Pampered Fei Chapter 235

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Chapter 235 — Harming people

This time, Qian DuoDuo didn’t say anything but her mind was like a puddle of paste. She looked down at the paper and two names were written in bold cursive calligraphy.

“Qian DuoDuo, Long MuChen…Qian DuoDuo is on top and Long MuChen is on bottom…”

In the next second, the faint but hoarse voice rang in her ears.

This sentence didn’t contain any teasing or an ulterior motive.

He seemed to be talking about a simple wish…

Long MuChen is by Qiao DuoDuo’s side…

Regarding relationship, Qian DuoDuo’s heart thumped quickly at this moment, despite her always being dense.

It seemed like something from deep in her heart was blossoming but buried off, because of her denial.

It’s not because she still loved Long YuTian but after experiencing both her boyfriend and her sister’s betrayals, she seemed to be careful regarding love…

Plus, the man in front of him was blessed by heaven. If she accidentally fell in love with him but unable to be with him until old age, she will be consigned to eternal damnation.

Fall in love with him…

Qian DuoDuo was suddenly shocked by her thought. She actually thought of falling in love with Long MuChen?

She was instantly dazzled…

Then, she suddenly stood up from her chair, pretending to be stupid and uncaring. She changed the topic. “Fourteen, let’s go out and shop. It’s so boring to just practice writing…”

“Shopping? What do you want to buy?” Long MuChen asked.

The main motive of her coming to Cheng WangFu was to lure Long MuChen to the streets. Who knew this happened all of a sudden. She almost forgot the official matter.

Her VIP clients are all going to become moldy from waiting…

Qian DuoDuo’s eyes landed on the broken ink stick. She said, “Let’s go buy an ink stick. Since I broke your stuff, I will repay you with another one. I’m a good child and won’t act shamelessly.”

Once she finished saying that, Qian DuoDuo quickly ran out.

Seeing the girl’s frantic silhouette, Long MuChen secretly sighed.

When would she stop avoiding him?

When would she be willing to face her heart truthfully?

Since they were going shopping, they naturally wouldn’t go out riding in a magnificent carriage and precious horses.

Plus, it was a beautiful day out where he was with the woman he liked.

Long MuChen changed into white long robes and walked shoulder to shoulder with Qian DuoDuo, appearing in front of the most bustling street.

However, he should be wearing the officials’ clothes while going to the royal court. It didn’t have the wyvern design that manifested his status, just top-notch silk clothes.

He was a noble and confident wealthy young master who had a bright and sunshine-like aura around him.

The moment Long MuChen appeared on the streets, he received many women’s enthusiastic gazes.

They formed groups, whispering and gossiping with one another about Long MuChen. From their words, they clearly admired and were infatuated with this noble young master.

Qian DuoDuo originally didn’t notice their bare gazes until she ran to a stall selling hairpins and noticed that Long MuChen captured everyone’s attention.

The owner of the stall was a young and beautiful woman. Qian DuoDuo was the one who was going to buy a hairpin, her God. Yet, she chose to ignore Qian DuoDuo and talk to Long MuChen.

“This young master, how do you like this hairpin? Look at the embedded jewels on there. These are all top-notch good stuff.”


Ri: Sorry for going poof. I’ve been working on my other project – Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife and this novel is just a side project for me. As of right now, I’ll update when I have time. Enjoy reading~

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