Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – The Emperor Got Jealous

Within the Diligent Hall, Murong Tianchen was currently listening to the two black robed people reporting Wo Buren’s recent activities.

“Master, Wo Buren have been extremely quiet recently, no signs of activities whatsoever. And other than the meeting with that green robed woman on that day, there were any other personage eventer the Wo residence.”

“Oh? Have any of you investigated the identity of that woman?”

“There weren’t any results. The green robe woman has a high level of martial arts that she had threw us off before we could even follow her back to her residence.” The black clothed man had just finished responding when he felt a burst of chill rising from his heart. This was the forecast of Master getting angry……

Seeing the two people kneeling before him, a harsh light surfaced in Murong Tianchen’s abstruse eyes. “You are all zhen’s carefully selected shadow guards, yet you even lost sight of a girl?”

“Please punish us, Master!”

“Go receive the punishment yourselves,” Murong Tianchen responded coldly. “Next, tell zhen, what the Right Prime Minister has done today?”

The image of that indifferent back surfaced in his mind at this moment, causing his lips to subconsciously curl up and his fathomless eyes to contain an indistinct smile.

The two subordinates shared a look, hesitating.

Murong Tianchen’s heart constricted. Could it be that something has happened to him?

“What’s the matter? What are you two hesitating about?”

“The Right Prime Minister’s elder brother came looking for him today,” The two reported truthfully. “There was also a white robed man with him when they visited the Right Prime Minister’s residence. Shortly after, the three of them we the the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion together. Prime Minister Zi was picked to be the First Miss Beauty’s privileged guest and has also stayed in her room for an entire hour……”

The honest shadow guard narrated Zi Moyan’s movements for today systematically and in full detail, not one word missing.

Eh? As he talked on and on, why does the air feel as though it was like a rock? Its pressure was this close to prevent people from breathing completely!

It was only when the shadow guard lifted his head slightly did he noticed that there were already countless vertical black lines on his Master’s face and his eyes had changed to a deep purple — a terrifying sight.

He was just like the Asura that came from Hell, the surrounding airflow was cold enough to turn people into human-popsicles!

It was the first time that they had seen this kind of Master. It scared the two to the point that both of their legs couldn’t restrain from trembling. If they had only felt a slight chill just earlier, then it was as if they were in an icehouse at this moment — a mortal sense of danger suffocating them.

“Master…… That — um, lastly, Prime Minister Zi and his brother and — and that white robed man, um, went……b-back……”

The two were already completely unable to stand this kind of pressure, their faces were entirely pale.


“Roger! We subordinates will withdraw now.” It was as if the two of them have been relieved of a heavy weight. As they frantically scrambled for the exit, it was the first time that they felt that this ‘scram’ word was this pleasant to the ear.

Liu De, who had been standing on the side, wasn’t feeling any better. He had long since been unable to bear this pressure, his legs flimsy as he knelt. “Your Majesty, this matter has yet to be understood thoroughly! Please calm down!” Liu De has been serving by Murong Tianchen’s side day and night so he couldn’t be more clear of the latter’s thoughts.

Hence, he knew of the reason for the Emperor’s anger.

“How about letting this Servant go invite the Prime Minister into the Palace, to explain?”

Murong Tianchen suppressed the hot white anger in his body with all of his might. He had always carefully guarded him until now, preventing his Yan’er from interacting with any women.

Just fearing for the day that Zi Moyan would fall in love with other another woman. If that time comes, perhaps he really would go insane, unable able to control himself from killing the one Zi Moyan fell in love with.

If he were to really act accordingly, then maybe his Yan’er would never forgive him for the rest of their lives. When he thought up to here, his heart tightened into a ball.

“Go instruct the Imperial Kitchen to make some of Yan’er favorite dishes. After bringing them to the Resting Hall should you go invite Yan’er into the Palace.”

“Yes!” Liu De naturally knew what to do, so he promptly went to prepare.

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