Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Accepting a Disciple

Zi Moyan opened her eyes and what fell within her sight was the white robed woman from before. Her hair still in disarray, she sat on the window sill, looking far into the distance. Zi Moyan felt that her thoughts were no longer focused here, the her now didn’t have the strange craziness from before. Instead, there was more of a beautiful kind of tranquility about her. In Zi Moyan’s opinion, this kind of her seemed more normal!

The woman’s face still had some smudges of blackened dirt, looking like she hadn’t took a bath for a long time. There was also a weird odor on her body.

Zi Moyan slowly stood up, noticing that her body was lighter and much more relaxed. Moreover, she felt somewhat as light as a feather. The painful disordered qi flow that she had previously felt throughout her body, as if it was going to explode, now completely disappeared. There was only an indescribable comfort!

“Did you save me?” Zi Moyan inquired coolly, her tone no longer having the coldness from before.

The woman turned her head back, supporting it with her hand as she looked at Zi Moyan. “You’re awake? You recovered pretty fast.”


The woman jumped off of the window sill, coming to her side and promptly pulled Zi Moyan’s thin and weak little body into her embrace. “Little fella, you should thank me by devoting your life to me!”

“No.” Zi Moyan answered apathetically and pushed the woman away. She noticed earlier that this woman didn’t have any evil intentions towards her; moreover, she doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship to the Prime Minister’s residence. But her being somewhat of a pervert was a fact!

The woman insipidly waved her hand. “You little fella look pretty and cute, but you’re just too cold, so you’re not my type. Forget it, since you don’t want to repay my kindness with your body, then just do it by becoming my disciple!”

“……” Zi Moyan turned and left.

Seeing this, the woman became anxious. This was a hard to come by genius of martial arts, she didn’t want to just give up!

Hence, she pulled Zi Moyan to a stop, laughing, “Little fella, you already practiced my [Will of Towering Heaven]. Don’t tell me you going to back out of a debt and not taking responsibility!”

“[Will of Towering Heaven]?” She when did she practice this thing?

“Of course! It’s the book that you often read.” The woman exerted a suction force with her hand and the book from a few meters away came flying into her palm. She then held the book in front of Zi Moyan. “It’s precisely this one! You can’t tell me that you haven’t read it before!”

Zi Moyan looked at the old-fashioned book. Indeed, she read through this book before, but it didn’t have the title [Will of Towering Heaven] written on it. She merely accidentally glanced at it and found that it seemed to be a martial arts manual so she just practiced it a bit.

She didn’t think that there was actually an indistinct trace of of qi flow in her body, so she might as well continue to practice it. Even if she couldn’t become an expert martial artist, she could strengthen her body. After all, this body was really too weak!

Zi Moyan coolly said, “That’s correct, I did read it. But I only used it to change my physique a bit, to keep fit, nothing more!”

The woman had the kind of beating her chest kind of feeling. There were innumerous amount of people who just wanted to take a look at this martial arts manual, and it would be great opportunity even if it was just one glance of the cover!

Forget it, she didn’t want to argue with this fella, the main thing here was to accept this disciple!

“Then that’s that! You’ve learned this sect’s martial arts so you will be my disciple from now on! You should be honored, there are many who come begging me to accept them as my disciple, but I didn’t accept any of them. You’re the first, and will also be the last!” The woman wore a smug look as she flaunted herself in front of Zi Moyan.

With a filthy face, messy hair, and somewhat tattered white clothes, Zi Moyan found it hard to believe that she was someone who had many people coming to beg to be her disciple with this kind of image.

Zi Moyan continued to ignore her, heading downstairs.

Leaving the woman upstairs stomping her feet anxiously. “Little fella, you really don’t know what it means to revere the master and her teachings!”

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