Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Eating Dinner Together

It was just in time to eat, but right when Zi Moyan lifted her chopsticks to picked up a piece of meat and was about to put it in her mouth, Lui De’s sharp cry came from the door and soaring through the clouds. “Young Master Zi, have mercy on your mouth!!”

Due to being startled, her hand shook, causing the piece of meat to fall onto the table.

“Eunuch Liu,” Zi Moyan turned her head, seeing one clamoring Liu De running in.. She put down her chopsticks, asking indifferently, “Are you here for business?”

She really couldn’t find any reason other than there was something of the matter with the Emperor for Liu De to come here at dinner time — and through the trouble of rushing to find her at that.

After Liu De told a little Palace eunuch to go to the Imperial Kitchen to convey the Emperor’s order, he immediately scrambled to run to this Prime Minister’s residence. It was just because he was afraid that after Prime Minister Zi ate, the Emperor would no longer have the means to dine together with Zi Moyan.

With Minister Zi’s personality, he wasn’t even scared of the Emperor. If he were to really eat, then he wouldn’t pretend he hadn’t, so as to go dine with the Emperor.

The Emperor would be even more unhappy in his heart if that happens, and the consequences would be even more severe — perhaps he might not even be able to keep his head.

This was why he had been so emotional when he saw Zi Moyan using the chopsticks.

He was out of breath, this trip was honestly going to cause him this pitiful life. After catching his breath, he hurriedly spoke: “Prime Minister Zi, His Majesty wish to invite you to go have dinner together with him right now.”

“Alright,” Zi Moyan had wanted to decline at first, since the dishes were already prepare and it would be a waste not eating them. However, when she thought about the fact that she’d to leave for Yan Yang City tomorrow, she felt that this would be a good time to go bid him goodbye. “Then let’s go to the Palace.”

“Let’s go, let’s go,” Liu De vigorously bobbed his head. “We shouldn’t let His Majesty wait too long.”

Arriving at the Resting Hall, Zi Moyan saw a table of food — and it was all of her favorites too.

The man donned in bright golden robes had long since sat on the master seat waiting for her, but that certain person’s face was extremely unpleasant!

Zi Moyan gave to his side, slightly bowing in greeting. “This Subject gives greeting to Your Majesty.”

Murong Tianchen didn’t kindly help her up like before, but started to interrogate coldly: “Where did you go today? What kind of things did you do?”

Zi Moyan instantly understood that this Emperor should’ve gotten the news that she went to a brothel, and hence, the reason for him to be this furious. Since it was like so, she didn’t need to hide anything.

Her expression did not change as she answered insipidly: “This Subject visited the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion and met with the First Miss Beauty.”

Although Murong Tianchen had prepared his heart and was also cleared about the whole sequence of events, but to hear it Moyan saying it personally was an entirely different story.

The anger that was suppressed at first skyrocketed in the next second. “Does the Prime Minister know what kind of place is this Lingering Fragrance Pavilion? You, as the country’s Prime Minister, did not only not set a good example, but have also went to that kind of degrading place! Do you know of your crime?!”

The Emperor’s thunder scared other people to the point of all kneeling down. Even Lui De had did the same, his little heart palpitating nonstop.

However, this was also the first time he saw the Emperor this furiously shouting at Young Master Zi. Moreover, the latter was being criticized violently and it made Liu De suffer bitterly in his heart.

Oh great Prime Minister, can you just speak a few good words? If not, then there would be no more justice in the world for this servant in the future……

Zi Moyan’s good-looking brows knitted. She completely did not expect the other to be this furious. “Your Majesty, nothing happened between this Subject and that Miss Beauty. She merely put on a performance briefly showcasing her talents for this Subject, is all.”

When Murong Tianchen heard the first half, half of his fury dissipate in an instant. What he cared about wasn’t Zi Moyan, as a Prime Minister, inaptly going to that place.

What he cared about even more was that he didn’t want any other person touching his irreproachable Yan’er. He also hoped that Yan’er didn’t take fancy anyone else!

Once he thought that his Yan’er might engage in the most intimate contact with another woman, he hate not being able to destroy that Linger Fragrance and chop that woman’s body into thousands of pieces!

He wanted to snap Yan’er wings, to let latter stay by his side forever, not letting him even half a step.

If it was like this, then Yan’er might never accept him, would he?

This conflicting feeling had always tormented him until he’d heard Yan’er words a moment ago. It was like the dark cloud hanging over his head had finally disperse.

His mood immediately became better because he understood Yan’er character very clearly. If the latter said nothing happened, then nothing happened.

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