Phoenix Rising Over the World


凤起天下Phoenix Rising Over the World (凤起天下
) is a web novel completed with 194 chapters in raws and is written by Xue De Yin Ji (雪的印迹)  Genres: Romance, HistoricalTranslator: Waterlily


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She was once the all-commanding queen of business, but when she woke up once more, she found herself disguised as the second young master of the Prime Minister’s residence!

Additionally, a certain aloof Emperor, whose status was high above everyone else, had his eyes set on ‘him’ for a rather long time now. From the expression in his eyes, that desire only seemed to grow more and more!

Until one day, it burst…catching ‘him’ completely unprepared!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Death

Chapter 2 – Crossing Over

Chapter 3 – Probing

Chapter 4 – Abandoned Book Pavilion

Chapter 5 – Clashing with Zi Xihan

Chapter 6 – Wedding Banquet 

Chapter 7 – Learning in the First Study

Chapter 8 – Commotion in Class

Chapter 9 – I Will Not Kneel to Him!

Chapter 10 – Remaining in the Palace

Chapter 11 – Moving into the Falling Flower Pavilion

Chapter 12 – Yuan Xiao

Chapter 13 – State Banquet and Marriage Alliance

Chapter 14 – Zhou Family?

Chapter 15 – Who Is She Longing For?

Chapter 16 – The White Shadow Within Abandoned Book Pavilion

Chapter 17 – Rebound!

Chapter 18 – Accepting a Disciple

Chapter 19 – Disappointment

Chapter 20 – Everyone Wishes to Marry the Prime Minister’s Second Young Master

Chapter 21 – Prime Minister is Critically Ill

Chapter 22 – Zi Haotian Suffers From Strange Poison

Chapter 23 – Zi Haotian’s Death

Chapter 24 – Summoned into the Palace

Chapter 25 – Succeeding the Position of the Prime Minister, Attending Court

Chapter 26 – Disparity in Treatment

Chapter 27 – Wo Buren Deliberately Making Things Difficult, How to Manage a Flood?

Chapter 28 – Setting Down a Military Order

Chapter 29 – Fierce Battle

Chapter 30 – The New Prime Minister’s Residence

Chapter 31 – Yue Ran

Chapter 32 –  Lingering Fragrance Pavilion

Chapter 33

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  1. I hope you will continue translating this novel until to the end!!! I will continue to support you!! Kyaaahh!! I fall in love with the story!!

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