Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Rebound!

“Young Master, don’t go!” Xiao Ya couldn’t stop Zi Moyan in time before she had already entered the book pavilion.

Zi Moyan calmed her mind, carefully listening for any sounds of activity from the surroundings. She could sense that this pavilion didn’t seemed to be any different from normal. Just when she thought she could have been misled by her eyes, a white shadow swiftly floated past upstairs!

Zi Moyan was startled in that moment, that person was upstairs! Zi Moyan followed the white shadow, arriving to the floor where she usually read books in, which was also the highest floor of the book pavilion.

Zi Moyan slowly pushed open the door, but other than the messy books spreading all over, there was still not a soul within sight. However, Zi Moyan was positive that someone has come here before, because the book that she had usually read was already no longer in its original position!

“Who’s here?” She asked coldly, yet her eyes were constantly observing everything in the surrounding from the gentle breeze to the stirring grass.

“Hahaha……” The sound of a woman’s laughter suddenly resounded within the book pavilion. A flash of a white shadow, then a woman appeared in front of Zi Moyan without warning, but Zi Moyan was unable to see her face clearly due to the loose hair scattering in front of it. “You have guts little fella, you’re actually the first person who dares to enter this book pavilion!”

Zi Moyan coldly looked at the suddenly appeared woman. “Who are you? Why are you in this pavilion?”

Zi Moyan had yet to react when this woman already moved within a few centimeters of her and reached out a hand to caress Zi Moyan’s stunning face, chuckling as she said: “You truly do look attractive, little guy! Tsk, tsk, do you want to become my lunch?”

Zi Moyan slapped away the hand that was wandering about her face. She then took out a dagger hidden within her sleeve and promptly stabbed towards the woman.

The woman, instead of dodging, grabbed onto Zi Moyan’s dagger and chuckled “Little guy also have thorns, interesting! Hahaha……”

Zi Moyan paled, the woman only needed one move to flip her wrist and knock the dagger out of her hand!

The other laughed heartily, looking extremely pleased as she looked towards Zi Moyan. “Scared? If you’re scared, then just obediently obey me!” The woman’s sinisterly smiled as she leaned closer to Zi Moyan. But just when she reached out her hand to touch Zi Moyan’s face, the latter suddenly collapsed.

The woman momentarily drew a blank, staring at the already unconscious Zi Moyan on the ground. Blinking her eyes, she dubiously examined her entire body. “What’s wrong with this fella? He fainted just like that? I still haven’t had enough fun yet.”

She lowered herself and grabbed Zi Moyan’s hand to take her pulse. A grave look then replaced her previously joking expression. “This guy actually took the [Will of Towering Heaven] I left here and practiced it! He really is brazen. He actually dared to practice [Will of Towering Heaven] when he hasn’t even opened up his meridians! ”

Despite having an unstable foundation, Zi Moyan still forcibly cultivated which induced the movement of zhen qi within her body, resulting in the current volatile zhen qi and the presence of disturbance in the energy flow.

The woman helped Zi Moyan sit up, chuckling: “Little guy, it’s a good thing that you bumped into me. If not, then you would’ve definitely died! Considering you look pretty cute, I will save you just once!”

The woman placed her hand onto Zi Moyan’s back, slowly allowing her vigorous internal energy enter into Zi Moyan’s body, helping her straighten out and suppress the disorderly zhen qi within her body. Under the woman’s enormous zhen qi’s overwhelming suppression, Zi Moyan’s internal zhen qi was as obedient as a kitten which then slowly retreated back into her dantian.

The woman also conveniently helped Zi Moyan open up all of her meridians in her body. Once she accomplished that, she stood up and sized Zi Moyan over. “This little fella actually cultivated to the second level within this short of a time period! He is indeed a genius martial arts practitioner!”

Generally, even if people with profound skills practiced the [Will of Towering Heaven], they might not reach the first level even after ten years. Now, however, with this fella who doesn’t even have basic foundation here, he could practice to the second level in such a short time span!

Haha, she really did pick up a treasure!

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