Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Dance Competition Between the Four Miss Beauties

This private room, located at the utmost middle of the pavilion, was indeed the best one. From here, one can get a very clear view of the stage below. Excluding the private rooms, there were still a multitude of people in other areas. Even the street outside were filled with people standing, making these places more lively than usual.

Zi Haoran saw that Zi Moyan sat down calmly in spite of everything and even Yue Ran was casual as the wind and tranquil as the cloud. What’s more was that they were both neat and tidy, unlike him, looking battered and exhausted with no few tears in his clothes. With such disparities, he depressingly spoke: “Little Brother Mo, Brother Yue, there were no fewer people surrounding you, why the hell am I in the most sorry state?”

Yue Ran lightly laughed but didn’t speak.

Zi Moyan thought for a bit and answered with a deadly earnest face. “Big Brother, maybe you’re just more popular.”

Hearing that, Zi Haoran’s depression changed to indignation. It was them that took him here, but it was sure something now. He was the one who suffered the most! Looking at such heartless people as these two, his anger blew over his head. Hmph, he won’t bother with these two anymore! They truly infuriate him to death.

The reason Zi Moyan could evade those thorny attacks was because of her profound martial skills and exceptional qinggong[1]. Only when she was constantly dodging during the entire course of events did she prevent those women from touching a single hair on her body.

Turning her head and glancing at a faintly smiling Yue Ran watching somewhere in the distance, a harsh glint flickered across her eyes. This man was not simple at all!

With music sounding on the the the humongous, circular stage, the brothel keeper walked up with a cajoling smile and announced loudly: “Welcome one and all to the competition between our four famous beauties! First, we will showcase a short dance to help liven things up for everyone!”

There was a roar of commotion from below. “Brothel keeper, don’t be like that. Hurry up and invite the four beauties to come out. We have already been impatient from waiting!”

“That’s right! Brothel keeper, aren’t you making it too troublesome? Hurry up and invite the little beauties out! What I don’t lack is money!”

The brothel keep laughed gently. “These beauties now, fellow guests, are beautiful enough for you all to wish to always have them pressed under you and shaft, right?”

“Alright, alright! Hurry up and start already!” There were many people who were starting to become impatient.

The Brothel Keeper smiled servilely as she nodded her head. “Alright then, I hereby announce that the competition will officially begin! We will first welcome our Lingering Fragrance Pavilion’s Miss Beauty numbered fourth — Feng Ying to provide us with her performance, Windy Ring Dance!

The light on the stage started to darken and a woman donned in clothing decorated with golden goose feathers slowly rise. She gracefully started to dance, appearing to be like the fluttering butterflies among the flowers, both beautiful and stirring people’s affection.

Evidently, Zi Haoran hadn’t seen a woman dance so beautifully before. Usually, with him being stationed at the border, he would see the lonesome bright moon when he raised his head and a desolated border city with no signs of human activities when he lowered his head.

He didn’t know how many days and nights he had spent in this kind of life, but he had spent enough that he was numbed to it. It was only now did he realized that things like singing and da

ncing was actually so enthralling, enough to let people enter a soul-inducing trance.

Compared to Zi Haoran with regards to these theatrical performances, Zi Moyan did not have much of a reaction. In her past life, she had seen no few dance performances on modern television. Hence, her reaction wasn’t as exaggerated as her half-sibling.

And Yue Ran was even more so, with not so much as a glance towards the stage below. Both of his eyes were closed, with a bit of the implication that he was resting his mind.

Once the dance was over, the entire audience boiled in fervor. There were no few people shouting crazily: “Miss Feng, Miss Feng……” The voices were like tidal waves, surging again and again one after the other.

Yue Ran pried over his eyes, his gentle voice resounded: “There famous beauties are rather interesting.”

“What does Brother Yue mean by this?” Zi Haoran inquired strangely after hearing Yue Ran’s comment.

Yue Ran didn’t respond to Zi Haroan, choosing to continue to close his eyes and rest.

After the Miss Beauty placed third — Hua Xiangrong, and the second ranked Miss Beauty — Xue Jie both gave their corresponding dances, the Brothel Keeper hurriedly came out and smiled mysteriously. “Fellow guests, to express our gratitude to everyone’s constant support up until now, the first placed Miss Beauty – Yue Lengxin decided to give you all a showcase of her talent.”

Upon hearing the Miss Beauty ranked first was about to perform, everyone was riled up. She was someone who never greet anyone, but of the people who once caught a glimpse of the first ranked Miss Beauty, they henceforth spellbound to the point of being senseless — so much so that they completely depleted their family wealth!

Every month, the number one Miss Beauty will greet one person, handpicked that person as the guest of honor. However, the people who saw her were all mesmerized stupidly by her. Their mouths would speak nothing but the kinds of words like: “So beautiful…… immortal fairies were only so-so……”
The final outcome for these people was that they were all infatuated until their deaths.

Now that this Miss Beauty was willing to display her skills, everyone all had similar thoughts of how big this opportunity was. To be able to see this Miss Beauty, they would have no remorse even if they were to die……

Yue Ran chuckled lightly, an obscure light flickered through his eyes. “Number one Miss Beauty? I have heard that this Miss Beauty possessed a peculiar charm. Those who had seen her before all fell in love with her, even to the point of insanity. I’m curious to see if she is really as beautiful as they say.”


[1]轻功:Martial arts technique (

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