Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – The Guest of Honor

On stage, Yue Lengxin curtsied towards Zi Moyan. “Will the young master please follow this humble girl to the third floor. This humble girl wants to show the young master her specialized talent.”

Zi Moyan slowly got up, leisurely heading up towards the third floor.

Zi Haoran wanted to chase after her, to stop Zi Moyan from going to the third floor, but he was halted by Yue Ran. Zi Haoran anxiously told him, “Brother Yue, Little Brother Mo is still young. If he was to go see that Miss Beauty just like that and be bewitched by chance, then that’s going to be dangerous!”

“There’s no need to worry, Brother Zi,” Yue gently consoled with a smile that reached his phoenix eyes. “I believe in Little Brother Mo. He isn’t someone who can be easily bewitched by a little girl.”

“This……” Zi Haoran faltered. He did actually believe in Little Brother Mo’s character. Except, he was still somewhat worried that Zi Moyan would become like those people who had once seen the First Miss Beauty — losing the family’s fortune because of her!

Yue Ran found a comfortable spot to continue to relax and drink tea. “Brother Zi should just be at ease and wait for Little Brother Mo to come back down. Who knows, Little Brother Mo might bring us some useful information in no time soon.”

Wo Buyi saw that he, the awe-inspiring young master of the Prime Minister’s residence, actually lost to a pretty face, so he was utterly furious! “Yue Lengxin, you damn whore. Just you wait, I’ll let you regret this! Hmph……”

Hearing his remark, Yue Lengxin’s admirers’ faces all blackened. They sent Wo Buyi a cutthroat glare with a look that said they wanted to go up and skin Wo Buyi alive.

Just when Wo Buyi was about to swagger out, his face smug, he was tripped by a foot that extended out all of a sudden. He tumbled to the ground, falling flat on his face. He then immediately picked himself up, and with his face all twisted, he cursed loudly. “Which bastard tripped this Young Master?! Come out, I’m going to give you a piece of my mind!”

A moment’s silence later, the entire Linger Fragrance Pavilion erupted in a burst of laughter. “HAHAHAHA!”

Each and every one of them were all looking at this hedonistic son of the rich with complete disdain.

Listening to these people that actually dared to jeer at him, Wo Buyi’s complexion turned a dark redish-purple. He fiercely locked his gaze on the surrounding people and threatened: “Just you all wait, I will let you all regret your actions very soon!” He then spat in contempt, leaving with his face covered in dirt.

Other people left as well, but with disappointment. Since the four Miss Beauties all have picked their respective honored guests, what was the point of them staying her? It would be better for them to go back and save money to come next time.

“Where’s the brothel keeper? After the First Miss Beauty disappeared, this brothel disappeared as well?” It was only now that Zi Haoran realized that that sycophant of a brothel keeper was nowhere to be seen. At a time like this, where did she run off to if she didn’t come out to control the situation?


On the third floor of Lingering Fragrance Pavilion, it was entirely silent. It wasn’t in the least bit affected by the ruckus below.

Zi Moyan reached the First Mist Beauty’s room on the third floor. On the outside, it looked to be garnished with the utmost care, unusual but it doesn’t lose any of its refined tastes. She pushed open the door and entered, seeing Yue Lengxin donned in her snow white cotton garments, making her beautiful figure faintly discernible. She rested on the chaise longue, observing the entering Zo Moyan with a faint chill in her eyes.

“What has brought the great Prime Minister to the Lingering Fragrance Pavilion?” Yue inquired coldly.

“You guys are the force under Father’s subordinate?” Zi Moyan coolly replied with a question.

“No!” Yue Lengxin denied flatly. “Our Master is already dead, so this force naturally belongs to I, Yue Lengxin.”

“I only want to ask you one question. Who’s the one that bought ‘Saffron’?”

Yue Lengxin’s beautiful eyes turned frosty as she sneered, “And why should I tell you?”

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