Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Disparity in Treatment

When the court officials saw the appearance of the Emperor, they all simultaneously kneeled and loudly greeted him with the wish of longevity.

The moment Murong Tianchen came to the hall, his eyes were locked onto the person dressed in indigo. The Prime Minister’s clothing was originally lavish and made with fine workmanship, but when worn on Zi Moyan, it added more grandeur and prestige to the once tranquil and calm, yet rural person.

It let people couldn’t help but want to submit!

Murong Tianchen felt extremely proud. This was his Yan’er, dazzling no matter where he was.

After sitting down, Murong Tianchen coldly swept across the audience and with a cold and detached voice that carried an authority that people unable to resist, “You can all rise.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The officials below then stood up simultaneously, but they only now felt cold sweat running down their backs that they were unaware of before.

Murong Tianchen glanced at his Yan’er, the latter’s indifferent face carried tranquility. Regarding him being neither taut nor nervous in his first time at court, not bad indeed!

The corner of his lips curved up slightly into an unnoticeable arc. “Zhen deeply laments Zi Haotian’s death, but zhen is still very grateful to him. He has left two people of talent as pillars for zhen. One is General Zi Haoran who’s placed far on the border, his bravery and excellent fighting capability proves him as a talented commander. There’s also his second son, Zi Moyan. He is wise and farsighted, displaying his extraordinariness since little. He had also help solved a few major issues of our country several times. Zhen believes that he is more than suitable to succeed his father’s Prime Minister position!”

Wo Buren and Zi Moyan stood apart from each other in the very forefront, one left and one right. Wo Buren glanced at Zi Moyan with disdain before signaling Li Congrong with a look.

Once Li Congrong received his discreet hint, he stepped forward from his rank and gave gesture of respect to the Emperor as he said: “Your Majesty, this Subject thinks that the newly-appointed Prime Minister is young, and adding onto to the inexperience in regards to the Prime Minister’s duties, this Subject is only afraid that it would be difficult for him to handle the country’s military affairs as of this moment. It would be better to arrange for a high official of virtue and prestige to come provide assistance for Prime Minister Zi’s duties. This way, it wouldn’t delay the state affairs and it would also allow Prime Minister Zi adapt faster into his position.”

Murong Tianchen spared Li Congrong a glance, his face still expressionless. “Then who does Beloved Subject think is qualified for the task?”

Li Congrong glanced at Wo Buren and continued, “This Subject believes that Left Prime Minister is extremely suitable to aid with Prime Minister Zi’s work. First is because Left Prime Minister is very experienced in the duties of a Prime Minister. Although the Right and Left Prime Minister’s work is different to some extend, but because Left Prime Minister had worked under the previous Prime Minister Zi for a period of time when he is young, he is also rather familiar with the Right Prime Minister’s responsibilities. Second, Prime Minister Wo belongs to one of the senior officials, has a definite prestige. With this, this Subject thinks that he could even better help Prime Minister Zi manage his subordinates’ work.”

“Beloved Subject Wo, what do you think?” Murong Tianchen looked towards Wo Buren as he inquired.

Hearing this, Wo Buren stepped out and cupped his hands in respect as he replied: “Your Majesty, in this Subject’s opinion, this Subject’s capabilities are limited. This Subject is afraid that there will be many places that he could not be attended to. It would be better to have Minister Zhu Yi to assist with Prime Minister Zi’s responsibilities. Minister Zhu Yi has worked under the previous Prime Minister for as long as four years. This Subject believes that he is the most suitable to help.”

Murong Tianchen glanced at Zi Moyan, who seemed to be but an outside observer while standing below. These topics all revolved around him, but he sure was something. Up till now, he hasn’t even uttered a word. Instead, he was so indifferent that there were no other expressions, it was as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

He was helpless, his Yan’er was still the same as before. In regards with facing anything that occurred before him, the latter has always been so cold that it was scary. Murong Tianchen was really curious, could it be that Yan’er never had something he would care about? Something that was enough to fraught him over?

Murong Tianchen pulled out from his thoughts and inquired towards Zi Moyan. “What opinions does Beloved Subject Zi have on this?”

Even Murong Tianchen didn’t notice that whenever he spoke to others, his tone was so cold that it cold freeze people to death, but it was only to Zi Moyan that his voice was gentle and soft as the spring wind. When other officials notice the Emperor’s such difference in treatment, their complexions were extremely unnatural.

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