Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – The New Prime Minister’s Residence

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” When Zi Moyan saw a certain person writing rapidly, her forehead was covered with three vertical black lines.

Murong Tianchen was given a start when he heard her voice. He then promptly hid the yet to be finished Imperial Decree behind his back, his expression somewhat frantic. “Yan’er, why are you here?”

“You’ve already determined that I’m not the most suitable person to handle the flood problem before even listening to my explanation?” Zi Moyan helplessly replied.

Murong Tianchen knew that she already saw it, so hiding would also be useless. He put the Imperial Decree back on the table, and resumed writing the unfinished Decree. “Yan’er, since when you were little until now, zhen will agree no matter what kind of request you have. However, this time, zhen will not allow you to throw your life away!”

Zi Moyan came to his side, taking the brush from his hand and looked at him earnestly. “So you won’t listen what I have to say? The reason why I must go resolve the flood problem?”

Standing by her side, Murong Tianchen lowered his gaze and fixing them on Zi Moyan’s matchless appearance. “No matter what kind of reason it is, zhen will not allow it!”

That’s right. No matter how many reasons there were, once Zi Moyan accepted this task, then there will only be the possibility of failure and success. Equivalently, there will be a chance that Zi Moyan will be harmed.

No! Even if he were to lose this land under Heaven, he would not allow it! He would not let Zi Moyan be in the position of danger nor would he let other people have the reason and the chance to get rid of Zi Moyan!

“Have you heard of Spirit Tool in Yan Yang City?”

“So what?” Murong Tianchen replied in a deep voice, there wasn’t have trace of surprise or doubt on his face.

Seeing his reaction, Zi Moyan knew that Murong Tianchen was already aware of the reason behind all of this. “I think you should’ve also known the reason, so why wouldn’t you let me go? If Zhu Yi were to go, the Spirit Tool will fall into Wo Buren’s hands. At that time, Long Lin will be in danger.”

Murong Tianchen grabbed onto her hand tightly, and due to the amount of strength, Zi Moyan couldn’t help but crease her brows. “Yan’er, I only want you to stay safe.”

She didn’t understand how much he wanted to hug her right now, but he couldn’t, because he was afraid that he might scare her.

Zi Moyan stared blankly before suddenly curved her lips up confidently and making the world lose all of its colors for a moment. “I will live well, Wo Buren still doesn’t have the ability to take away my life yet! Could it be that you don’t have faith in me?”

Murong Tianchen was dumbfounded because this was the first time he saw this side of Yan’er. Her self-confidence was like that of an empress overlooking all living beings. In the past, Zi Moyan had always been cold and detached with no concerns for anything. No matter how Murong Tianchen tried to make Zi Moyan happy, the latter had never smiled before. He didn’t think that Zi Moyan’s smile would actually be so beautiful, as to move a person’s soul, making people couldn’t help but fall in with no way of freeing themselves.

“Yan’er, you’re so beautiful……”

“……“ When Zi Moyan heard him, a trace of awkwardness came across her face. Her smile disappeared, immediately returning to her normal state as if what h

appened just now was but an illusion. “Let me go, I won’t disappoint you.”

Seeing her insistence, Murong Tianchen sighed. As far as Yan’er’s soft offensives were concerned, he had always been unable to resist — only able to admit defeat. “Fine, then you should take care to protect yourself properly.”

He secretly decided that no matter what the outcome would be, he will protect her entirety.


“Zhen rebuilt another Prime Minister’s residence for you, it’s close to the Imperial Palace and convenient for Morning Court. Zhen will have Liu De take you there in a while.” Murong Tianchen had spend a lot of thoughts in regards to this new residence so when he saw a seemingly unwilling Zi Moyan, he pulled down his face and said: “If you don’t go, then zhen won’t agree to you handling the flood problem.”

“……“ Zi Moyan had seen devious, but she hadn’t seen this kind of devious before.

After leaving the Palace, Zi Moyan followed Liu De to her new residence. This imposing grandeur, other than the Imperial Palace, she was only afraid that this residence was the best one out of the entire capital’s residences.

Liu De chuckled. “Zi gongzi, this Servant will only see you off here.”


Once Zi Moyan replied, Liu De released a breath and he immediately slipped away with a push against the sole of his shoes, vanishing.

There was a trace of suspicion that came across Zi Moyan’s handsome face. What was he hiding from?

It was after she entered and strolled the entire residence did she noticed that the entire residence were filled with palace eunuchs! There was not a man nor woman, they were all neither man or woman!

“……“ Zi Moyan’s face darkened. “Why did you all leave the Palace and came to serve me?” This was the first time seeing the eunuchs from the Palace all come out only for the reason for serving a Prime Minister.

A little eunuch answered: “This is His Majesty’s decree, we Servants don’t dare to go against it.”

“Why is there not a single female in the entire residence?” Zi Moyan raised a brow.

“This is also His Majesty’s decree. His Majesty is afraid that Prime Minister Zi would be enticed by female charms, delaying political affairs.”


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