Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – State Banquet and Marriage Alliance

Shangguan Yu waved her hand, a glint of impatience in her beautiful eyes. “You can leave now, Little Six. Remember to continue to stay by Zi Moyan’s side and report his every movement to me!”

“Ye… yes…” Little Six trembled, scrambling for the palace exit.

The head palace maid of the Imperial Violet Palace, Mei Xi, asked curiously on the side: “Niangniang, why do you want to deal with one little Zi Moyan? He is only a fourteen year old boy.”

Shuangguan Yu was somewhat unhappy. “Fourteen year old boy, yes, but he might become my biggest stumbling block in the future.”

Time quickly passed away as the outside was adorned with lanterns and bustling with noise and excitement that was above the usual level. However, Falling Flower Pavilion was still as quiet and peaceful as before, the numerous disturbances outside wasn’t able to affect it in the slightest.

Just when it was time for the banquet to start, Little Six came to inform the currently reading Zi Moyan. “Young Master, the banquet has already started.”

“En, okay.” Zi Moyan briefly fixed her clothes, making sure that there wasn’t any problems before following Little Six out of Falling Flower Pavilion.

At the state banquet, there were either noble princes or well-known young masters from aristocrat families. As for princesses and young ladies, however, they appear to be somewhat small in numbers.

Other than the young noblemen, there were still the parents who came with them. Of course, Zi Haotian and Zi Haoran were naturally included within the invitation to this type of banquet as well.

Murong Tianchen, as the Emperor of Long Lin Empire, sat on top of the dragon throne at the head of the resplendent main hall. He was dressed in dragon robes with an air of regality that was mixed with coldness about him, seeming to be high above all else and looking down on all living things.

The charisma that he released attracted all of the females present at the venue. To his side sat guifeiShangguan Yu, dressed in violet clothing and carrying a regal air of benevolence and virtue.

Since the Emperor still hadn’t named an Empress, Shuangguan Yu became the one in charge of the Emperor’s harem.

Zi Xihan was also one of the concubines within said harem. She was dressed in pink, appearing to be loveable and cute.

Only, she was currently just a little unnamed concubine so she could only sit at the bottom, leaving the Emperor rather far. But as the Prime Minister’s daughter, she also has the rights to attend the state banquet.

“Distinguished guests of the Jiao Empire,” Murong Tianchen addressed to said empire’s Crown Princess and envoys sitting in the guest seats. “It must have been a long and tiring journey for you all to come visit. If these drinks aren’t to your taste, zhen can instruct the Imperial kitchen to remake them!”

Jiao empire’s twelve year old Crown Princess wore a magnificent set of clothing that was weaved from golden silk with a golden crown sitting atop her head. Her figure wasn’t as muscular compared to the women of Jiao, but as delicate as the women of Long Lin. Her pretty little face hung a self-confident smile, yet it doesn’t reach her eyes, and there was a trace of valor that was carried in her brows. With just one look at this kind of woman, one would know that she did not belong to the common people.

The Crown Princess had yet to say anything when one of the older envoys at her side spoke for her. “Your Majesty is being courteous, the drinks rather fit our tastes.”

“En, that’s good then.” Although Murong Tianchen didn’t express anything on his face,

there was a trace of appreciation in his eyes as he glanced at Shuangguan Yu sitting at the side. The banquet was, after all, completely managed by her.
When Shuangguan Yu felt Murong Tianchen’s gaze, her face turned red as she shyly looked back.

Right at this moment, Zi Moyan entered donned in white. Compared to the atmosphere of the state banquet, she seemed to have casually stepped out from nature – proud and aloof, yet beautiful as a whole. The picture momentarily captivated everyone’s gazes.

The moment the Crown Princess, Ru Yan, saw Zi Moyan, she was also bedazzled by the sight.

Murong Tianchen couldn’t hide the stunned look flashing through his eyes, but when he came to from his trance to see other men and women alike peeking at Zi Moyan, his face darkened in a flash. Then, acting quite different from his normal himself, Murong Tianchen stepped down from the dragon throne and came to Zi Moyan’s side. He picked her up in the next second and walked back to sit on the throne, placing Zi Moyan onto his lap and confining her in his arms.

When Zi Moyan, who had always been indifferent and not caring about the opinions of others, saw Murong Tianchen picking her up in front of this many people, embarrassment was immediately shown on her face with her ears turning somewhat red in the process.

She awkwardly tried to free herself from this man’s embrace, but his hold only got tighter and tighter.

“The child in zhen’s arms is the Prime Minister’s younger son — Zi Moyan.” Murong Tianchen announced to everyone below him. “Zhen is quite fond of Yan’er, hence, he was allowed into the palace last night. From now on, his status will be equal to that of a prince and will be treated like a prince.”

An uproar sounded from below……

Zi Haoran also wore a strange look as he softly whispered into Zi Haotian’s ear, “Father, what the heck is going on?”

“Ran’er, the Emperor’s words is equivalent to the Imperial Decree.” Zi Haotian answered. “Being subjects, we only need to act accordingly.”

“Oh.” Zi Haoran didn’t know what else to say.

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