Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – A Lead

Zi Moyan fished out a piece of perfectly pure white jade, a very small ‘Zhou’ character was carved on it. “Just based on this jade, you need to tell me the truth!”

When Yue Lengxin saw that piece of jade, she immediately bolted up with her charming face in alarm. The gaze that she used to looked at Zi Moyan was of zeal and reverence. She fixed up her clothes for a bit, then came to kneel by Zi Moyan’s side. “Moon Spirit Palace ‘s Palace Lord Yue Lengxin pays her respect to Master.”

She absolutely did not expect that the Master that she had only met once four years ago, the Master that she looked up to, would suddenly appear in front of her.

Originally, the upper echelon had said that during the Miss Beauty pageant, she was to select the young Prime Minister of the portrait that the upper echelon had given her to be the privileged guest.

Yet, she completely did not think that it was the Master himself who’d wanted to come, leading to her current lack of manners with clothes not covering her body properly. It was really embarrassing her to death!

Once she saw through Yue Lengxin’s apprehension, Zi Moyan walked through the muslin curtains and sat on the chair that was placed outside, her voice cold as she spoke. “Come out after you change into more suitable clothes.”


After Yue Lengxin tidied the clothes she wore, there was less charm and more dignity therein.

She came to Zi Moyan’s front, kneeling down at the latter’s feet in respect. “Master, may you punish Lengxin’s imprudent behavior just now!”

“It wasn’t your fault for not being in the light of my real identity. You did not know any better, therefore, you cannot be held responsible.” Zi Moyan put the jade back and replied indifferently. “Lengxin, can you now tell me what I want to know?”


An hour passed.

Zi Haoran was burning in anxiousness from waiting. It’s been an hour since Little Brother Mo went upstairs — could there be a problem?

“No good, I need to go up and have a look!”

Compared to Zi Haoran, Yue Ran was naturally more relaxed. He didn’t appeared the least bit worried as he sat there sipping tea and eating pastries.

Seeing Zi Haoran’s edgy expression, Yue Ran couldn’t help but tease: “If Yue Lengxin really did take to Little Brother Mo’s liking, and a fire were to be lit ablaze between the two of them, then even an hour might not necessarily be enough time.”

When Zi Haoran heard Yue Ran’s comment, the stimulating image of Zi Moyan and Yue Lengxin floated up in his mind. His handsome face reddened through and through. “Little Brother isn’t like that!”

Just as Zi Haoran was conflicted as whether to go look for Zi Moyan, there came the sound of the door to third floor opening up. Zi Haoran promptly charged up right on time to see Zi Moyan coming out from the room. It was only when he saw the latter’s neat clothes and hair not in disarray did he released the breath he’d held.

It seemed that nothing had happened between the two.

As Zi Moyan gazed at the out of breath Zi Haoran, she asked strangely. “Big Brother? Why aren’t you waiting downstairs?’

Zi Haoran blushed instantly, feeling somewhat awkward. Thinking back to the indecent thoughts in his mind just now, his face reddened even more. “Isn’t it because I’m worried about you?”

Sensing Zi Moyan’s gaze, Zi Haoran felt as if he was being seen through, making him diffident inside. &ld

quo;Alright, Little Brother Mo. We should hurry back. If the Emperor were to know that you came to this kind of pleasure-seeking place, you would definitely be scolded.”

After the three of them returned to the Prime Minsiter’s residence and sitting in the main hall, Zi Haoran asked impatiently: “Little Brother Mo, is there a lead to Father’s death?”

“Correct,” Zi Moyan nodded. “There were some leads, but this lead might not prove anything.”

“What does that mean?”

She briefly digested what she had came to know from Yue Lengxin’s mouth, then shared it with the other two. “Yue Lengxin only said that there was indeed someone coming to buy ‘Saffron’ a year ago. Moreover, that person has periodically went to the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion to make business deals. However, this matter doesn’t necessarily have any relation to the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion. The two people in the transaction, one was from the border city — Merchant Wang Xin’s nephew, Wang Yong. He was the one who brought ‘Saffron’ with him to the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion. The other one was a woman who wore green robes, but due to the woman covering her face with a veil, her identity is unknown.”

The implication that came from Zi Moyan’s words could not be any more clear. This Wang Xin was the seller and this green robed woman was no doubt the buyer.

“A woman with her face veiled and wears green robes? The one who murdered Father was a woman?” Both of Zi Haoran’s hands balled into tight fists, suddenly slamming down on the table — splitting the table open. His gaze was terrifying as he fixed his attention ahead. “If I were to find out who killed Father, I will definitely let her paid the blood debt back with blood!”
Yue Ran did not react from beginning to end, his handsome face still carried that faint smile. However, when he heard the name ‘Wang Xin’, a harsh light flickered across his long, narrow phoenix eyes — the atmosphere clearly dropped to match.

Zi Moyan did not miss Yue Ran’s reaction. Sure enough, this man has secrets!

After Zi Haoran and Yue Ran left, Zi Moyan spoke to the air. “Go investigate the merchant by the name of Yue Ran from the bordering city region for me.”

“Understood!” A man’s voice sounded from the empty space as a dark shadow hidden within the main hall disappeared within a flash.

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