Pampered Fei Chapter 237

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Chapter 237 — Payback Sooner or Later

But seeing that Qian Duoduo had stood up against injustice and that this old grandma was his people, Long Muchen stopped questioning in his heart. He bent over to help the old grandma up.

Seeing the man in front of her, the old grandma felt that he was exactly like the handsome and elegant Chen Wang. She was incredibly excited and hugged Chen Wang. She rocked him back and forth!

“This old woman has been wishing for her dreams to come true and now it finally has. I finally get to see my Chenchen now…I’m so excited!

Long Muchen was unable to react when his limbs felt numb due to the old grandma suffocating him with the hug. Yet, he didn’t dare to simply just push the old grandma to the side.

He looked at Qian Duoduo confusedly. The moment the girl received his questioning gaze, she immediately shifted her gaze away as if she was guilty of something.

While Long Muchen wasn’t paying attention, the old grandma raised her head to kiss his handsome face. But he was too tall so the moment she stood on her tippy toes, Long Muchen detected her motive. He agilely freed himself from her and pushed her shoulders.

“Elderly…please calm down…calm down.”

Although Long Muchen knew that he was incredibly handsome and would cause the crowd to shriek whenever they saw him, this was the first time an elderly lady who was half a century old dared to take advantage of him. He felt uncomfortable.

Seeing how gentle Chen Wang was and his smile, the elderly lady though he was like a deity descending from the sky.

She sucked in a breath and almost fainted from her excitement. She immediately hopped to Qian Duoduo’s side and began to sob.

“Young Lady Qian, you are true to your words. You actually brought Chen Wang over. You have made my dream come true…if I can have dinner with Chen Wang, I would be able to die in peace…”

As she said this, she took out some more banknotes with her trembling hands and gave it to Qian Duoduo. “See if this is enough. If not, I can go home and get some more…how about this? You don’t need to do extra work and arrange another time for us. We can do it tonight. I will reserve a table at Wang Xiang Lou, ok?”

Although Qian Duoduo loved money, it depended on the situation.

Seeing Long Muchen’s sharp gaze as if he was shooting arrows at her, she couldn’t help but shrink back.

She didn’t even dare to look at the banknotes.

“Elderly, why don’t you go back first? I’ll notify you if there are any events.”

The top priority was to bring this unusual and bizarre elderly away. Otherwise, she might spill everything from being too excited.
“Ok! Let me get my banknotes when I’m home. I will go to your stall and sign up later on. You can just help me arrange everything.” The elderly woman was only thinking about having a meal with Chen Wang and making her last wish come true that she casually spilled everything.

Before Qian Duoduo could respond, she delightfully walked off. As she left, she didn’t forget to wink at the stunned Long Muchen.
Then, those who were watching the show felt a sudden decrease in temperature emitting from Long Muchen. They all looked away and walked far from him.

After that, Qian Duoduo realized that she was exposed…she sighed in her heart!

Fourteen was angry…the consequences would be serious!

Payback sooner or later.

Qian Duoduo finally understood the meaning of the words!

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