Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Disappointment

Xiao Ya greeted Zi Moyan when she came down, anxiously checking her over. “Young Master, are you okay?”

“It’s nothing, let’s go.” Right when Zi Moyan wanted to leave, her hand was pulled by the white robed woman.

Her voice was honeyed as she spoke, “Little fella, you can’t go. You haven’t agreed to be my disciple yet!”

Xiao Ya held her head with both hands, shrieking: “Ahhhh! Ghost!” She shakingly pointed at the white robed woman, her pupils shrinking. And just like this, she fainted, her face have yet to recover from shock.

After all, normal people would be scared if a white robed woman with hair still disheveled and a filthy face suddenly appeared, let alone the always antsy Xiao Ya.

Zi Moyan hastily held Xiao Ya up, checking her condition for her. She only relaxed after making sure that Xiao Ya had indeed only suffered from a shock with no other problems.

The white clothed woman saw that Zi Moyan disregarded her once again, she scratched her head in frustration. “Little fella, you ignored me again! Good, very good! Just you wait, there’ll be a day I’ll make you recognize me as your master!”

From the day Zi Haotian recognized this ‘son’, Zi Moyan also had a more comfortable and spacious room in the Prime Minister’s residence with her status also rising greatly. However, Zi Moyan had not stayed in that room for more than a few days when she entered the Palace.

At first, that worn-down house was still there because Xiao Ya liked it. Therefore, Zi Moyan requested of Zi Haotian to have that house given to her as well.

Now, that worn-down house didn’t counted as a worn-down house anymore. It had already been fixed up by Zi Haotian, changing so much that it looked completely new! In the end, it became Xiao Ya’s residence!

After Zi Moyan placed Xiao Ya on the bed, tucked her in, and organized everything, she left the Zi residence. She knew that she couldn’t give Xiao Ya a clear explanation right now, so she might as well find time to come back next time.

Although Zi Moyan possessed the right to freely enter and leave the Imperial Palace, that Emperor still tyrannically demanded that she must return before 10 o’clock at night. Hence, Zi Moyan didn’t stay in the Prime Minister’s residence for too long, quickly returning to the Palace.

Once she came back to the Falling Flower Pavilion and opened the door, she saw a man dressed in bright yellow clothing sitting on a chair, looking at her firmly. “You came back, but why so late? Where did you go?”

“Took a trip back home.” Zi Moyan answered truthfully.

After hearing the answer, Murong Tianchen’s expression warmed up a lot. He lightly curled his lips up, beckoning Zi Moyan over with his hand. “Yan’er, come have a taste of Yue Empire’s famous tea. This is a hard to come by popular product.”

Zi Moyan saw that the tea cup that Murong Tianchen passed over was the one that he just drank from. “I can pour a cup myself.”

Murong Tianchen stopped her, passing the tea cup over. “Just drink this one.”

Zi Moyan received that cup and took a sip with pursed lips, the light aromatic taste dispersing in her mouth.

“How is it?” Murong Tianchen looked towards her with eyes filled with expectation.

“Not bad.”

He smiled in satisfaction, snatching the cup from Zi Moyan’s hand and drank the rest of tea from the part where Zi Moyan had just sipped. He licked his lips afterwards, wishing there were more to relish.

“Your Majesty, it’s late now, you should go back and rest.” Zi Moyan said lightly.

Murong Tianchen held up her de

licate cheek, caressing it as he smiled faintly. “Since when had Yan’er learned to be concern about zhen?” Hidden within the depths of his eyes, the ice-cold that seemed to be there before morphed into softness, carrying faint joy with it.
She didn’t actually have any other meaning when she said those words, she only wanted to shoo the other person away, is all. However, she didn’t expect him to be this happy.

Forget it, she couldn’t use the normal way of looking at things to look at him anyways.

Zi Moyan evaded his touch, her tone carried alienation as she said, “Your Majesty, I’ll be resting first. You can do as you please.” She directly entered her room, closing the door behind her!

Murong Tianchen didn’t know why, but seeing that indifferent back brought a sense of disappointment in his heart. His Yan’er didn’t seem to like him very much?

Not too far outside, the somewhat dozing off Head Eunuch Liu De saw the Emperor coming out with a darkened face. The sight brought a scare that immediately sobered up his quick-witted mind, and followed after Murong Tianchen’s footsteps.

On the way, a certain eunuch felt that fearful pressure all around, making a chill run through his entire body. His little mind also became alert, wondering, Uh, what happened between Zi gongzi and the Emperor?

When the Emperor came, his mood seemed rather good. How come the moment Zi gongzi returned, the Emperor came out with a blackened face?

“Your Majesty… that, guifei came looking for Your Majesty. She wished that Your Majesty will make a visit to the Noble Rain Palace…” When Liu De spoke up to this point, Murong Tianchen glanced at him with sharp knife-like eyes. The Eunuch was immediately scared to the point his legs buckled and could no longer continue his report.

He complained about his hardship in his heart. Guifei niangniang, this servant had indeed delivered your message.

He lowered his head, carefully followed behind Murong Tianchen, leaving the Falling Flower Pavilion.


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