Pampered Fei Chapter 227

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Chapter 227 – Giving you a Surprise

Long YuTian was embarrassed. Originally, he wondered since when did this woman treated money as though dirt? Now, it seemed like dirt had entered his mind. He was stupid to believe in her easily.

If Qian DuoDuo doesn’t love money, she should be sorry to her surname! (T/N: Qian in Chinese means money)

The fact that she said, “it’s not the gift that counts but the thought” clearly shows how she was about to fish some money from her birthday.

Is she saying that he, the third Wangye, can’t support her?

She ate from him and still thought of four and Cheng Wang’s. It’s not enough and her evil clutches reached towards the officials.

He could do nothing about her!

Long YuTian shook his head helplessly: “What other requests do you have? Say them all to this Wang at once. This Wang will order the servants and let them prepare this earlier on.”

Qian DuoDuo slowly leaned on Long YuTian. She placed her hand on his shoulder, with a coyote tone: “Wangye…Before this, I want you to come with me to a place. Let’s have our two-people world. I will give you a surprise. How is that?”

“Two-people world? Surprise?” Long YuTian observed Qian DuoDuo, squinting her eyes.

The young lady was rarely gentle like water. From head to toe, she revealed a flirtatious aura. She leaned against him, like a little bird relying on people.

He was used to seeing her being power, domineering, vile, and valiant. Now, he was surprised by this coy look.

He was suddenly unprepared. Yet, he had no resistance against her right now.

Could it be that she changed her mind because he expressed his true feelings two days ago and she was moved by him dismissing the mistresses?

The women, in the end, were sensitive creatures. No matter how determined they acted like, they would finally break down and revolve around the men after discipline.

Qian DuoDuo looked at Long YuTian who was silent. She was shocked. Was he suspicious because she changed her mind too quickly? Therefore, she rolled her eyes and returned back to her arrogant look from usual: “If you don’t want to go, then drop it!”

Long YuTian saw that Qian DuoDuo was upset now. He softly coughed and coolly sipped wine: “You can arrange the time. This Wang also wants to see what trick you’re playing at.

Although he replied in a cold tone, the ray of light in his eyes revealed his happiness.

“Deal!” Qian DuoDuo clapped the table straightforwardly. She supported her chin with her hands, observing Long YuTian: “Don’t forget to dress up handsomely. It needs to match your usual cold and indifferent temperament! Don’t hinder this young lady’s esthetic point of view!”

“Hm, this Wang just got a white splashing ink cloud robe. I think it’s pretty good. I’ll wear it on that day?” Long YuTian naturally replied.

A woman would dress herself up for her sweetheart just like a man would do the same for his beloved.

“Don’t. I think you’re good-looking when you wear black. That way, it can reveal your indifference and coldness as well as your gloomy temperament!”

People won’t be suspicious that she was lying to her customers if it was the same as shown in the advertisement posters.

However, she obviously wouldn’t reveal the cloven feet in front of Long YuTian of her thoughts.

“Psh!” Long YuTian coldly humphed. He was a bit curious: “What is going on that you are making it so mysterious?”

“Heh. I already said it’s a surprise. If I tell you now, it won’t be fun. When the time comes, you just need to cooperate with me. This young lady definitely won’t treat you unfairly. I will definitely give you an unforgettable lifelong experience!” Qian DuoDuo exclaimed carelessly.

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  1. “This young lady definitely won’t treat you unfairly. I will definitely give you an unforgettable lifelong experience!” Hah This should be the memory that will sustain his hatred of her for all time.

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