Pampered Fei Chapter 233

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Chapter 233 — The Embarrassing Event in the Study Room

Long MuChen heard the sound of the door creaking. He was unhappy in his heart, thinking which of the new servants didn’t understand his rules. They dared to disturb him…

Plus, they didn’t even knock on the door.

Long MuChen was just about to scold them when he saw a silhouette of a woman slowly appearing in front of him, with a childish smile.

This led his originally gloomy aura to immediately disperse. He became gentle.

“Duo Er? Why are you here?” He was shocked for a second before he asked.

Qian DuoDuo smiled, not answering his question at all. She lifted her dress up while running over. She lowered her head to see: “Fourteen is practicing how to write with the writing brush. Hehe, your handwriting is nice…When I was learning how to write, the teacher would always spank my butt with a stick so I still don’t know how to write…From that day on, I’m not even willing to use a writing brush…”

“…” Long MuChen was speechless.

Learn how to write with a writing brush? She was spanked with a stick?

Didn’t the entire mainland use a writing brush to write? If not, are they using their fingers then?

Qian DuoDuo saw that the ink stone on Long MuChen’s table was extremely delicate. The body of the ink stone had a carving of two dragons and two pearls on it. It was vivid and lifelike. Plus, the ink stick’s golden design was extremely beautiful. She couldn’t help but be curious.

“Fourteen, continue to write. I will help you grind the ink stick.” As she exclaimed this, Qian DuoDuo rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

“You know how to grind the ink stick?” Long MuChen raised her eyebrows, observing her method.

Qian DuoDUo humphed: “Stop looking down on me. Why wouldn’t I know how to do? Isn’t it just drawing circles on the ink-stone after moisterizing it with water? Even three-year olds know how to.”

Although she had never done this, but those who never ate pork must’ve seen pigs run before…In the past palace scenes, don’t concubines help the Emperor grind the ink-sticks?

Seeing her filled with confidence, Long MuChen didn’t want to interrupt her mood. He let her casually play around while he lowered his head and continued to write rhyming couplets.

This was the first time Qian DuoDuo interacted with such a strange item. She was really ecstatic. After grinding a bit of ink, she started to dance around and wave her hands.

“Haha…Fourteen, you are blessed. This is the first time this lady grinded ink-sticks. Look how good the results are. Do you want to give some banknotes as a reward?”

Long YuTian gave her a look. Look how the ink-stick had been grinded to the point where it was lump and the table was dripping with ink. This girl dared to blow her own trumpet still.

“This is call a waste of ink. You’re not even embarrassed to ask for a reward…? However, seeing that you’re so tired, this Wang won’t argue with you. I’ll just treat it as you’re trying to lose weight and strengthen your arm muscles.”

Qian DuoDuo was unhappy that she was teased by fourteen. She wouldn’t have this.

She slapped the ink-stick on the table. She angrily declared: “Thia lady had done so much for you and not only are you not grateful, you take one’s undeserved gain for granted. Where is the Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars that you learned?” As she exclaimed this, the ink-stone broke into half after suffering from Qian DuoDuo’s hand.

The corner of Long MuChen’s lips twitched. He immediately retorted: “You think you have done a lot for me? I think you don’t like how this Wang has too many precious items and want to think of ways to waste them.”

Qian DuoDuo was embarrassed…

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