Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Wo Buren Deliberately Making Things Difficult, How to Manage a Flood?

Zi Moyan lightly spoke: “Since Prime Minister Wo has thoroughly thought over it, then just do it according to Prime Minister Wo.”

Even if she opposed, it would only become weak point for Wo Buren to target against in the end. Since it was like this, she might as well agree to it. A little Zhu Yi was still not enough to become much of a threat to her.

It’s still not certain as to who will suppress who in the end yet!

Since Yan’er didn’t have any objections, Murong Tianchen obviously wouldn’t oppose either; hence, he agreed soon afterwards. “Good. Zhu Yi, you need to properly aid Prime Minister Zi in his duties from now on, let him adapt quickly and smoothly.”

“This Subject is at Your Majesty’s command.” Li Congrong and Zhu Yi returned back to their lines in accordance to their ranks.

When Wo Buren saw that Zi Moyan had so easily agreed to this matter, he thought in his heart that this little infant was only so-so. With Zhu Yi around, Zi Moyan would be but an empty shell, nothing more. Haha, seems like this was effortless!

However, he certainly wouldn’t let Zi Moyan off that gently, so he continued: “This Subject received a report from below. Recently, there appears to be a flood in a city within the area of our country’s border — Yan Yang City, leaving the common people destitute and homeless.”

He had an expression of watching a good play as he asked towards Zi Moyan: “Prime Minister Zi, how would you handle this kind of situation?”

Zi Moyan mulled it over for a bit, then calmly answered, “Yan Yang City has our country’s most abundant water source. The reason why it had led to a flood might be because of the nonstop heavy rainstorms occurring recently. In my opinion, we should first have the common people of Yan Yang City settled into the relatively higher and safer parts of its suburban terrains. The government could temporarily pacify the people by giving provisions of rice and water. Next, send people to have all the dams that have been built in the past destroyed.”

“What? You must be joking, right Prime Minister Zi? To destroy the dams, wouldn’t this not only let more water overflow into the city? Perhaps it will even affect other cities in the end!” Wo Buren was even more disdainful of Zi Moyan in his heart when he heard the latter’s solution. As expected, he was only a little child, proven in regards to handling the water disaster this recklessly. Although the task mentioned in the first part was necessary, but the method after that was simply unheard of!”

Hearing this kind of proposal, Murong Tianchen also frowned slightly. However, he didn’t speak a word while it was as if a bomb was placed among the officials, having exploded in a flash!

“How could this be possible? This Prime Minister Zi is just too ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Wouldn’t this be graver the more it’s handled this way?!”

“This is absolutely not practical, not practical!”

“It looks like this Prime Minister Zi is only just so and so.”


Murong Tianchen watched the ruckus happening below and those comments also went into his hears, but he felt it was extremely ear-piercing. There was a layer of frost appearing on his face as his cold voice berated: “Every one of you, this isn’t a street market so please be quiet!”

Every officials present felt the Emperor’s indistinct anger and oppressing aura, which make them all tactfully

shut their mouths and simultaneously lowered their heads.
Seeing that the fuss had settled down, Murong Tianchen’s deep eyes stared fixedly at Zi Moyan as in inquired, “Why would you say such a thing, Beloved Subject? Zhen rather wants to hear what kind of brilliant ideas you have.”

Regarding those ignorant comments that the officials made, Zi Moyan completely didn’t put it in her heart as she continued her explanation. “With my understanding of Yan Yang City’s terrains as well as the distribution of rivers, I noticed that many of the rivers’s previous geographical layout were changed artificially. They changed so much that they became a crooked and twisted mess with some even having their currents obstructed. Yan Yang City was originally a city of much rainfall, it isn’t rational to have them artificially remodeled in this way. It would not only damage the rivers previous layout but also allowing the rainwater to accumulate more and more, eventually leading to the appearance of a flood. If we have dig out an artificial channel to unblock the rivers, then it could only resolve the problem temporarily. In the end, it will only damage the natural geographical layout even more, leading to even more frequent flooding. This doesn’t have any use whatsoever as far as curing the flood problem from the roots is concerned.”

“Therefore, we should break the artificial rivers’s layouts and the constructed dams must be torn down to restore the original layout. Only this method will permanently cutoff any repercussion afterwards.” All officials were flabbergasted after Zi Moyan finished. They had never thought of using this kind of method to deal with a flood problem.

After everyone heard Zi Moyan’s explanation, each and every official felt that it indeed made sense.

Some of the relatively older officials fell into taciturn silence. They thought back, there indeed hadn’t been flooding before. It was only when they started building dams and changed the river flows that the water problems gradually increase in numbers. Why didn’t they notice this was fundamental problem before?”

The gaze they looked towards Zi Moyan was completely different from before. There was no longer contempt and disdain, but more of admiration and astonishment.

Murong Tianchen was also extremely shocked. He knew that his Yan’er was not ordinary, but he didn’t that the latter would offer this kind of understanding at only eighteen years old!

To possess this kind of insight, his Yan’er really left people in shock!

Murong Tianchen felt that he seemed to have dug out a precious gem.

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