beauty when they meet again.

When he thought to this point, his previous anxiety started to come back and his pitched-black eyes sunk.

Zi Moyan was seldom obedient as she cleverly nodded her head. “En, there won’t be a next time.”

He knew that he couldn’t be anxious and he didn’t want to scare Zi Moyan either, so Murong Tianchen forcibly suppressed the anxiety within his heart and signaled to Liu De with a look.

Liu De instantly knew what the Emperor meant. He pulled out the chair by the Emperor’s side and smiled servilely at Zi Moyan. “Prime Minister Zi, come sit down and eat, the food will get cold.”

After Zi Moyan sat down, she and Murong Tianchen taciturnly started to eat.

The times that the two of them ate together were few, but this was time was the most silent and most stifling one…

Murong Tianchen still wore a cold face while Zi Moyan was expressionless as well. Unlike the past, Murong Tianchen didn’t considerately place food for Zi Moyan this time. During this dinner, other than silence, there was silence.

Seeing the situation, Liu De understood that there was still a knot in the Emperor’s heart, so the latter’s mood obviously wouldn’t be any better off. He was afraid that it might be because of that First Miss Beauty. Since it was like so, why wouldn’t he help the Emperor resolve this issue?

This way, he would have it easy in his future days as well. If not, when this Prime Minister is absent, in addition to this knot, he could already imagine his days as adding frost on snow!

However, there would also be risks if he does this because if Zi Moyan really does have that itsy-bitsy bit of interest towards the First Miss Beauty, then he wouldn’t be simply adding frost to ice!

As the Emperor’s personal eunuch, he naturally put his Master first, so he was willing to be the test subject.

Right now, he could only silently pray that this great Prime Minister, by all means, didn’t have any thoughts towards that Miss Beauty!

“Prime Minister Zi,” Liu De was dripping in sweat on the inside while he lightly laughed to break the impasse. “This servant has heard of the First Miss Beauty’s name, but had no opportunity to meet her. This servant wonders if Your Excellency has any thoughts regarding this Miss Beauty?”

Hearing Liu De, Murong Tianchen’s hands involuntarily tightened into fists. His gloomy eyes locked tightly onto the leisurely and content little person, his eyes containing ice-cold killing intent.

If Zi Moyan did like that Miss Beauty, then perhaps he really would kill said person so as to cut off Zi Moyan’s feelings.

Zi Moyan, on the other hand, was rather puzzled by Liu De’s question when she heard it. Why was this Liu De interested in the First Miss Beauty? He’s already a castrated man, wouldn’t it make more sense for him not to have interest towards the Miss Beauty?

She turned her head, sparing a glance at the expressionless Murong Tianchen, and understanding flickered across her mind. Could it be that it was him that was interested in that Miss Beauty, but was inconvenient for him to bring it up?

Since it was like this and if he likes her, what’s the harm in giving the person to him? Although this Yue Lengxin was one of her subordinates, but she was more than happy to see her find a good home.

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