Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Yuan Xiao

“You don’t need to fix the bed. You can leave now.”

Yuan Xiao was somewhat baffled towards Zi Moyan’s indifferent attitude and thought that Zi Moyan wasn’t satisfied with her performance. “Gongzi, is this servant lacking anywhere? Please do not hesitate to point it out, this servant will fix it.”

“No, I just don’t like to have people serve and disturb me. From now on, you don’t have to do these things.” Zi Moyan sat on the bed, somewhat wearily leaning against the bedside.

At this time, a pair of small hands rounded about Zi Moyan’s head and gently started massaging. Yuan Xiao’s voice then came from above her head: “Gongzi, will this do?”

“It can.” Zi Moyan wanted to refuse at first, but this servant girl’s hand work was indeed very skillful. It let her feel exceptionally comfortable, so she closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

This sight just so happen to fall into the Murong Tianchen, who was secretly watching from afar. He didn’t know why, but his mood felt particularly bad when a woman was near Zi Moyan. Hence, he coldly interrogated Liu De by his side: “What is this? Did you arrange for that palace maid?”

“This…” Liu De stole a glance at the cold faced Emperor, his legs somewhat trembling in fear. He didn’t know this type of arrangement would unexpectedly anger the Emperor, hence, he hastily knelt down, relentlessly kowtowed and begged for forgiveness. “Your Majesty, this Servant didn’t understand Your Majesty’s intentions and decided without permission, may Your Majesty give out punishment!”

Murong Tianchen gave a cold hmph. “In the future, do not act on your own without Zhen’s orders! Hurry and have that palace maid switched — switch to an eunuch!”

“Yes! This Servant will carry it out at once!” Under Murong Tianchen’s terrifying cold gaze, Liu De’s entire body involuntarily trembled. He really could not understand, what was the Emperor angry about?

Zi Moyan found it strange that the next day she woke up, the one coming in to wait upon her wasn’t the palace maid Yuan Xiao from last night, but a young eunuch by the name of Little Six. “Where’s Yuan Xiao? Why is it you that came to attend me?”

Little Six respectfully answered: “Head Eunuch Liu swapped Miss Yuan Xiao away last night and changed to this Servant to wait upon you.”

Zi Moyan didn’t care about the arrangement and gave the same instruction as before. “If you don’t have any matters to do in the furture, you don’t have to come disturb me. I also don’t need you to wait upon me.”

“This… this servant understands.” Although Little Six felt that this wasn’t a good idea, but since it was the Master’s order then he will just have to comply with the Master’s wishes. It’s simple and also effortless!

After Zi Moyan changed clothes and was about to leave, Little Six halted her, and carefully informed: “Gongzi, you can’t leave right now. You are needed to attend the state banquet that will happen in a bit.”

“State banquet? Why is there a need host one? Is it some important person’s birthday or…..?”

“Envoys from the Jiao Empire brought their Crown Princess to Long Lin Empire. His Majesty said the banquet is for welcoming the Crown Princess. I’ve heard that this time is also because they have the intentions to strive for peace between our two countries through the means of a marriage alliance.”

“Marriage alliance?” Zi Moyan understood that with the Crown Princess being the next in line as Jiao Empire’s Empress, she couldn’t marry Murong Tianchen. That would mean that this time’s arranged marriage would probably be selected from of the sons of noble families to marry off to the Jiao Empire.

Then it was necessary for all the young men of noble status to attend. This was indeed one grand banquet. “En, I understand. Remember to call me when the banquet starts.”

“Yes.” Little Six left, leaving the Falling Flower Pavilion and into the current guifei’s[1] palace — the Noble Rain Palace.

Little Six knelt towards the alluringly beautiful woman reclining on the chaise longue chair. This woman was current guifei — Shangguan Yu

“Niangniang[2], this Servant carried out Niangniang’s instructions of telling Zi Moyan to attend the state banquet. May this Servant beg Niangniang for this Servant’s parents’ release.”

Shuangguan Yu nonchalantly glance at the kneeling Little Six below. When she saw those thin and weak shoulders trembling, she smiled slightly — smiled so that it was as gentle as the wind and as light as the clouds. “You did well, Little Six. You can rest assure that your parents will live out the second half of their lives in peace.”


[1]贵妃: Senior concubine/ Imperial consort

[2]娘娘: A respectful address to the concubines of the Imperial Palace.

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