Phoenix Rising Over the World Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Zi Haotian’s Death

Zi Moyan stepped out of the room, Liu Xuanya was still waiting outside. Once she saw Zi Moyan, she immediately went forward and asked anxiously, “How is laoye? Is he better?”

“He’s dead.” Zi Moyan apathetically answered. Although Zi Haotian was his father in name, but she still didn’t have any sentiments towards him to speak of. “Have people go take care of the funeral arrangements without delay.”

“What? Laoye is dead?” Liu Xuanya received a shock when she heard this news, fainting on the spot.

After Zi Moyan took good care of all the arrangements, she called for a servant to deliver a letter to Zi Haoran. The servant left the capital that very night, rushing towards the borders and delivered the news of their father’s death to Zi Haoran.

Zi Moyan stayed in the Prime Minister’s residence for a few days, which made Murong Tianchen restless within the Imperial Palace. The image of that unique figure dressed in white robes with jade-like skin appeared in his mind every day and night.

Even if it was because of a special circumstance that she must stay in the Prime Minister’s residence, unable to enter the Palace.

Murong Tianchen had no methods to look after Zi Moyan, allowing him to stay by his side, but he still worries. Since Zi Moyan has already grown into a man at the prime of his life, what if he meets some lady on this one leave and falls in love at first sight? Murong Tianchen wouldn’t even have the chance to regret by that time.

Standing by the side, Eunuch Liu De saw his master in such restlessness, and after following by his side for so long, he naturally knew the very reason for it. Hence, he approached the Emperor’s side, respectfully suggested, “Your Majesty, how about letting this Servant go invite Young Master Zi to visit the Palace? Rumor has it that Prime Minister is dead, Your Majesty. Does Your Majesty not need to appointed a new Prime Minister?”

When Murong Tianchen heard Liu De’s suggestion, a radiant glint flickered through his eyes. He gave Liu De a look of appreciation. “Then have Young Master Zi invited into the Palace to discuss the matter of position of the Prime Minister.”

“Understood! This servant will go at once.” When Liu De saw the Emperor’s face eased up, his heart also became more happy. He immediately left the Imperial Palace, arrived the the Zi residence.

One of the servants of the Zi residence recognized Liu De, because Liu De also came over to their residence several times. When he saw Liu De, he hurriedly welcomed him, arching his back into a bow as he asked: “Don’t know what business Head Eunuch came over to the Zi Residence for?”

Liu De saw this servant can be regarded as fairly clever, so he answered him in an amicable manner. “This Eunuch is looking for Young Master Zi, why don’t you show this Eunuch the road?”

“Yes!” The servant lead Liu De over to the outside of Zi Moyan’s place of residence, knocking on the door and informed the person inside. “Second Young Master, Eunuch Liu came saying he is looking for you.”

“Alright, please come in Eunuch Liu.” A clear yet cold voice came from inside, then sounded another time directed at the servant. “You can leave first.”


After the house servant left, Liu De pushed open the door, entering. He saw Zi Moyan, dressed in white robes with a white fabric draped over his shoulders, calmly sitting and drinking tea. Liu De hurriedly walked over, cautiously delivered, “Young Master Zi, His Majesty entrusted me to invite you into the Palace.”

“I don’t think it is convenient to enter the Palace right now.” Zi Moyan naturally knew that it was impossible for anyone to wear mourning clothes to see the Emperor in fear of bringing bad luck to the the Emperor. However, Zi Moyan knew that since he actually send Liu De over, he no doubt already prepared a good reason for it.

Liu De, being the Head Eunuch by the Emperor’s side, have also seen many high officials and nobilities. However, he didn’t know why, but he was actually somewhat fearful of a white clothed youth who only just turned eighteen. On Zi Moyan’s person, Liu De felt a pressure that was not inferior of the one he felt when standing in front of the Emperor. Even he himself wasn’t fully aware of that kind of trembling fear he felt as he spoke cautiously to Zi Moyan each time. “Young Master, His Majesty has said he needs to discuss the matter related to the Prime Minister’s position with you.

“Oh?” Zi Moyan put the teacup down. In truth, she originally have no interest in the Prime Minister’s position, but the conversation with Zi Haotian let her felt that she must win over this position. Since it was as such, she really still need to give the Imperial Palace a visit. Hence, she stood up, “Alright, then let me change into another set of clothes and follow you into the Palace at once.”

“Yes! Good! Then this Servant will be waiting outside,” Liu De relaxed inwardly, then carefully retreated outside, allowing Zi Moyan to change clothes.

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