Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Setting Down a Military Order

Wo Buren was surprised as well. A newborn who had only just turned into a full-fledged eighteen year old could actually speak out these kind of words. However, it’s one thing to speak it, but another to do it.

To destroy all dams could indeed restore the rivers to their original layout, but destroying the dams at a time like this could also bring a huge disaster!

Once the dams are destroyed, all obstructions hindering the river flows will disappear. Thus, giving rise to huge tidal waves and this kind of tidal waves will most likely swallow everything within sight.

That was, the city would’ve already been completely drowned before the restoration could occur. There was also the possibility of the tidal waves spreading and affecting neighboring areas such that the gains would not make up for the losses.

Wo Buren sneered. “What Prime Minister Zi is not without reason. However, you’re still inexperienced and do not understand the actual situation in the end. If the dams were to be destroyed, then the entire city could submerge completely in water and would even affect the neighboring cities. This will lead to heavy casualties and tremendous property damage. Can you shoulder such a responsibility?”

Regarding this question as well as the possible outcomes, Zi Moyan had already predicted it. She also thought of a concrete plan that will guarantee absolute surefire!

“You Majesty,” Zi Moyan offered up a suggestion to Murong Tianchen. “The handling of the flooding this time was originally this Subject’s responsibility. This Subject is willing to go handle the problem. Your Majesty please grant approval!”

Murong Tianchen naturally believed that Yan’er possessed these kind of capabilities and he was equally curious of what the latter will do. Therefore, he naturally agreed to letting Zi Moyan handle this matter. “Since Minister Zi understands what is going on, then you will be given full authority on and take full responsibility of this.”

“You Majesty! If we really follow Zi Moyan’s method, if it doesn’t work, it will lead to an even worse disaster! This Subject asks Your Majesty to reconsider!” Wo Buren immediately kneeled down with an expression as if he was against this till death

Most of the officials also knelt, chorusing loudly: “Your Majesty please reconsider!”

Upon seeing this situation, Murong Tianchen’s expression sunk as he responded coldly, “What are you all doing? Do you all want to revolt?’

“We wouldn’t dare!” The officials were all in fear and trepidation.

Zi Moyan could be considered to be the most calmed. She was completely unaffected by this atmosphere as if she was but an outsider observer.

“If Your Majesty insists to follow through with it, then in that case, this Subject will keep kneeling here until death!” Wo Buren’s face was mournful as if he was not afraid of dying.

Murong Tianchen was so troubled that he was somewhat gloomy but just as he was simply about to end court and leave, Zi Moyan slightly opened her mouth. Her words, though, let everyone jumped in start and even Murong Tianchen had also raised his heart in alarm.

“If I cannot successfully cure the water disaster, and make the situation even worse instead, then I am willing to resign from this Prime Minister’s position and yield it to someone who is even more capable than me. Moreover, I will accept Your Majesty’s punishment and the people’s inquisition!” Once the words left Zi Moyan’s mouth, everyone fell into taciturn silence. The entire hall was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping onto the ground could be heard clearly.

Murong Tianchen’s heart tightened, he naturally knew that the words Yan’er spoke was no different from setting down the military command.

If the flooding cannot be managed properly, then Zi Moyan only be left with a dead end. On the surface, Zi Moyan will have no means and reasons to be saved.

However, if she does succeed, then it will virtually shut the mouths of those officials who wanted to thwart her or was not satisfied with her while at the same time, consolidating her place in court.

Regardless of which outcome, they all undoubtedly required Zi Moyan to risk her life!

Murong Tianchen suddenly regretted it. If he knew early on that letting Zi Moyan become Prime Minister will become a threat to the latter’s life, then he would rather she stay quietly and healthily by his side and he will protect her throughout his life!

Zi Moyan calmly spared Wo Buren a glance, sneering coldly in her heart. Wasn’t this one sentence what he wanted? Then since it was like this, then what’s the harm in giving it to him!

Sure enough, Wo Buren didn’t protest again. Instead, he stood up, smiling. “Since Prime Minister Zi is so certain of himself, then this Subject will also be at ease. I believe Prime Minister Zi will definitely handle the flood problem properly.”

“That’s right, that’s right! We also support Prime Minister in going to resolve the flood problem!” Upon seeing this, the other officials immediately stood up as well. Those who were previously desperately against Zi Moyan were now all standing on her side, in favor of her to go handle the flood problem.

This quick of a change left one speechless!

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