Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Moving into the Falling Flower Pavilion

“This…” Zi Haotian was somewhat troubled. He was adept in reading the situation, hence, he discerned that this was the best time to leave. He knelt towards Murong Tianchen and said: “This subject still have matters left unattended at home and must leave in advance, may Your Majesty assent!”

Murong Tianchen was also satisfied with Zi Haotian’s ability to have a clear view of things, so he unreservedly agreed to Zi Haotian’s request. “Since Beloved Subject has matters to attend to, then you may leave. Moyan will be given to Zhen to take care of.”

“Yes!” Old fox Zi Haotian promptly slipped away. The quick-witted Eunuch Liu also did the same upon seeing the situation, leaving Zi Moyan and Murong Tianchen the only two that were left in the hall.

Zi Moyan’s face blackened and seeing Zi Haotian’s quickly retreating back, she was endlessly regretful. If she knew it was going to be like this earlier, then she shouldn’t have gone soft and agreed with this old fox to enter the palace!

However, even if she wanted to leave now, she wouldn’t be able to!

Murong Tianchen reached out his hand to massage the tightly knitted brows of the person in his arms. In regards to her thoughts and attitude, he had already dispatched someone to investigate thoroughly at an earlier time; hence, he unexpectedly used a coaxing tone to say to her: “Don’t worry Yan’er, Zhen will not confine your freedom. From now on, you can freely come in and out of the Imperial Palace. Moreover, the Inner Palace has a very large library that you can visit at will in the future. Is Yan’er happy with these?”

“You…” She didn’t think he actually saw through her thoughts — even her interests and likes were known like the back of his hand. He really deserves to be the man who held the country’s power.

Except, why did this man want to do all of these for a person he just met? For her, who was always cold, she honestly could not understand the reason behind this.

When Murong Tianchen received her puzzling look, he dotingly tapped her nose. “I treat you well only because I want to treat you well, nothing more. Zhen is the ruler of all under heaven, if Zhenwants to treat someone well, could it be that there is still someone who dares to oppose me?”

In truth, Murong Tianchen didn’t really understand what kind of feeling he felt towards Zi Moyan. Maybe it was of interest, since she was different from others, and adding on her miserable experience, he couldn’t help but want to treat her better.

He didn’t know what Zi Moyan was thinking as he watched her lower her head, then a depressed voice came from the person in his arms. “Where do I stay at night?”

Murong TIanchen answered naturally without a bit of reservation: “You can just stay with Zhen in Yangxin Hall [1]!”

“……” Stay there? The corner of Zi Moyan’s mouth twitched again.

Would that kind of situation count as a man and woman coexisting in the same room?

There was a smile in Murong Tianchen’s eyes as he thought that this little fellow was honestly too amusing. He then continued to tease: “There shouldn’t be any problems since we’re all men. It’ll be decided like this then!”

Zi Moyan jumped out of his embrace and directly watched out. “It’s still better if I go back.”

Murong Tianchen was quick to stop her. Truthfully, he had already arranged the palace that Zi Moyan will be staying

in. He only wanted to tease the little fellow, but didn’t expect that she would get angry.
He was the emperor, yet this was the first time he felt helpless, and it was against this little fellow. “Yan’er, I have already arranged a palace for you. From now on, you will be living in Falling Flower Pavilion. It’s quite close to the library and in addition, there won’t be anyone to disturb you.”

Even Murong Tianchen himself didn’t notice that from when he and the little fellow met till now, he had never put up the air of an emperor towards her.

Murong Tianchen instructed Eunuch Liu De to bring Zi Moyan to Falling Flowers Palace. Zi Moyan only then knew that this Falling Flower Pavilion was as beautiful as the land of the fairies without even mentioning how luxurious it was on the inside.

The outside had mountains and water, it was not one bit like it was part of the inner Imperial Palace but more like one of the Imperial family’s mountain resorts.

“Young Master Zi, this Falling Flower Pavilion is the one place within the inner palace that the Emperor always spends time in during the summer.” Eunuch Liu explained at the side, “The mountain resort is rather far from the capital so when it gets scorching out in the summer season and if there also happen to be some urgent matter that needs to be dealt with immediately, the Emperor can then stay in the Falling Flower Pavilion for a while. Although it isn’t as good as the mountain resort, it has pleasant scenery that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even though this is part of the inner palace, but with the exception of the Emperor, no one can enter this Falling Flower Pavilion. Young Master Zi, you may be the first person to enter this palace!”

“Oh.” She mildly answered, she wasn’t the slightest bit concerned about her residence’s good or bad points.

Eunuch Li said politely to Zi Moyan: “Gongzi, there’s a maidservant inside to serve you. If there is anything that you need, you can instruct this old servant. This old servant won’t be disturbing the Young Master’s rest.”


Soon after Zi Moyan entered, she saw a small delicate figure dressed in a green palace uniform busying spreading the blanket for her.

When she turned around and saw Zi Moyan, she quickly stopped what she was doing, coming forward to Zi Moyan’s side to courtesy. “This servant Yuan Xiao pays her respects to the Young Master.”

Pretty and delicate appearance with pleasant smile hanging on her face, this little girl does rather attract people’s liking, though the hand that was tightly tugging onto her own sleeves revealed her current nervousness.


[1] 养心殿: The Hall of Mental Cultivation — or in other words, the Emperor’s sleeping quarters (TL: I honestly can’t come into terms with the English name)

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