Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Number One Miss Beauty — Yue Lengxin

After the brothel keeper left the stage, snowflakes started to fall everywhere. The stage dimmed slightly, just like the falling snow on a winter night, bringing about a trace of loneliness.

Right at this moment, music started to play as a white robed woman descended from the air. With her cotton white clothing dancing beautifully with the wind, it was as though a fairy had descended. Snowflakes fell around the woman and they had yet to land on the ground before they thereupon started to dance.

Following that, the woman’s slender, lily-white hands started to fabricate into different kinds of beautiful shapes and forms such as the proud yet beautiful peacock and the sky-soaring phoenix!

She moved her slender waist and legs, dancing elegantly. This dance brought a light sense of quiet solitude, resembling the imprisonment of Change’e[1] in that vast cold palace. Every movement brought along a thick longing and desolation.

This wasn’t a secular dance, but one that only existed in the Heavens — its every movement was able to stun the hearts of the people! Even the Jing Hong dance[2] was not enough of a use to describe the beauty of this dance!

Everyone all watched to the point of being dazed. The woman’s faze was being hidden by a white veil, yet just based on that captivating figure and those dance steps that arouse one’s soul alone were sufficient for the audience to go crazy!

The Number One Miss Beauty’s reputation was indeed well-deserved!

After the dance was finished, the entire room fell into an unusual silence. All people present were dumbfounded, staring blankly at the white robed woman on stage. They had completely forgotten to react, because their senses have yet to wake up from her performance.

The brothel keeper came up with a smile, “Next, our Miss Yue Lengxin will handpick a young master to be her privileged guest. I wonder who will have this kind of honor?”

“Miss Yue will be mine tonight!” A young master donned in luxurious clothing exclaimed, his eyes were of disdain as he looked towards other people. “I’m the son of the Left Prime Minister, Wo Buyi! If any of you dare to compete with me, my father will let you die a painful death!”

When they heard this name, everyone restrained back to the point their faces were red. They wanted to laugh, but couldn’t. They all had this thought through their heads: To think I, Malevolence’s son is, in fact, Injustice! [3]

At long last, they finally understood that, as it turns out, malevolence and injustice belong to the same family!

Zi Moyan stared at that arrogant and despotic young man and coldly inquired: “He’s Wo Buren’s son?”

Zi Haoran nodded his head, answering, “That’s right. I’ve seen Wo Buyi before. He is indeed the person himself. I have only heard that this Wo Buren’s character is lecherous and avaricious. Moreover, he considers everyone else to be beneath him. Sure enough, it’s indeed so from the looks of it.”

After Zi Haoran came to, they seemed to have come here to conduct formal business, so why were they watching this dance performance?

“Little Brother Mo, we have already wasted enough time. What are we supposed to do next?”

“Wait.” Zi Moyan answered impassively.

“Ah? Why the heck do we have to wait?” Zi Haoran didn’t understand. Just what does this lil’ bro of his want to do?

Yue Ran waved the fan back and forth in his hand, his expression carrying a trace of praise. “This Number One Miss Beauty’s title is indeed well-deserved!”

r /> Although he had complimented this Yue Lengxin, yet his gentle eyes were ice-cold with its depth a bottomless pit.
Yue Lengxin didn’t bother with Wo Buyi, who was currently making a fuss out of nothing. She slightly raised her head, looking towards the private room where Zi Moyan and co. were in. She raised her jade-like hand and pointed, “I want him to be my privileged guest!”

Everyone’s gazed followed the direction where Yue Lenxin’s finger had pointed and saw one beautiful youth wearing a face of indifference.

This youth’s beauty, that had emitted from the depth of ‘his’ soul, were not in the least bit inferior to Yue Lengxin. With a cold temperament from head to toe expressing ‘his’ grace and dignity, that exceedingly refined countenance, both peerless physique and appearance (respectively) that left the world in its wake were imprinted into people’s memories after a glance, making them hard to forget.

Zi Haoran was looking to where Yue Lengxin was pointed as well, but this seemed to be referring to Little Brother Mo! What was going on? Why did the Miss Beauty took a fancy to ‘him’?!

Seeing this scene, Yue Ran’s expression didn’t falter, though the eyes he used to look at Zi Moyan added a hint of scrutiny and curiosity.


[1]嫦娥: Chinese mythology – Goddess of the Moon (

[2]一舞惊鸿 (or 惊鸿舞) : A traditional Chinese long sleeve dance of the Tang Dynasty named after the Jinghong bird (I don’t think it’s the peacock but that’s what was being shown when I searched on google)

[3]没想到这我不仁的儿子就是我不义: A pun on the Left Prime Minister and his son name because their pinyin pronunciations are similar to malevolence (or not benevolent if directly translated) and injustice respectively. Father: Wo Buren (沃布仁) → I Am Malevolent (我不仁) , Son: Wo Buyi’s (沃布义) → I Am Unjust(我不义)

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