Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Zi Haotian Suffers From Strange Poison

Upon arriving at the Prime Minister’s residence, Zi Moyan noticed that the entire residence was lacking it’s original grandeur. Instead, there were extra traces of bleakness and mourning. Other than the few maidservants sweeping fallen leaves in main courtyard, other places were completely deserted.

When she saw this situation, she asked Liu Xuanya, “What is going on? Why are there only these few maids present? Where are the others from before?”

Liu Xuanya laughed wistfully. “The Prime Minister being seriously ill isn’t a matter of one or two days. Since he does not manage things himself nowadays, people left one by one. This residence naturally would no longer be compared to before.”

“Where’s father? Quickly take me to see him.” Zi Moyan didn’t hound too excessively over this problem.

Liyu Xuanya sighed. “Alright, laoye[1] is in the Tranquil Pavilion in the rear flower garden. Let us go, I’ll lead you.”

Zi Moyan followed after Liu Xuanya, arriving at Tranquil Pavilion. Said pavilion could be considered as one of the more peaceful places in the Prime Minister’s residence . Quiet and secluded, it’s area was also rather extensive as it was surrounded by flowers and grass. It was indeed the best place for a person to recuperate in.

She stood outside, standing by the small cracks on the door and through them, she saw that it was pitch-black inside. Even though it was clearly broad daylight, but the interior of the pavilion appeared to be completely dreary.

Liu Xuanya spoke to her, “Laoye is just inside, go on in.”

Zi Moyan nodded, pushed open the door, and entered. The room was dark and there wasn’t a superfluous amount of decorations placed in the clear open inside. After all, too many things would not be beneficial in a place for recuperation.

She maneuvered around a huge screen and saw Zi Haotian lying on top of the bed.

This Prime Minister no longer had the grace from the former days; on the contrary, he became extremely fragile, his beard turned gray, his face incomparably pale, but his lips were tinged purple.

Zi Moyan naturally understood, this was the symptom of being poisoned! She came to his side and sat down as she said indifferently: “I’ve come. What do you want from me?”

When Zi Haotian heard her voice, he strained opened his somewhat swollen red eyes. “You came –kekeke……” He had just spoke a few words when he started a violent coughing fit.

“Who did it?” Zi Moyan restrain the emotion in her eyes, inquiring coldly.

Zi Haotian sighed. “It’s not important who did this anymore. I called you because I have a few things to request of you.”


“Child,” Zi Haotian slightly raised both of his hands, but then place them back down. “Perhaps I no longer have this kind of right, since I have not fulfilled the role of a father after all. But, I still wanted to beseech you, be the replacement in my place.”

Zi Moyan raised a brow. “You want me to take revenge for you?”

“No, I want you to tie down Wo Buren, protect Long Lin’s balance of power.”

“Wo Buren?” Zi Moyan coolly spared glanced at the old man whose life was on the verge of its end. “How would you know I would act according to your request?”

“You will,” The trace of a self-confident smile surfaced on Zi Haotian’s pale face. “I think, handing it over to you will make me feel at ease.”

“Why did you inform me instead of Elder Brother?” Zi Moyan inquired impassively.

Zi Haotian coughed a few times, readjusting his breath as he continued. “Although I know you definitely will not be willing to serve under the Emperor, I know you will not let Wo Buren expand his own influence! Be careful of the power behind his back.”

“Is he the culprit that poisoned you?”

“No,” Zi Haotian shook his head. “It’s not him…… he……” Right at this moment, his complexion suddenly turned green, then red, before a smothered ‘hmph’. Both of his eyeballs rolled over, and he died just like that.

Zi Moyan turned pale from shock, but she quickly checked his breath only to find there were no more. Lily-white hand was then placed on his neck, checking for a pulse, but there was none either.

Zi Moyan’s complexion turned somewhat unsightly. Although she has read many medical books these past years and could determine that Zi Haotian was poisoned by looking, but she has never seen this kind of poison before.

It seemed like a type of chronic poison, but if the poison accumulated too much, the person could die at any time.

Zi Haotian’s complexion now had returned to before, other than the pale lips, it was like he had died of a serious illness. She could no longer spot any traces of him being poisoned.

If she hadn’t seen scene from just now, then she might’ve also thought Zi Haotian died from nothing but a serious illness.

This type of poison was truly peculiar. After the person dies, you cannot find any signs of the person being poisoned at all.


[1]老爷: Respectful address to the master of the house.

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