Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Remaining in the Palace

Zi Haotian absolutely did not expect this kind of situation to happen. His face turned extremely ugly and berated, “You unfilial son — impudent! Get on your knees!”

Zi Moyan still didn’t kneel. She was the unhindered queen in the business world that even the national military chairman had to yield under her feet. So now, telling her to kneel to an ancient geezer — that was just not possible!

Murong Tianchen stood up and slowly walked towards that ice-cold and unyielding person, and condescendingly gazed down on her. When he saw those eyes that were like brightly lit stars, his heart trembled. Those eyes were clearly as cold as ice, yet it seemed to have the power to bewitch people’s inner souls. Murong Tianchen could not help but to stare dazedly.

The two of them continued to stare at each other in this manner and it was after a long time did Murong Tianchen quirked his lips slightly upward into a smile. He, who had never smiled before, had unexpectedly smiled.

This phenomenon left Head Eunuch Liu De, who was standing to the side, somewhat shocked. The Emperor actually smiled. Until now, for twenty years, he had never seen this young Son of Heaven smile before.

Granted, the smile didn’t reach the eyes, but it looks like this Zi Moyan really does have some skills!

Murong Tianchen pulled this cold and prideful little person into his arms, walked up to the dragon throne, and placed her on his lap before saying to Zi Haotian: “It’s fine, Beloved Subject. Zhen rather like Moyan, so he can be exempt from kneeling from now on. You can also rise now.”

Zi Haotian was left somewhat incredulous. To his understandings, this Emperor was usually cold and unfeeling, and in regards to the latter’s ruthlessness against those who doesn’t yield to him, Zi Haotian had also witnessed it before.

But now against Moyan’s discourtesy, he not only didn’t give out punishment but there was also a…… a doting kind of feeling.

Zi Haotian shook his head, this must be an illusion, haha……

Zi Moyan was also somewhat badly shocked. When she was in the modern era, she was famous for being cold-hearted so she never had this kind of intimate contact with a male before.

Clearly sensing the warmth from the other’s body and the musky fragrance on his body circled the tip of her nose, she suddenly felt uncomfortable all over. She moved around uneasily, wanting to stay away from this man.

Murong Tianchen felt the little person’s reaction in his arms, and thought it was funny. A sudden urge of wanting to tease this little fellow appeared in his mind, and his strong arms strengthened, hugging her even tighter.

When Zi Moyan felt that the distance between them was only separated by a layer of clothing, the corner of her mouth twitched. “Your Majesty, I’m already fourteen, I don’t need to be hugged.”

Murong Tianchen looked her up and down and replied with a tone of surprise: “With such a tiny body looking no different than a ten year old child, how are you already fourteen?”

“Ke, ke!” When Zi Haotian heard his words, he was somewhat embarrassed. After all, he had never cared about this child before, therefore his life wasn’t really good in the first place and being somewhat malnourished was normal.

Murong Tianchen only now realized that the Prime Minister was still here, hence he waved his hand and said, “Zhen is quite fond of Yan’er, so in the future, Yan’er can just live within the palace. Zhen will definitely not mistreat Yan’er, he will be no different than a prince. Don’t know if Prime Minister is willing to part with him?”

Zi Haotian hastily knelt, his face bursting with joy. “That is Moyan’s blessing! This humble subject will thank Your Majesty in Moyan’s place, though this subject is afraid he will trouble Your Majesty in the future.”

“Definitely not. With Yan’er being so likable, Zhen feel that the Palace won’t be as boring in the future.” Murong Tianchen tightly locked the somewhat disobedient little guy in his arms. Seeing that tiny face creasing up when she heard the decision, it was really an amusing sight!

It seems that it was the right choice to have her remain here.

Zi Moyan was now thoroughly speechless. She had arduously walked out of one cage only to enter into an even bigger one. This was definitely not what she wanted!

“Father, I want to go home! I don’t want to stay in the palace!” When Zi Moyan spoke this sentence, her complexion was especially bad, not at all like she was making a request. Rather, it looked more like a demand.

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