Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 24

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Zi Moyan arrived in the Palace and under Liu De’s instructions, she didn’t go to the in Zheng Hall or the Imperial Study, but to the Falling Flower Pavilion.

Liu De was quite clever, naturally knowing that once he brought Zi Moyan to this point, he didn’t need to go inside. He said to Zi Moyan, “Gongzi, His Majesty is inside waiting for you, please enter.”

Falling Flower Pavilion’s surroundings were all residences, yet in the middle was an enormous artificial lake. And by the lake’s side was a pavilion.

Zi Moyan saw one bright yellow robed Murong Tianchen sitting within the pavilion. Upon seeing this, she headed in the direction of the pavilion.

On the table were filled with different kinds of her favorite snacks and pastries. When Murong Tianchen saw that she’d arrived, his previously completely ice-cold face immediately shone brightly like the sun.

“Yan’er,” He gently gestured a hand towards Zi Moyan, patting the seat besides him. “Quickly come sit here.”

Zi Moyan approached the seat opposite of him and sat them, she seemed to be intentionally keeping a distance from him. Upon seeing this, Murong Tianchen slightly frowned, somewhat unhappy. “Yan’er. Why are you sitting so far away? How is it convenient for us to talk when you’re sitting that far?”

“If you have something to say, then make it quick.” Zi Moyan said coldly, she sure didn’t have the time to chat with him. Right now, she still has many things that needed to be taken care of.

Despite feeling somewhat uncomfortable inside, Murong Tianchen didn’t dare to offend his darling Yan’er. He picked a few pastries with his chopsticks, placing them into Zi Moyan’s bowl. As he coaxed. “These are are your most favorite pastries, you probably haven’t ate dinner right? Eat some of these to fill your stomach.”

She didn’t eat any of those pastries, but retrieved a golden medallion from her sleeve. “You gave this golden medallion to me on one of my birthdays. You said that this medallion could excuse my death once, but at the same time, it could also request you to fulfill one of my wishes. I don’t know if it still counts?”

“An emperor does not go back on his words. What is your wish? If it is within zhen’s powers, then zhen will definitely help you accomplish it.”

“I want the Prime Minister’s position.” She had unceremoniously spoke her request. She didn’t feel like talking in riddles with him, so she was extremely straightforward speaking out this wish.

Upon hearing this, Murong Tianchen smiled lightly, a trace of pampering flashed across his eyes as he gently answered: “As long as it’s Yan’er requests, then zhen will agree to them all. You want to become the Prime Minister? This isn’t too difficult.”

Zi Moyan was startled when she heard his words, but still replied calmly: “Then that’s good. If there isn’t anything else, then I’ll leave first.”

She stood up with the intention to leave.

Greatly alarmed, Murong Tianchen immediately stood up to halt her. “Yan’er, why the rush? Can you not keep zhen company for a bit longer?”

He had gone through great difficulties to see him, but Zi Moyan sure was something. The latter wanted to leave after just saying a few sentences!

Zi Moyan impassively gave him a glance, but she turned a blind eye to the affection that his eyes revealed. “You Majesty, is there still something else? If not, then Moyan will request to be excused firs


She was neither servile nor overbearing as she gave Murong Tianchen a courtesy that was deliberately alienating him.

A trace of disappointment flickered across Murong Tianchen’s eyes, but it was just a brief moment before it disappeared within the depths of his pupils.

He knew that there were not only a disparity in their positions, but the bigger disparity was in their gender. Therefore, if he wanted Zi Moyan to accept his feelings, it wouldn’t be an easy matter so he mustn’t be anxious!

As long as Zi Moyan was still by his side, then he’ll put forth the effort. There’ll be a day where he will bend Zi Moyan.

Murong Tianchen sighed helplessy. “Alright Yan’er. Though you should sleep early tonight so you can come to court early tomorrow. Zhen will have already issued the Imperial Decree to appoint you as the Prime Minister by then, so go back and rest.”

“Yes!” Zi Moyan leave without looking back, there wasn’t even a trace of reluctance.

Murong Tianchen watched that retreating white figure dazedly. He then picked up the golden medallion on the table, placing it in front of his nose to sniff. He greedily absorbed scent on it that belonged to Zi Moyan, and helplessly laughed. “This originally was for you to have a big use, but didn’t expect you to actually use it here.”

He had originally planned to have Zi Moyan be the Prime Minister. This way, the golden medallion didn’t really come to much use. He gently stroke the medallion repeatedly. There will be a day that Yan’er will understand his heart.

Sure enough, just as Murong Tianchen had said, once she returned home, Liu Xuanya took out the Imperial Decree that had arrived not too long ago. Zi Moyan took the Imperial Decree from Liu Xuanya’s hands, rolling it open and as expected, it was the decree to appoint him as the Prime Minister.
So he had prepared it at an earlier time. Then why did he still call him to especially make a trip into the Palace?

Zi Moyan had thought previously that the reason Murong Tianchen had looked for her was for him to gain benefits for his own interest. Weren’t all emperors like that? Using the methods of a ruler while at the same time considering the balance of power among one’s subjects, were all for one’s own power to centralize even more, maximizing the emperor’s benefits!

She didn’t understand……

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