Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Who Is She Longing For?

Ru Yan cupped her hands and said: “Since it’s like this, then Ru Yan will not impose on Young Master anymore.”

The Crown Princess returned to her seat, her complexion wasn’t too good from beginning to end.

By her side, the eyes of one of the enovies of Jiao flashed with a harsh glint, his face turning somewhat unsightly as he said to Murong Tianchen: “Your Majesty, since Young Master Zi’s heart already belong to someone, then it will do us no good to keep insisting. However, won’t this affect our two empires’ relationship?”

It goes without saying that there was a hidden meaning in the envoy’s words; after all, a country’s Crown Princess was rejected in public. It wouldn’t do if they don’t try to redeem some face back.

Murong Tianchen gestured to the other aristocratic youths sitting below. There weren’t short of any talented and good-looking youths as well as high and mighty princes. “Envoy, zhen is afraid that there are many youths below that have already fell in love with the Crown Princess. If one of them catches the Crown Princess’s eyes, then she only has to speak up. Zhen will help on your behalf.”

Actually, the meaning of Murong Tianchen’s words couldn’t be even more obvious. As long as it was someone that the Crown Princess takes fancy, even if it was a prince, he would still be willing to give to her.

This should also be considered as give the Jiao Empire face, so when the envoy heard Murong Tianchen, his complexion was a bit better. “Then we will have to thank Emperor Chen. If our Crown Princess takes fancy on one of the young nobles, then we will have to trouble Emperor Chen!”

After all, the Jiao Empire was currently in a decline, they still couldn’t shed all pretense of cordiality with the Long Lin Empire yet!

“No need! This Crown Princess will only love one person!” Ru Yan still frankly fixed her attention on Zi Moyan with burning eyes.

When Murong Tianchen saw the emotion in Ru Yan’s eyes as she stared at Zi Moyan, his heart was particularly uncomfortable. He then used his sleeve to slightly block Zi Moyan’s face, obstructing the Crown Princess’s line of sight.

After the banquet, the Jiao Empire Crown Princess and envois all left that very night. Within the Imperial Study, Murong Tianchen solemnly spoke: “Did Jiao Empire’s Crown Princess really left the Imperial City already?”

“Yes! The people that this Subordinate dispatched personally saw them out of the Imperial City.” The shadow guard answered respectfully as he dropped down and stood by Murong Tianchen’s side.

“Jiao Empire’s Crown Princess left just like that without bidding farewell to His Majesty?” Zi Haotian’s expression was somewhat grave as he asked.

Standing by the side, Wo Burun gave a sneer. “If it wasn’t for your family’s younger son rejecting the Crown Princess, then we wouldn’t have provoke the Crown Princess’s dissatisfaction. She was definitely angry to have left so early!”

WoBurun and Zi Haotian were both Prime Ministers of Imperial court, it was just that one was the Right minister and the other was the Left respectively. Both of them also held an extremely large amount of influence each in Long Lin Empire, but at the same time, the two were each other’s biggest arch-nemesis.

Wo Burun continued to add oil to the story. “You Majesty, this Subject feel that Zi Moyan should be sentenced to death in order to quell the Crown Princess’s ire. If not, then I’m afraid the relationship between our two countries will become distant and our country will be caught within the

midst a perilous pincer attack from three empires!”
“That’s right, that’s right! Your Majesty should sentence Zi Moyan to death!” The other old officials also have this kind of apprehensions, hence, they each supported Wo Burun’s proposal.

Zi Hatoian’s face was unsightly, but he was even more worried and anxious in his heart. “You Majesty,” He promptly prostrated before the Emperor and plead for leniency. “The fault of this matter is on this Subject’s son, but he is but a young child who lacks the understanding of our country’s political affairs. This Subject plead Your Majesty to give him another chance on the account that he’s still young!”

The expressionless Murong Tianchen coldly stared at the prostrating Zi Haotian. After a while, just as Zi Haotian’s heart beated repeatedly like drums, he finally opened his mouth. “This matter indeed doesn’t have too great of a concern with Yan’er. I don’t think the Crown Princess is a narrow-minded person. There may be a special reason for why she had been in such a rush to return to her country.”

To be honest, the Emperor spoke only to help Zi Moyan, but also to put a sock in those old officials’ mouth.

The Emperor has already said it like so, so if you all make another riot, then you won’t be giving the Emperor face!

Zi Haotian inwardly released a breath when he heard the Emperor and promptly kowtowed to show his gratitude for the kindness. “Many thanks, Your Majesty!”

“Rise Prime Minister Zi, there’s no need to be nervous. Other elders may also sit down. The reason Zhen summoned you over is for the matter regarding the Zhou family.”

Zi Haotian stood up and took a seat, his heart had just relaxed only to it to tense up again.

Haotian’s reaction completely fell into Muron Tianchen’s eyes. “Should Minister Zi not explain how this young Zhou family miss came to meet Yan’er and share mutual affections?”

Upon hearing ‘Zhou family’, other doyens all kept their silence, but their faces were displays of various garish expressions. There were some who were scared, some fearful, others baffled, and more calm yet solemn.

Zhou family. On this continent, there wasn’t a single person that dared to make mention of these two words.

Zi Haotian also heard of the Zhou family, the Zhou family and the Romance Pavilion have a bit of a connection. This Romance Pavilion was a place one absolutely could not offend!

However, what he knew were only these few things. The Zhou family was an enigma, so even if the Emperor interrogated him right now, he wouldn’t know anything.

Zi Haotian sighed. “Your Majesty, this Subject is really not aware of this matter regarding the Zhou family. Perhaps this is all a coincidence.”

Murong Tianchen knew that Zi Haotian didn’t know, but the former has a hint in the heart of this matter. He turned towards the others and said coldly, “Perhaps what Prime Minister said is also within reason. This is only a coincidence, hence, others needn’t put it in heart. Zhen will also not be looking into this matter. Prime Minister Wo, do you understand?”

Wo Burun lowered his head, his eyes flashing a harsh glint. “Yes, this Subject understands!”

It was also said to protect Zi Moyan. Maybe the real reason hidden deep within his heart was that he wished no harm would come to that youth.

After Murong Tianchen had dealt with these old officials, he went to the Falling Flower Pavilion. He saw from afar that dab of white figure sitting outside and leaning against the railings, hanging his head down slightly with crystal clear eyes bearing a hint of grief and longing. He watched as the gleaming, crystal clear like water surface face faintly being lost in thought.

Murong Tianchen frowned slightly once he saw this picture. In Murong Tianchen’s eyes, he had always been calm and tranquil, never affected by the situations he encountered, and never revealing his joy and anger. Hence, this was the first time Murong Tianchen saw this kind of melancholy on him.

Even from so far a distance, Murong Tianchen could still sense that deep yearning of his. He didn’t know why, but when Murong Tianchen saw him like this, pain pulled his heartstring.

Who was he longing for? Could it be that little miss from the Zhou family?

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