Pampered Fei Chapter 232

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Chapter 232 — Are you Satisfied?

“Where’s Qian DuoDuo…Where’s that stupid woman!”

The chimpanzee-like woman stared at the man’s coldness, couldn’t help but to shiver. Yet, she explained with a coy voice: “Young lady Qian isn’t here…She specially arranged for us to meet here…She is trying to matchmake us…Not sure if Wangye is satisfied with this servant?”

Matchmake?! Long YuTian’s immediately exploded!

This was not the first time Qian DuoDuo tried to push him to another woman.

He dismissed his mistresses for her but she didn’t want that. He decided to let SiSi and her be of equal status and she didn’t appreciate it either.

Her heart only wanted to fly out the WangFu, always mingling around the fourteenth uncle or four.

This was fine. In the past, he hurt her. This is considered to be the reversal of the wheel of fortune every ten years. No matter what troubles she caused, he could endure and pamper her still. He was even able to look past her and the fourteenth uncle’s ambiguity!

She’s still not satisfied?

Now, she even brought this peculiar thing over. Is she trying to purposefully disgust him?

She really took him, the third Wangye, to be someone who suffered from sexual frustration and ate without tasting the food? Does she think that he would eat anything?

Seeing that Long YuTian didn’t say anything, the chimpanzee-like woman crawled up from the ground. She walked over to his side, her fat shaking. She reached over and held onto his arm, not afraid of death: “Wangye…say something…”

Within Long YuTian’s squinting eyes, a malicious glint flashed by. Even his smile looked a bit blood-thirsty: “Satisfied…? Humph…If you’re dead, I will be even more satisfied!”

The chimpanzee-like woman smiled, automatically ignoring the awkwardness. She looked for a way out of this embarrassing situation: “Wangye, you love to joke around!”

However, the moment she finished her words, Long YuTian directly grabbed her wrist. He couldn’t help but crush her bones. He clenched his teeth: “Speak. Where is Qian DuoDuo? What is her intention for luring this Wang here?”

“I…” The chimpanzee-like woman hesitated…In the next song, Long YuTian directly waved his hand and the sound of bones cracking rang. The chimpanzee-like woman immediately yelled out of pain: “Have some mercy, Wangye. I’ll speak. I’ll speak…’

“Young lady Qian went to the city center and hung three posters. She arranged a stall in order to look for concubines for you. I gave her the money so that’s why she is arranging for us to meet today…”

Look for concubines? She’s also collecting fees?

This stupid woman. After all, he is a grand Wangye, the selected heir for the royal throne.

How dare she openly hang his poster and openly sell him off?

“The few women ahead of you also did the same?” Long YuTian suddenly thought of this.

“Right, right. The people in the front gave less money so they could only talk and meet you. Because I gave more money, about five thousand banknotes, I could kiss you…”

Long YuTian was immediately shocked!

His chest seemed to be stuffed with peppers. The sparks couldn’t help to jump about, almost exploding.

A kiss…was five thousand banknotes?!

This stupid woman. Damn her! Does she take him to be Bai Hua Lou’s pimp?

“Where. Is. She. Right now…?” Came the voice from the eighteen layers of underworld…

Qian DuoDuo went to Cheng WangFu. She immediately rushed towards Long MuChen’s study room.

Whenever Wangye was in the study room reading or practicing his writing, he didn’t like to be disturbed by strangers.

However, the servants within Cheng WangFu, all knew that this young great aunt was Wangye’s sweetheart. No one dared to block her.

Therefore, she walked freely without any hindering. Qian DuoDuo opened the study room’s door.

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