Pampered Fei Chapter 234

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Chapter 234 —  You are quibbling

Qian DuoDuo was embarrassed…but she raised her head in confidence and retorted, “If it weren’t for you who laughed at me all of sudden, would I have splashed the ink? You are quibbling and not talking with reasoning…Plus, isn’t it just an outfit along with an ink-stick? What good things do you have? If anything, this lady will go to the street stalls to buy a bucketload of it for you.”

“Ok, ok…This Wang is quibbling. This Wang doesn’t talk with reasoning…Qian DuoDuo is always right…Ok?” Long MuChen rubbed his temple, feeling a headache.

This girl’s ability to counter-attack was almost to the point of perfection…It was her mistake but she was able to make it seem like she was the one bullied…

Did she know that this ink-stick is a treasured item from the palace? There is only two of them in the entire Shen Cheng. From her mouth, it became street stall goods?

However, this was not the most important. What was most important was that this girl was unhappy.

Long MuChen held her hand, bringing her to his side. He pushed her down on a seat. Originally, Qian Duoduo was a bit unhappy. Who knew the moment she sat down and her butt was almost on the seat when Long MuChen’s head moved close to her shoulders.

She felt the faint breathing by her ears and she became still all of a sudden.

“Duo Er, do you want this Wang to teach you how to write with a writing brush?”

Seeing that Qiao DuoDuo didn’t say anything, Long MuChen picked up the writing brush and placed it in her hands. He placed the palm over her hand, helping her brush each stroke on the paper.

The palm of Long MuChen’s hand was warm and because he held weapons for many years, there were some calluses on his hand. It was tickling her.

Qiao DuoDuo slightly raised her head, not knowing what he was trying to help her write.

However, the man was concentrated and breathed steadily.

Long MuChen felt that the girl seemed to be dazing off somewhere, lowering his head to look at her.

Absent-mindedly, one was sitting while the other bent their body. One was on top and the other on the bottom.

Their lips were only a coin’s thickness from touching each other. They were close to the point where they could easily detect each other’s breathes.

In this huge study room, it was suddenly quiet and silent. Besides the ambiguous temperature rising, there was only the sound of the heartbeats…

Constantly interweaving.

This was not the first time Qian DuoDuo was that close to Long MuChen. She was kissed by him in the imperial garden last time…

But this time, seeing his eyes filled with deep emotions which were that charming, it was irresistible and she wanted to sink in his gaze.

Qian DuoDuo’s face was flushed.

She hurriedly lowered her head and exclaimed in a low voice, “Why are you looking at me? Didn’t you say you are going to teach me how to write?”

Long MuChen watched as a layer of faint redness appeared on her small ears and he was ecstatic in his heart. He thought that this girl was really beautiful when she was shy…

He naughtily moved his lips close to her earlobe and said charmingly, “If you didn’t look at this Wang with such deep emotions, why would this Wang stop?”

Qian DuoDuo was teased and she angrily wanted to move Long MuChen’s head away, but he didn’t let her move at all. He kept her in his arms and continued to hold her tiny hands, leading her in writing.

This time, Qian DuoDuo didn’t say anything and her mind became a blob of paste, not knowing where her mind was.

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